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  • Marky Mark and Microsoft give a funky bunch of 360s to charity

    Industry News: Marky Mark with a Big Heart to give out 360s

    Mark Walhberg (known to this blogger as Marky Mark) has teamed up with Microsoft in providing thousands of Boys & Girls Clubs across the nation with Xbox 360s and Kinects. For more than a hundred years, the Boys & Girls Club of America has been helping underprivileged children become more productive and caring people as they grow. Today, they have nearly four thousand clubs and serve more than four million young people across the country.

    boys&girls club

    Mark Wahlberg was once a member, and he's giving back with some help from Microsoft by giving out Kinects and Xbox consoles. "I've experienced firsthand the positive impact organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs have on the lives of young people", said the rapper turned actor.

    Cyndi Court, executive Vice President of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, said ""The first time we saw Kinect, we knew it would have a special ability to bring kids, their families and mentors together. This is gaming and entertainment that encourages teamwork, fair play and creativity.... "We're so excited to provide Kinect for Xbox 360 to our local Clubs, and are thankful to Mark Wahlberg and Xbox for supporting our mission to keep kids healthy and active."

    ~Written by Geroncio Copiozo

  • Poker on Xbox Live? About time.

    Games - Play Poker online via XBOX LIVE

    Poker use to be a game, a few friends would play together on a late Wednesday night. Over time, poker has been accepted as a very competitive sport. We can watch players from around the world play Texas Hold em' on channels like ESPN. Players can start to play as soon as they learn how to sign up on Full Tilt of Poker Stars online.

    There have been rumors of Microsoft creating a Full House Poker Beta trial. This will allow gamers to play poker online with millions of users. Microsoft has been quite about the beta version, and only a selected few are going to be allowed to play. With Poker becoming available for Xbox Live players, this could lead to something even bigger. As far as I know, players will only be gambling with fake money. Gambling with fake money puts the game in the same category as many poker games, BORING!


    After a few rounds majority of players will get bored of playing because they will not have anything to lose. I can already see it; there will be players who will go "All In" every time. I was thinking, maybe players could gamble with Xbox Live points, something worth playing for. I personally would like to see Microsoft be the first company to make gambling an option for players. Hopefully, over time things will change and Microsoft will find a way to make this online poker fun and exciting to play.

    Written by Evil Ambassador "€œ Caleb King

  • No more swastikas in COD

    Games - Japan's COD: Black Ops to be censored.

    Black Ops in Japan will be different. The game was retouched to tone down torture and graphic violence but also some additional details. Square Enix (yes, that company that invented characters like FFX-2's Thief Rikku, another excuse for this blogger to go to anime conventions), who publishes COD games in Japan, has removed the swastikas from the flags in the game's "zombie mode" and were instead replaced by the iron cross in all console versions except their subtitled versions.


    The reason for the change was because of the difference in culture. A counterclockwise version of the swastika in Japan is known as a manj, which is used to note Buddhist temples on maps. Due to culture differences, this blogger thinks that the inclusion of Swastikas in Japan would lead to a sense of confusion. Though, I do wonder why the subtitled versions were untouched.

    ~Written by Geroncio Copiozo, fighting zombies with Richard Nixon

  • FPS Trainer "€œ The Free To Play Game For Your Parents

    Game News - FPS Training Program for Parents!

    FPS Trainer

    If you're reading this, you're probably an Evil Controller fan which means you definitely don't need to learn how to play first-person shooters, but you probably know people that do. People that need a grip of help. Well, whether it's your girlfriend or boyfriend, your parents, or maybe even your older/younger brother, FPS Trainer's purpose is to do just that.

    FPS Trainer Screenshot

    FPS Trainer will be a free to play game designed to hone your FPS skills. One of the coolest things about FPS Trainer is that it'll be a browser based online game meaning you probably won't need to install anything on to your personal computer to play it. Your friends that don't have any consoles will be able to jump right in with you.

    FPS Trainer will develop your FPS skills by providing you with goals and objectives while highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. A great concept for those of us with friends that just can't seem to hold their own on Xbox Live. Could be the perfect way to get your friends on your level for Black Ops. Who knows, this game could make pros out of all of us.

    Release Date: TBA

    Written By Evil Ambassador Carlos Reyes


  • Mario Gets a Street in Spain

    Industry News - Avenida de Super Mario Bros. opens!

    November (and the whole Fall of 2010, really) marked a huge milestone for our friend Super Mario! As of this weekend, a parade of violins and cellos playing the theme song, a crowd wild wearing fake black mustaches and the signature overall/hat pairing, and mascots galore partied on the unveil the brand new "Avenida de Super Mario Bros" in Zaragosa, Spain (Super Mario Bros Avenue for those of you who don't "habla Español").


    The brand new Arcosur neighborhood is still under construction and future residents decided on the street name by means of a poll. Apparently, however, other neighborhood roads will be dubbed things like "Sonic the Hedgehog Street" with another one named "The Legend of Zelda." Sounds like a neighborhood of a lot of really fun people (or people that will not EVER leave their living rooms).

    Antonio Almudi Miranda, the president of the Arcosur neighborhood association mentioned that residents' ages had a lot to do with the selection. The neighborhood will provide more than 21,000 residences for people between the ages of 20 and 35. As quoted by CNN, he stated, "We are people who grew up living with video games. We know them very well. I'm 25. I'm the same age as Mario."

    Other streets will be named after musicians and monuments, and it seems not all have yet to be decided. Avenida de Super Mario Bros itself will reach nearly a kilometer in length and have several hundreds of houses on it, including president Almudi's.

    How exciting! Congratulations on cleaning up this year, Mario!

    Read the CNN article at

    Written by Evil Ambassador Lindsey Olson

  • California video game law getting no interest from Supreme Court

    Industry News - Game Law has no interest to the California Courts

    There was little interest on November 2nd's presentation of a California law banning the sale of violent video games to minors. The law has already been made invalidated by lower federal courts and justices appear to follow its steps.

    The hour long debate took a look at the sale/rental of video games that "appeal to a deviant or morbid interest of minors". Critics of the law like those of the trade association representing video game industry, believe its too broad of a law and violates First Amendment speech protections.


    The backers of the law written and proposed by Democrat Senator Leland Yee of San Francisco stated that the games are no less harmful to the development of minors.

    The contention didn't sit well with the justices. Justice Andrew Kennedy said that the state with their law is "almost asking for the court to create a new area of the First Amendment restriction with no consensus" and that the law is very vague. Justice Sotomayor added in "Can the legislature regulate Bugs Bunny?" before going on that they could speculate on the possibility of cracking down on rap music. Justice Antonin Scalia proposed "What's the difference between deviant violence and normal violence" before he express fear the law would inhibit video game creators from developing new games out of fear of the government taking strict action.

    While the law's fate is not determined, it appears that its not as clear as if the court will issue a ruling. At least three justices seemed open if California or another state could write a narrower law. A decision isn't expected for at least another year.

    ~Written by Geroncio Copiozo "€œ Conservative Political Pundit and Marathon gunner on MW2

  • Patience Really Is A Valuable Virtue

    Gamer News view - Patience

    It's expensive to be a gamer, new games come out all the time and it's difficult to stay on top of releases. Quality titles are becoming more spread out as the investors behind them get afraid of launch windows that carry larger more well known titles. Gears of War 3 was pushed back to Fall 2011 and I guarantee that games projected to come out around that time are being rushed to come out before then, or are being given more development time to come out later. Economic times are tough right now and every publisher wants our money.

    But really, if we were smart, we'd wait a year before purchasing any game, because in the long run, that would save us money. Anyone that uses Amazon has probably noticed how quickly games that aren't triple-A titles drop in price, but even those come down eventually. BioShock 2 came out a little over 8 months ago and is now only $27.99 brand new. That's a much better price then the original $59.99 we'd pay on day 1. We don't wait though because we like to be active in our gaming communities and because we want know what all the fuss is about. That's probably worth it too.

    Fallout: New Vegas is out now and I have yet to play Fallout 3, but you know, I'm okay with that. These days I can pick up Fallout 3 Game of the Year (GOTY) edition with $40 dollars worth of DLC for free. Not bad, and all I had to do was wait a few years to play it, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it as much today as I would have when it came out.


    Written by Evil Ambassador Carlos Reyes

  • Black Ops Multiplayer

    Games and Info on Black Ops Multiplayer

    Black Ops will take the Call of Duty multiplayer formula and try to evolve it and make it better than before. Treyarch has been working on improving the online play, adding new features that will hopefully satisfy the fans. Gamers will be able to customize their character and weapons. Being able to change the appearance of my character will be a great addition, any type of personalization in a game is awesome.


    Treyarch has revealed that there will be new multiple game types. One is called Wager matches where players will be using their call of duty points and competing for the top 3 spots. The winners go on and take points in a segment called "In the Money". Players will be putting their Call of Duty points on the line and playing in different playlists. This game mode is almost needed because it will be very hard for players to boost their stats because there is no join session or if a player decides to leave a match will lose their money they won and cannot keep it. I like this idea of a new game mode because it is something different than playing Search and Destroy or Team Deathmatch. I am excited for Wager Matches; it will be like gambling with other gamers.

    For the most part it seems Black Ops will hold onto the core components that have made the online play great in the past. Team Deathmatch, Domination, Ground War, Free for all and many other playlist are back. A new Call of Duty means we get to see more weapons, like the crossbow. With a new online play, we get new perks; like Flak Jacket were damage is reduced by explosion. Gamers should get excited for this installment of the series, even if Infinity Award is no longer working on it. Black Opps comes out on November 9th in the U.S.

    Written by Evil Ambassador Caleb King

  • Super power Jedis just don't cut it.

    Games & Info on Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2

    Star wars Force Unleashed 2 has finally arrived, the much-anticipated sequel to the first installment Starwars Force Unleashed. For those who have limited Starwars knowledge, the Force Unleashed series takes place between episodes 3, Revenge of the Sith and episode 4, A New Hope. We get to see Darth Vader and his secret apprentice, Starkiller. Players once again will be able to control the super power Jedi.


    Here is a quick recap of what happened in the first game. Starkiller starts off as Vader apprentice, and Vader plans to train Starkiller to destroy the Emperor, so Vader can rule the galaxy himself. However, the Emperor (who is Vader ultimate master) tells him to kill his apprentice. Vader doesn't kill his apprentice, but sends him on a mission to join the Rebels and fight against the Emperor. I know the story gets a little confusing, but for our sake, Starkiller joins the good guys (Jedi) and goes against Vader and the Emperor and eventually sacrifices himself (SPOILER ALERT).

    Now, that you have a better understanding what happened in the first one, I can explain what makes the second installment, just ok. The first Force Unleashed was unique because gamers were able to play as a super power Jedi, something never done before. LucasArts decided to turn up the heat and make this Jedi a super power being. The first Force Unleashed we were introduced to a new character, new story, new powers. The second installment only expands on that somewhat.

    Don't get me wrong, the game play is far better in Force Unleashed 2 compared to the first one. The graphics are great and the cinematic cuts almost make it feel as if it was a miniseries. However, the game becomes redundant and old, like the first one. I can only cut up Stormtroppers with my dual light sabers so many times before I get bored. That is where LucasArts made their mistake with Force Unleashed 2. The plot line does develop Starkiller's character, but the game play is repetitive.

    Majority of the game consist of you walking around these beautiful Starwars worlds and fighting a whole bunch of annoying enemies, then finally you will fight a boss, who is never that challenging. At least you're a super power Jedi who can't be beaten. I think they make Starkiller too powerful, simply because the guy is grabbing space ships and destroying Rancors (150 feet monsters) like it is nothing. It's exciting when a sequel to a great game comes out because we want to know what happens next in the story, what are the new features, what is going to be improved. It seems the developers were more focus on developing the plot and less on the actual game play. I think Star wars fans should play this game because it is a lot of fun, but I think Force Unleashed 2 will make a better rental than purchase. Once you beat the game, there is not much left to do. I enjoy playing this game, and recommend gamers try it.

    Written by Evil Ambassador Caleb King

  • Dead Drops

    Games - Bringing digital ideas via a unique project

    Dead Drops img1

    I'm not a very good art connoisseur, I couldn't tell you why people care about the Mona Lisa and what's so special about Van Gogh's Starry Night, but every now and then a contemporary artist does something that effects the world directly, and it's just awesome.

    Like the Invader (An artist that places Space Invader murals into public spaces) Aram Bartholl has decided to bring digital concepts into our reality with his project 'Dead Drops.'

    Across New York City are USB drives embedded into seemingly random buildings to create an anonymous offline file sharing network. This isn't our Bit-Torrent or your father's Napster. These are fully functional USB drives placed into public domains. Each USB drive cares a single .TXT file explaining the Dead Drops project with the rest of it's space dedicated to whatever it is the public wants to share.

    Dead Drop img 2

    If you live in New York City you may want to keep an eye out for these, maybe even hook yourself up one and tell us what you find. It'll be interesting to see what the people of New York share over the Dead Drops. Let's just cross our fingers that it isn't a virus.

    Written by Evil Ambassador Carlos Reyes

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