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  • The Kinect number are in and it's lookin good

    Finally, some numbers on Kinect sales have been released and, in blackjack terms: winner, winner, chicken dinner! The Xbox Kinect sold 1 million units within the first 10 days of the release, and, at this rate, is expected to sell around 5 million units by the end of the year (an absolutely stunning figure for only one month and a half although, I do suppose it helps that the holidays are just around the corner).


    According to a survey on, the Kinect was revealed to be the second most sought after purchase for this upcoming Black Friday, only falling short to Apple's fabled iPad. Store after store are finding a need to reorder shipments of the Kinect after selling out within a matter of hours at a time, which shouldn't change with the large amount of retailers running Black Friday specials for the game system. Apparently, even stores like Old Navy, a company completely unrelated to gaming, are giving out the Dance Central game on Black Friday.

    Microsoft's game division head Don Mattrick simply called the figure a "strong start." Sounding quite confident there, Don! The controller has yet to be released in Asia, coming out on November 18, which will substantially increase figures in a very short matter of time as well.

    Go get one if you haven't already if you can find one in stores, that is!

    Written by Evil Ambassador Lindsey Olson

  • Got $$335,000? How about some virtual real estate?

    Virtual property with a high marked up price


    Back in the year 2009, Jon Jacobs set a world record by making the biggest online purchase. A space station in the online sci-fi game Entropia Universe....this month, someone broke that record with the same game.

    In a click of a button, John Foma Kalun, purchased a mall, a stadium, a club, and a number of bio-domes (not the Pauly Shore movie) in the game for the mere price of $335,000. You're probably scratching your head on why would people do such things and spend so much of their earned income for a game that isn't a largely known MMO, its because Etntropia Universe is a rare game in which it maintains a consistent exchange rate between its virtual currency and real life currency....hence, anything and everything in entropia is real and worthwhile to its players.

    I dunno, with that money I could have gotten a decent house here in Arizona...with a pool, and a jet ski. Oh well if people are gonna pay for these things, it isn't anyone's worry. Now if these people are willing to give cash for something they can't touch....I do have some land that I got from a Nigerian prince via a e-mail. He said the land value will go straight up.


    ~Written by Geroncio Copiozo, who would like $335,000

  • Evil Controllers would like to thank...

    Thanks for your contributions!


    Evil Controllers wants to give a shout out to everyone that donated products to our raffle on Thursday, November 18! The party was a huge success and we were ale to donate far more to the Phoenix Children's Hospital than we expected! So thank you to everyone, we could not have done it without you! Your generosity does not go unrecognized!

    Thank you:

    Zuma Grill

    Divaz Boutique

    Ski Pro

    Utility Board Shop

    D'Arcy McGee's

    Jon Ric Salon

    Kona Grill

    California Pizza Kitchen

    Four Peaks Brewery

    True Rest Float Spa

    7 Day Salon and Nails

    Oasis Massage Center

    Absolute Chiropractic

    Scottsdale Cigar Club

    Republic Ramen

    Galvin, Gaustad, and Stein Wealth Management


    Stratum Laser Tag

    My Big Fat Greek Restaurant

    Firerock Country Club

    Mojo Yogurt

    Toby Keith's

    Cowboy Ciao


    Thank you all so much from everyone at Evil Controllers!

  • Battle the forces of evil with Harry's Wand

    Games - Harry Potter's latest installment!


    As of November 16, the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Party 1) video game will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS, Windows PC, and mobile devices, just in time for the film premiere this upcoming Thursday. According to EA's official press release, the game will feature plays on the run from Death Eaters on a mission to destroy all of Voldemort's Horcruxes, all while facing dangerous magical creatures and the forces of evil.

    "There's no doubt that this is the most exhilarating Harry Potter game we've made to date," says Jonathan Bunney, VP, Head of Production at EA Bright Light. "The darker tone of the movies and books, together with the rich action storyline of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows "€œ Part 1 and the potential of HD gaming technology has enabled the development team to give the player more powerful magic, more dangerous enemies and an overall more exciting experience than ever before. It's an entirely new Harry Potter experiences that we believe both fans of the franchise and action games will love."

    The game introduces the use of Harry's wand as an ultimate weapon, used both for attack and protecting magic spells. Furthermore, players will be able to use potions in both combat and for stealth moves. Furthermore, players will have full utilization of both Harry's broom and invisibility cloak, launching themselves truly into this virtual world of Hogwarts and playing out the storyline on their own.

    The game is now for sale and just waiting to magic its way into your own game consoles!

    Written by Evil Ambassador Lindsey Olson

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Day 1 Sales Outsells Modern Warfare 2

    Activision makes sales numbers look easy.


    Last year Call of Duty: Mondern Warfare 2 laid waste to day 1 sales records by making an estimated $310 million dollars within 24 hours of release. After Medal of Honor's lukewarm reception it was unclear if people would be willing to fork over more cash to another shooter. Activision proved that that was simply not the case. In a recent press release from Activision, they reveal that after 24 hours of sales Black Ops has not only done well, but that it's outsold Modern Warfare 2 making an estimated $360 million.


    Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard points out that, "There has never been another entertainment franchise that has set opening day records for two consecutive years." That's true and honestly an impressive feat, but at the same time, the statement lends itself well to caution. Activision has the known tendency to push a franchise beyond the markets desire for a particular franchise. Both the Tony Hawks and the Guitar Hero are proof of this. For now though, Call of Duty is definitely on everyone's must have list.

    Written by Evil Ambassador Carlos Reyes

  • USED GAMES a problem?

    Going used, is it a problem or not?

    Danny Bilson is the Vice President of core gaming at THQ. THQ has been around since 1989 and some of the popular franchises are Red Faction, Saints Rows and WWE Smackdown vs. Raw. In an interview Bilson was making comments about the next steps for THQ. Ever since he left EA to join THQ in 2008 the company has taken a new turn. For example, Bilson discussed that games need to made as if they were going to be a hits. When Darksiders 1 came out In January 2010, there was already a green light for Darksiders 2. The biggest thing Bilson wants to do is have a blockbuster title per quarter over the next two and half years.

    I thought it was interesting listening to a business man talk about what a video game/publisher company needs to do. The most interesting thing Bilson talked about was the problems in the gaming industry. Bilson was asked, "What a big problem with the video game industry?" He responded USED GAMES. I've thought about this myself, how do companies like THQ make money on used games? After listening to Bilson interview, I found out they don't.


    There are many games where players complete the campaign mode and unlocked all the features and there is nothing left to do. Why not sell that game back and get store credit or money out of it? Bilson explains that creating video games cost a lot of money and the company needs to sell a certain amount of units to profit (econ 101). Bilson's solution to "used games" was unique and creative but not complete. According to Bilson what we have to do is give premium content to the new game so that it feels like there's more value there and that the used guy can choose to spend more money to get back to premium. I like the idea, but what shocked me was the level of the problem. My friend can purchase a copy and sell it to me directly for half the price. Until people are downloading games from online completely I think this problem will slowly grow. I've been buying used games for years and I did not know the effect. I thought I was saving a few dollars for myself, but that is not the case. I think used games are great for the not so fortunate gamer, but if this problems occurs and with the way things are in our society today (recession) more and more bad games are going to be released and the gaming industry might go down.

    For the full interview...

    Written by Evil Ambassador Caleb King

  • Get Dance Central For Free

    Games - Free Dance Central from Old Navy

    Dancing isn't a topic we talk about often over here at Evil Controllers, but Dance Central for Microsoft's new Kinect hardware is very cool. For those of you looking to score a new game for your mother, or sister, it might not be a bad idea to stop into Old Navy this Black Friday. It's definitely a game that the whole family can enjoy.


    The first few shoppers to spend $25 dollars or more at Old Navy will receive a copy of Harmonix's Dance Central 100% free. Not a bad deal if you find yourself being dragged to a clothing store anyway. Kinect also retails for $149.99 so a free $50 game isn't bad.

    Writing about Black Friday has me thinking about Black Ops,so don't forget that our Evil Controllers are already compatible with Black Ops and right now you can type in "evilfree" upon checking out to get free shipping on any of your orders.

    For a full list of compatible controllers click on this link: evilfree

    Written by Evil Ambassador Carlos Reyes

  • Chaos in Vanquish

    Games and News: Vanquish

    I personally do not like playing third game shooters, but I might have to make an exception about Platinum Game's "Vanquish". Vanquish takes place in the near future where the planet's human population has exploded so rapidly that nations of people around the globe are fighting for the scarce available resources.


    To sum up the plot line for those who do not care, it's the Cold War in the future. The United States of America has attempted to alleviate its own energy problems by launching a space station harboring a solar energy-driven generator to provide them with an alternative source of fuel from the sun. However, the government of the Russian Federation on Earth has been overthrown by ultra-nationalist forces calling themselves the Order of the Russian Star. It's funny, even in video games we are learning why countries are fighting each other Surprisingly, the game plot line is dull and never really develops the characters, buts that's ok it makes up for it in game play.

    Gamers will be playing as super soldier Sam Gideon. What makes this game unique and great is the super suite players will control. Players will be able to slide across maps, leap from tall buildings; create a laser gun from the suite and much more. The graphics are amazing, but the game play is chaotic to say the least. If there is a moment where shooting one enemy doesn't cause some bigger explosion then you're doing something wrong. Some gamers will enjoy the chaotic like play, because they will have the ability to slow down time, or boost from one end of the map to another. The designer of Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami, did a good job on Vanquished, especially since this first Platinum Game in this game. Go try out Vanquish!

    Written by Evil Ambassador Caleb King

  • Kinect Rumors

    The Latest Rumors about Kinect!

    On Monday, Microsoft combated rumors of a dwindling Kinect supply for the holiday season. Gossip was swirling about a potential retail drought, but Gamestop's SVP of Merchandising and Marketing Bob McKenzie announced that this has not been a problem.

    McKenzie told IGN that the Kinect has exceeded their initial sales expectations but that Microsoft was sending out good and timely replenishing shipments to the stores.

    According to McKenzie, this weekend brought in massive sales for the Kinect. However, he said very few stores are out of stock regardless and that Microsoft is doing quite well keeping up with supply and demand.

    Unfortunately, no word has come out yet of numbers as to the current sales or shipping figures quite yet hopefully (and most likely) these numbers will exceed the half billion spent on marketing!

    What are your thoughts, readers? Anyone play the Kinect yet? I personally loved it this may be the way I start getting my workouts! It's certainly much more fun than hitting the gym!

    For the original article, check out

    Written by Evil Ambassador Lindsey Olson

  • Silent Hill 3 to the big screen. Soon Pyramid Head on the Walk of Fame

    Games & News: Silent Hill movie sequel to come soon


    Silent Hill, is coming back to movie theaters, this time it's based on Silent Hill 3 and in 3D. Fangoria reports that the next Silent Hill movie, Silent Hill Revelation, will tell the tale of the third game's main character Heather Mason and the search for her father.

    The official synopsis reads is that Heather Mason and her father have been on the run and one step ahead of forces she can't understand. On the eve of her 18th birthday, she is plagued by her nightmares and her disappearing father. In addition, she discovers she's not who she is."

    This movie will be somewhat based on the game but the original screenwriter of the first movie (Roger Avary) will not return for the sequel, but Michael J. Bassett will take over writing duties.

    As for this blogger, I sort of liked the first movie....except certain parts that will still leave me awake to this day. Seriously, everytime I go near a church on a hill, I'm worried Pyramid Head will throw a pile of skin at the door or I'll be lowered into a pit of burning wood by zealots. I do wonder what this movie will do to me this time around.

    ~Written by Geroncio Copiozo, real estate owner of Silent Hill

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