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  • Extend Your Batteries Life Span

    Extend Your Batteries Life Span

    We all love our gadgets, but we all hate it when they die on us and we arent near a power source! The Universal Gadget Wrist Charger comes with nine different adapters so that you will be able to charge your gadgets on the go! It is able to charge the iPhone, PSP, DS Lite and DSi/3DS. It is a simple bracelet that has a 1,500mAh 5.5V rechargeable lithium ion battery. Weighing in at 82 grams the bracelet comes with LED lights to help gauge the battery life, and is able to be recharged though a USB. It is able to charge: iPhone,
Nokia II (2mm), Nokia I (3.5mm),
Mini USB (for Motorola/HTC/Dopod/MP3/MP4),
Samsung i900,
Sony Ericsson,
Sony PSP,
NDS Lite,and Nintendo DSi.

  • Evil Controllers donates to Susan G. Komen to help find a cure for breast cancer

    Although we're a little late on the announcement, its never too late to give to charity and especially never too late to support the fight against breast cancer. As we had announced we would on our blog on February 1st, we recently donated proceeds from all Pink Camo controllers sold in February to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation.

    However, thats not all. The campaign went so well that we decided to heck with Breast Cancer awareness month at Evil Controllers – lets make it a Breast Cancer Awareness Forever! Therefore, Evil Controllers extended the time for Breast Cancer Awareness efforts and will now donate proceeds each month from every Pink Camo controller that continues to sell! We look forward to helping raise more money to find a cure, and to continue celebrating all of the ladies in our lives.

    Keep it coming on the Pink Camo, readers!

  • Plants VS Zombies: Arcade Version

    Plants VS Zombies: Arcade Version

    I first came across this game when my youngest brother, who is now nine-years-old, was glued to the computer screen protecting his house from the swarm of zombies for hours on end. I then downloaded the game on my Mac, Xbox, then purchased for my brother on the ipad and for his DS. We became addicted as soon as the game was offered in just about every way possible. And most recently in China Shunxiang Technology released an arcade version of the game. While the graphics on the arcade edition of Plants Vs. Zombies is relatively close the PopCaps original art, the gameplay veers far off from the original game. The arcade game allows up to four players to annihilate the zombies. The zombies walk across the screen while the four players shoot them down with pea shooters, making it basically a shooting game. The arcade version is completely unauthorized, which was discovered by Arcade Heroes when they contacted PopCap. Luckily, the game varies drastically so we arent missing out and can still fight off the zombies from the comfort of our ipads.

  • First 3DS buyer, alerted by police for being first in line.

    TriForce Johnson, the First 3DS owner, was signaled by authorities...for being first in line.

    Isiah "Triforce" Johnson is a dedicated Nintendo fan. He wears their gear, heck he is known to always wear a Power Glove (because it's so "bad"). In addition, he was waiting since last Tuesday to be in line for the Nintendo 3DS. The thing is, he was the only one with that dedication. See last week, he was waiting in his one-man line when the security staff of the New York City Best Buy called the cops to shoo him off their property.

    If you read here (warning: the link's vid has colorful language), Johnson tried to explain of why he was in line for the 3DS and his dedication to the company, but the store wasn't buying it and got the cops involved. After he was taken off property by the authorities peacefully, Johnson would come back to line up, only to hide when security was around or the staff had changed shifts. Johnson commented that while he did preorder a 3DS, it's a tradition for him to be first in line.

    Though, it seems Johnson was firstafter all, as he did become the first person to buy the 3DS in America and it was sold to him by Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, and Michael Vitelli, president, Americas, for Best Buy. So looks like this story came to a happy end after all.

    I guess it's the power of the Power Glove that got him through it all.

  • Indie Developers Make a Cool $3 Million

    Game News - Independent Developers Report Profit

    A million dollars is a lot of money to make, especially when you're offering your product for whatever the masses will pay for it. In May and December of last year Indie developers grouped their games into a package referred to as the Humble Indie Bundle and offered it to gamers online for whatever they were willing to pay for it. Whether it was 1 cent or a few thousand dollars, the choice was theirs.

    At GDC this week it was announced that the two game bundles had actually raised around $3 million dollars. The Indie Developers immediately donated a million dollars to the charities Childs Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

    While Many gamers did pay a measly penny for some amazing titles. Over 30,000 gamers payed $10 with a few generous gamers paying ridiculous amounts like $3,333 and $1,337. A few games featured in these bundles are: Machninarium, Osmos, and my personal favorite, Braid.

    While it hasn't been announced I'm predicting a Humble Indie Bundle #3 coming out sometime this year.

  • Japan's Time of Need

    Japans Time of Need, ganbatte (persevere)

    Hironobu Skaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy posted a song on this tumblr page entitled Pray For You. The song is not intended to raise and collect donations but rather it is a contribution for Japans disaster relief and for the struggles that they are working towards overcoming. So far the song has over 13,000 plays and it continues to touch hearts around the word during Japans time of need.

    On the site you can hear the song and read a note from Hironobu which reads: I composed a piece for the disaster victims.

    Its not for a fund raising. What I can make is a humble contribution but I hope I can help to encourage someone and make difference. Hanging there and keep strong. Its time to work together.

    You can listen to the song here: Pray For You

  • Portal 2's Newest Character is voiced by JK Simmons

    Portal 2's newest character addition is Jonah Jameson from Spiderman?

    Seen here on this information released from PAX East, Valve's sequel to the masterpiece that is Portal, Portal 2, will feature some high quality voice acting, especially when that voice acting is coming from J.K. Simmons. J.K. Simmons is best known for playing roles such as President Ackerman in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, Jonah Jameson in all three of theSpiderman movies, and as of now, Cave Johnson, the CEO and mastermind behind Aperture Science in Portal 2. As if the game wasn't epic enough they gotta put one of this blogger's favorite actors in there.

    If you watched the video in the link provided above, you'll notice that J.K. Simmons fits the bill as the voice of Cave Johnson. According to the footage, Portal 2 plays off thatCave Johnson is to be a genius yet a misinformed fool at the same time, a role that is all too familiar with Simmons. So looks like we can add another awesome character to the roster of Chell, GlaDOS, Wheatley, and the twin Co-Op Robots.

    Portal 2 will be released for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac in North America on April 18, and then a few days later in both Europe and Australia.

  • AT&T announces its merger with T-Mobile - for 39 billion dollars

    This past weekend, AT&T announced that it would be purchasing T-Mobile and that the two companies would be merging, all for the low price of $39 billion dollars.

    Through this acquisition, AT&T will move far ahead in the game, and maybe people will stop hating everything AT&T does. Maybe. After the merger, AT&T will become the only GSM wireless provider in the USA, and taking over T-Mobiles network infrastructure will allow AT&T to be able to expand their 4G LTE network. As a result, coverage will increase vastly, allowing AT&T to be able to reach 95 percent of the US population – this will add 46.5 million subscribers to the companys database.

    Look out Verizon! While I may love your service this is certainly interesting. As shown in the picture below (from, this is going to magnanimously increase coverage and cut down on the amount of dropped calls and static-y service.

  • is not MW3 preview, but a fine fan-made live action Modern Warfare film.

    Website leads to epic live-action recreation of Modern Warfare scenes

    Yeah, so you, your friends, your friends' friends have probably thought the countdown site was going to be a upcoming preview of Modern Warfare 3, then all of a sudden,Activision comes in and says it isn't. So we wondered what the heck it was. Well the time was up and the site revealed something that Hollywood should learn from when it comes to making video game movies. Especially you, Uwe Boll, this is how you make a video game movie, unlike yourabominationsof Bloodrayne and FarCry. revealed itself to be two and a half minute trailer-like movie of Modern Warfare's best scenes recreated in high definition live action shots. The entire movie was made possible by Vancouver's "We Can Pretend" artist collective. Who I must say, did an Oscar-worthy recreation of one of the best series of this video game generation. The actors, the angles, the lighting. All perfect.

    Even if you have the slightest bit of love for Modern Warfare, I highly suggest you give this piece of art your full attention. Click here to see the movie.

  • Donate Bandwidth to XBOX LIVE for Avatar Items!

    Free Avatar Goods for Bandwidth!

    So are you like me? You want to add a little style and pizzaz to your things but don't got the cash for it? Or in this case of your XBOX LIVE avataar, points? I mean while I do want a evil scientist lab coat for my fat little avatar, I don't really want to fork over ten bucks for it. Well looks like our prayers been answered. Now you can exchange your time and bandwidth for stuff for your avatar!

    Microsoft needs help in testing the Xbox Live network, so they set up a volunteer program where donating up to six hours of your 360's time will reward participants with with crazy scientists attire when the testing is done. The testing will be done through the month of March in various regions.

    To volunteer, simply access your Xbox 360's community section and download the tiny Xbox Live Labs app. Once installed, you just turn it on and leave it running. But there is a warning that your console will be taking a lot of bandwidth during its run, somake sure you don't cap out your allowed ISP's cap.

    There are three levels of testing ranging from half an hour, an hour and six hours. Each one gets you various scientist theme items like evil scientist hair (Doc Brown would be so proud of you). So if you're willing to spend some bandwidth for free stuff. Go for it!

    ~Written by Evil Ambassador Copiozo, creating the evil science of combining turkey on rye in his "laboratory of evil".

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