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  • Can Journey Be The Next Video Games are "Art" Example

    Game "Journey" to be Made as Art

    Millions of gamers will run up to the plate to defend videogames as a legitimate art form, but not every game is truly artistic. The attribute of being artistic is a difficult attribute to define because every gamer and every critic has their own idea of what makes something undeniably Art. Without going down the path of trying to make a case of what makes a videogame artistic, or what doesn't, let's just say that every year a few titles come out that the general consensus agrees has artistic merit. In recent years these titles have been; Braid, Shadow of the Colossus, Limbo, Flower, Portal, and BioShock, just to name a few.

    Genuinely they come off as something more then a videogame because they do something particularly interesting. They do something very non-gamey. In BioShock it was the attention to narrative in a particular way in which BioShock drew attention to the fact that a gamer in any game never really has any freedom. They are stuck to the whim of the game's objectives. It destroyed the disillusionment of freedom confidently to the expense of it's own mechanics. To some gamers this had a powerful effect to the overall experience, to other gamers they found the game's narrative at odds with the game's structure.

    In an interview with Jenova Chen, the creative director of thatgamecompany and designer of the titles flOw and Flower, Jenova Chen begins to describe Journey in a refreshing way. Describing Journey as an online experience in which Journey is just like hiking. You go to hike a mountain, and there are other hikers you might meet and if you like them you can hike with them. This is an online game, but there are no lobbies.

    It's online title in which you travel from point A to point B never acquiring personal skills or abilities. Every skill is borrowed from your surroundings and there aren't any traditional enemies. It sounds like an interesting concept (although a little boring), but it is concerning that Jenova Chen in the interview often focused on the steps he took to make the game fun.

    From screen shots the game certainly has an interesting and cool aesthetic, but can a game about traveling where the developers are actively denying the player's the feeling of empowerment going to be a fun one? If there is anything that the games-as-art bandwagon has genuinely agreed upon, it's that artistic games do tend to still be fun, so it'll be interesting to see if this game ends up becoming the next, Games are Art proof, or if it'll be slid under the rug for having good concepts, but poor implementation.

    Journey's release date has yet to be announced, but will come out some time this year. For the full interview with Jenova Chen, Click Here.

  • Beat Dead Space 2, now you're number 1!

    Game News - Dead Space 2, Awesome New Weapon for more Pew Pew power!!!

    Leave it to the developers of Dead Space 2 to have a sense of humor. The game has barely been released and everyone out there has been informed of an easter egg of deadly and humorous force. Seen here, if you were to beat the game under its hardcore difficulty, you are rewarded with playing the game again...only this time with the most uniquely humorous weapon this blogger has ever seen. Introducing the Foam Finger "Hand Cannon".

    The stats, according to the video in the article, is that the "Hand Cannon" has +20% in both damage and speed. Not bad, but all serious stats aside, the real thing stands out is that firing the weapon makes Isaac say "bang bang" and "pew pew" while actually doing some real damage. And for added bonus, the description of the weapon is "Real Space. Real Terror. Real Foam".

    After seeing it dealing some serious damage to the Necromorphs, it makes you kinda look at those $25 foam fingers at your local sporting events differently, doesn't it?

  • Apple celebrates its 10 billionth App Download

    10,000,000,000 App Downloaded!

    As of now, ten billion apps have now been downloaded from Apples App store. After an ongoing countdown approaching the momentous number, Gail Davis of Oprington, Kent, UK, acquired the ten billionth download on Saturday morning (January 22). As a reward for her purchase of Paper Glider that day, Gail was awarded $10,000 in iTunes credit. (Makes me wish Id gotten that billionth download!!)

    During the countdown, Apple released posts of its top paid and free apps. The top games sold were, unsurprisingly, Angry Birds and Flight Control. Also unsurprisingly, Facebook dominated as top unpaid application.

    The top free apps list goes as such:

    1. Facebook

    2. Pandora Radio

    3. Google Mobile App

    4. Shazam

    5. Movies by Flizter

    6. The Weather Channel

    7. Google Earth

    8. Bump

    9. Skype

    10. PaperToss

    The top paid apps list goes as such:

    1. Doodle Jump

    2. Tap Tap Revenge 3

    3. Pocket God

    4. Angry Birds

    5. Tap Tap Revenge

    6. Bejewled 2 + Blitz

    7. Traffic Rush

    8. Tap Tap Revenge Classice

    9. AppBox Pro-Alarm Clock

    10. Flight Control

  • Congressman to push Health Warnings on Games a second time.

    Industry/Political News - Politician to Make Games to have Cigarette Box-like warnings

    Congressman Joe Baca (D-Califorinia) tried to introduced legislature in 2009 on display a label warning of links between violent video games and aggressive behavior. The proposal was denied. Read more about the 2009 legislature here.

    Cut to 2011, where he has now proposed the exact same legislature with the exact same information, only the difference now is he's backed by Congressman Frank Wolf (R-Virginia). The Virginian Congressman adds that like smokers being warned about cigarettes via labels, we should warn parents and children about the growing scientific backed link between violent behavior and video games. So really it's the same thing only he's backed with another congressman. If you're interested in this legislature, you can read more about the repeating proposalhere.

  • Playstation on your Android?

    Console News - Take your Sony Playstation anywhere!

    At Sony's Tokyo Press Conference, Sony announced that they would get into the Android market by releasing PS1 titles, but instead of having their customers download titles one at a time, they would have a program that would act like a suite for the games. The Playstation Suite will also be available on PSP2 as well.

    Among the first PS1 games to launch on the service will be Wild Arms, Cool Boarders 2, Rally cross, Medievil and Syphon Filter.

    This is great in this blogger's opinion. Because there really isn't that many games for my Android phone aside from the usual. Though I would be concerned about the memory and battery life of my little Samsung moment. But we will just have to wait and see what this Sony Playstation Suite android app can do.

    You can read more about the Playstation Android Application here.

  • Google, HP, and Apple, making big changes.

    Industry's biggest to make bigger changes

    What is going on in the lead industry workplaces? Is it just me, or have some major companies been making some major changes? Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google will be stepping down from his role on April 4th. But, he is not leaving the company. Schmidt tweeted,Day-to-day adult supervision no longer needed! Meanwhile down at the HP headquarters 4 directors, Joel Hyatt, John Joyce, Robert Ryan and Lucille Salhany will all be stepping down. According to CNN it is due to wake of intense criticism and several shareholder lawsuits over how HP dismissed former CEO Mark Hurd. And to top off the major changes in companies, the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs is taking a medical leave. Jobs sent out a letter to all his employees explaining that he will remain CEO still, however Tim Cook will run the day to day operations. But, just in one day of Jobs announcing his leave, stocks dropped 2.25%.

  • Evil Controllers Announces Girl Gaming Month!


    Tempe, AZ. (November 2010) – Let February be the month to celebrate a gaming population that frequently goes unrecognized and underappreciated! With Valentines Day right around the corner, Evil Controllers has taken it into its hands to officially deem this February of 2011 Girl Gaming Month. This month will be all about womens empowermentand, with a few new developments from within the Evil Labs, Evil Controllers hope to do just thatto find a way to empower any girls game.

    February 1st marks the release of brand new imaging for all of Evils controllers, the tough as nails yet stylish Pink Camouflage controller. A little bit of pink might just be what everyones game needs, men and women alike.

    The Pink Camo controller will be discounted to begin with, or can be bought together with the Girl Gamer Evil Bundle, a basket of goodies we hope will make any girl smile. The bundle will include the Pink Camo controller with a basic Auto burst mod that can be upgraded at extra cost; a brand new tank top released from Evil vs. Evil; an extra pair of Evil Sticks; and Evils signature keychain. The shirt will include Evils logo with a bit of a feminine twist.

    The Pink Camo Imaging add-on will sell at a discounted price of $34.99, marked down from retail price of $44.99, and can be added to any of our modded controllers. A non-modded Pink Camo Controller will sell for $79.99, ten dollars off of retail price $89.99. The Bundle will sell for $154.99, giving buyers a $110 discount from the total value of $264.99. The tank top will be sold separately at $14.99.

    Evil Controllers will also be hosting a video competition in tandem with OpTic Gaming that will run during the course of the month, beginning on February 1st at midnight and ending at 11:59 p.m. on February 28. The competition will encourage girl gamers to upload their best gaming montage videos to the OpTic Girls Channel with the montage music being one of Midnites 5 song choices. A winner will be selected based on the quality of the montage, player ability, and editing. The contest winner will receive an Evil Controllers Pink Camo Controller. More information will be found on February 1st on Evil Controllers blog at or at OpTic Girls Channel at

    Happy girl gaming, everyone!

  • Evil Controllers is featured in Inc. Magazine's February 2011 issue!

    Evil Controllers is on Inc Magazine

    Inc. Magazine's February issue hit news stands and Evil Controllers is featured inside! The article discusses some cool new video game devices to keep your gaming fresh. One of those 4 cool new devices? THE EVIL D-PAD! The article is available online and in print on page 48!

    The article may not put the devices in a ranked numerical order, but we will happily take the number 2 spot after a little something called the Kinect. This article only reaffirms that Evil is the only place to go for customizable controller mods. We are so excited to unveil what we have in store next...

  • 2011 Super Bowl Ads!

    Super Bowl Commercials!

    At the beginning of each yeah, most everyone is looking forward to keeping their new years resolutions, going to the gym more and THE SUPER BOWL!!!!! This is one of the rare times that many viewers do not prerecord the show and fast forward through all the commercials. In fact many viewers enjoy the commercials just as much as the enjoy the game itself. Each fan has their personal favorite, from the Snickers: Betty White, to the E-Trade: Jealous Girlfriend commercials. CNN released a sneak peek of the upcoming Super Bowl Ads. Their previews include, an add for Teleflora which include the Grammy-winning singer, Faith Hill , an add for careerbuilder featuring chimps, an add for Pepsi, which is featured twice, once for a low-cal Pepsi Max beverage, then again for allowing their customers to create the adds for Doritos, an add for GoDaddy which will be featuring Jillian Michaels who will be accompanying Danica Patrick, and an add for Bridgestone who features a cute little animal. Not only do we anticipate the outcome of the game, but Id say its safe to say that many anticipate the outcome of the commercials between plays.

    You can find the CNN article at:

    You can also check out last years commercials at the NFL Fanhouse the site breaks up the commercials by first, second, third, and fourth quarter.

  • 8-Bit Halo

    Retro Halo Game

    Ever wonder what Halo would be like if it had been done for the original Nintendo? Eric Ruth has answered the question by creating a retro 8-Bit Halo: Combat Evolved called Pixel Force Halo. Definitely a cool title to check out if you've been curious about the kinds of design decisions that have to be made when a game gets transformed from 2D to 3D or vice-versa.

    Pixel Force Halo is a Contra-like side-scroller that incorporates what makes Halo, Halo, in a way that makes the games feel like it's doing more then just simply creating a game with a Halo skin. The 8-bit versions of the weapons found in the Halo franchise actually work in the same way that they do in it's it's original 3D form.

    It's a shame that because the game is using a Microsoft franchise we won't be seeing it on the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace, but on the other hand it means we get to play it for free.

    Definitely an awesome way to kill an hour.

    Check it out here.

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