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  • Star Wars Themed Bed

    Not Your Average Star Wars Themed Bed

    Nothing ever sounds better to me than a nap! I am a nap queen! And Kayla Kromer is known for being the maker of the famous Hamburger Bed.

    But now she is back with a new creation, the Millennium Falcon Bed.

    This bed is inspired by the Millennium Falcon spacecraft from Star Wars. Perfect for any Star Wars fan, and Ideal for cuddling up for a movie marathon!

    Now we need to convince her to make an Xbox Controller bed!

  • Modded Controllers: Adjustable Fast Reload

    Modded Controllers: Adjustable Fast Reload

    Adjustable Fast Reload is a great Evil Controller that comes with 3 mod features. Rapid fire, auto burst, and adjustable fast reload. All of these work in Call of Duty: Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2, and World at War. There was a moment for a few months were our adjustable fast reload wasn't working in Black Ops due to a patch on the developers side of things that came out on the 14th of December, but back in February the game had been patched again and now our adjustable fast reload is back.,

    This modded controller is great because it allows you to stay on your opponents and it keeps you out of cover. You don't have to stay behind cover for very long. The rapid fire also works on most of the games in your collection. It works in Left 4 Dead, Grand Theft Auto IV, over a dozen title, but the rapid fire even works in Crysis 2. Which is really cool since the game already makes you feel like a super soldier.

    Of the three features, auto burst is definitely the most controversial mod. A lot of people call in and don't quite get what makes it different then rapid fire. While both rapid fire and auto burst help you shoot faster. Auto burst is a feature specifically for burst weapons. Some people know this mod as the jitter mod which has a bad reputation for being too difficult to control, but the great thing about our Auto burst/jitter mod is that it doesn't take long to adjust to and the rate of fire is simply ridiculous. If you haven't seen it in action you definitely should.

    You can check out the videos to our modded controllers under our websites video tab or you can just check it out on our channel. Here is the direct link:

    Modded Controllers: Adjustable Fast ReloadModded Controllers: Adjustable Fast Reload

  • Using our Active Reload Controller with the Gears of War 3 Beta

    Evil Ambassador Copiozo talks about Evil Controller's Gears of War Active Reload Controller.

    So recently here at Evil Controllers, I have been given the opportunity to work with one of our controllers designed specifically for the Gears of War series, the Active Reload controller for Gears of War 2. Let me tell you, it makes the game even more enjoyable than using a standard controller (don't get me wrong, Gears of War is fun, but it's more fun using a modded controller'srapid fire to mow down the Locust Horde).

    Now you're probably asking, Evil Ambassador Copiozo, does the modded controller's functions work with all the old Gears of War weapons? I can assure it, it does work on all of the old Gears of War weapons with the exception of two: The Pistol and the Hammer Burst. While you cannot use the active reload's rapid fire functionon the pistol and the active reload function on the Hammer Burst, you can use both functions on all the old weapons in the game.

    Have no fear, we at Evil Controllers are working to get the Pistol and Hammer Burst to function with the controller; also we are working on how to make the other weapons function even better. Though we do believe that at this time of the Gears of War 3 Beta, we aren't going to release any new controllers specifically for the it. This way, we can focus more on the controllers and their functions to work with the game when it comes out fully on its Fall release.

    In the meantime, why not try out Active Reload controller with its rapid fire functions on the Gears of War beta while we wait for its release? You're going to find it mighty enjoyable like I have.

  • Chucke E. Cheese

    Nostalgia about Chuck E. Cheese and Arcades

    I remember when I was a young lad, I remembered living in my rural town of Ottawa, Illinois. At times, my family would have to make trips to the suburb towns of Chicago like Schaumburg, Oakbrook, and others. I remember my mom, my sisters, and I would head to Joliet to get our car repaired. Right next door to the dealership was a Chuck E. Cheese (previously known as Showbiz Pizza, before it's merge in the early 1990s). I'd beg my mom to take us and while sometimes my sisters disagreed, we went.

    Places like these have a bit of a sentimental feeling to myself. Aside from the occasional trip, I remember celebrating birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese's & Showbiz Pizza locations. My first memory I remembered was my third birthday at the same Joliet location I mentioned previously.

    Chuck E. Cheese is probably my generation's first memory of what an arcade is. Back then, they didn't hold back on the latest video games at the time. I remembered playing Street Fighter II, Killer Instinct, and even Mortal Kombat at a Chuck E. Cheese's (today you won't see such games in a Chuck E. Cheese's as they are promoting a more family friendly atmosphere). It is kind of sad that these days that the arcade is now a thing of the past (due to the console has now surpassed the arcade cabinet in technology) and places like Chuck E. Cheese are fading out slowly, but those that are still up and running are still giving kids of today that first taste of video games and arcades.

    While I am too old for Chuck E. Cheese's today, I still have the great memories and can sort of relive it with some of the adult-aimmed video game centers that are available today.

  • Modded Controllers: Master Mod

    Modded Controllers: Master Mod

    Our Master Mod definitely deserves the name that we've given it. As a blogger for the site it's fairly easy to dismiss my opinion as bias, but it's really impressive how many mods we've managed to install into our Master Mod controllers. These modded controllers include: Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, Fast Reload, Active Reload, Rapid B, Adjustable Rapid Fire, and Dual Rapid Fire.

    Since it's compatible with over a dozen titles, it's cool to be able to jump from one Call of Duty game to the next without needing to get used to a different controller, you can play on the same one from game to game. Although most of us in the office have been playing Black Ops we still dig our claws into Modern Warfare 2 from time to time. The controller does work with Halo: Reach, which is awesome, but after the changes made from Halo 3 to Reach it just hasn't felt the same.

    Some people don't get why we sell controller mods, but gaming is about having fun and a good chunk of fun, no matter how much we pretend it isn't true, is winning. For people that know what I mean, the Master Mod is perfect. It works on so many titles. Not to mention that our Evil Sticks and our Evil D-Pad both help immensely with accuracy. Even in a non-FPS game like Resident Evil or Super Meat Boy.

    You can check out our modded controllers in action at our channel on Youtube, just search Evil Controllers or click on this link:

  • Project Cafe, the successor to the Wii.

    Nintendo confirms that the Wii's successor will be arriving in 2012.

    Nintendo has recently confirmed the release of the successor to the Wii. While no name has been announced for it yet, they are planning to reveal it at this year's E3 convention. They did release information that the new console will go on sale in 2012.

    While the sales of this new Nintendo console hasn't been included in Nintendo's forecasts (that go up till March 2012), it is believed we won't see it until something Spring 2012 or after.

    There is a code name for this project, it's called "Project Cafe". In addition, this console is to be a powerful machine that will surpass the 360 or the PS2 in graphics and technical specifications and will sport a controller that combines the traditional d-pad & buttons set up with a touch screen.

    Until we know more of Project Cafe's unveiling at E3, we will have to think about what Nintendo has in store for us. In my opinion, I do hope Nintendo learns from the Wii's success but also their mistakes. One mistake I want to point out is the five hundred thousand casual games for the Wii I see being sold everywhere. Nintendo, go back to your SNES roots and remember the gamers that made you what you are. You had a great run selling the console to casual gamers and everyone parental unit in America. It's time for you to be where you belong. Go back to your "PLAY IT LOUD" roots. Besides, I think everyone here can agree we don't need a console that support titles like "Walk it out" and "Project Runway".

    If you want to read more about the article about Project Cafe, follow this URL:

  • Britney Spears' Femme Fatale good enough to actually spend money on!

    This may not necessarily be the avenue to find readers who are also Britney Spears fans, but I have to say, I am very happy with her newest release, Femme Fatale. As a person who tries her best to get as much music for free through varying methods, like soliciting all of my friends to burn me CDs and scoping LiveJournal communities for posts, or just plain listening to them off of YouTube, (and no, I dont use illegal methods like KaZaa or Limewire – in fact, Im so outdated on those that the only ones I can reference are KaZaa and Limewire….Napster, anyone?), its amazing that I actually pulled out my credit card yesterday and purchased the entire album. It made me think that in todays day and age where free music is so accessible, it really puts the pressure on artists to release actual quality albums, and not just one with three great singles and nothing more.

    I remember when I was in middle school, just a bit before music downloading got really big, and you had no other option but to buy the entire CD because you liked a single. Then you were stuck with a crap CD just because you wanted to listen to the one song, from artists that never did anything else after (Trust Company is the first that comes to mind). Now, however, where iTunes is readily available for you to purchase just the one song, it is so much harder for artists to profit if they dont make their music the best. On top of that, if I dont like the singles I hear on the radio enough but still want to hear an entire album, thats when Ill start searching for other options besides paying for the 14-20 songs on iTunes.

    Therefore, I think it says a lot that I was so happy with Hold It Against Me and Till The World Ends I bothered to buy the entire album, for 14 of my hard earned dollars that could have bought me two meals at a place like Subway instead. And I have to say, Im not regretting it. Yes, I do still love the singles, but Im very happy with other songs like I Wanna Go, How I Roll, Trouble For Me, and Gasoline. Above all, my favorite right now is Criminal, its slow, moody, and speaks to every dumb girl like mes pension for guys that are totally wrong for us. I am sure not very many of you gamers are B. Spears fans, but its definitely a great new addition to her already fabulous collection, and a hell of a lot of fun to dance and party too.

    In other recent iTunes purchases (yes, purchases), I bought I Need a Doctor by Dr. Dre and friends, Dirty Talk by Wynter Gordon, Alors on Danse remix by Stromae with the insufferable but ingenious Kanye, and Stay the Night by James Blunt, who Im ever loyal to. Definitely glad with my new music!

  • Nostalgia around Mortal Kombat

    Evil Ambassador Copiozo reflects on Mortal Kombat in his life.

    For those of you who don't know, I'm 27 years old, meaning I was born in 1984. Mortal Kombat came out in about 1993 for the Sega Genesis & the SNES (It came out in arcades in 1992 but I didn't have access to it due to my rural Illinois town's arcade had zip). So doing the math, I was about nine years old when MK was reached to the masses via the consoles. I had the SNES version and my friend Tony had the Genesis version. We were hooked and were the bee's knees of our Catholic grade school of St. Columba because had the "cool parents" that got Mortal Kombat for us.

    (By the way, Evil Controllers does not support buying Mature games for underage kids. Please follow all ESRB ratings for all video games.)

    Anyway, the Mortal Kombat craze caught our young attention at an early age and we began seeing the game everywhere. We started pretending we were the characters during recess (which surprisingly we didn't get in trouble for) and talked non-stop about the game. When Mortal Kombat II came out, it grew even bigger. I recall in the fourth or fifth grade we were making customizable paper bunny rabbits for Easter and several of us made Mortal Kombat bunnies (by the way Chris, stop harping me on making a Reptile bunny because you made a Scorpion bunny first, Josh made a Kano bunny). During that year, we had a new priest that looked exactly like Stryker from MKII. We eventually called him "Father Stryker". The priest actually didn't mind it as he wanted to connect with the kids. He later found out what the game was all about...yet he still accepted the name; it still boggles me to this day. Finally, to top it all off, I think I had my first hint of cosplay, as I remember begging my mom to make me a Raiden costume for Halloween that year. Which she did and it was awesome.

    So years passed, we grew up and the video game market matured with us and Mortal Kombat was beginning to be left behind by equally bloody games like Resident Evil and House of the Dead. We all started feigning interest after Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 came and wore out its welcome. Some more years passed and while we did see failures like that Jax and Sonya game that we don't talk about, we found reliving those memories when Mortal Kombat was on XBOX and PS2 with Armageddon and Deception. Then the memories, they phased out again.

    Zoom now to 2011, and the series now has been revived and back to its roots in "Mortal Kombat". No more Shaolin monks, no more "meh" story games, just pure giggle while you play action. Playing the game reminds me of those nights back home in my rural town of Ottawa with my friends, arguing about why Kabal is the best or why sweeping endlessly is NOT a legit strategy. Those were the days. I guess they are back again (thanks to XBOX LIVE).

    I do wonder where and what Father Stryker is doing these days.

  • Coffee Table Turned into a Nintendo Controller

    Coffee Table Turned into a Nintendo Controller

    Here at Evil Controllers we pride ourselves on making modified and customized controllers to fit every gamer. So of course when I came across a giant Nintendo controller that doubled as a coffee table I was intrigued. The giant Nintendo coffee table controller was built with 100 hours of labor, and with $200 worth of supplies. The top of the controller doubles as a surface to the coffee table and also as a lid to a storage box. But the coolest part is that the controller actually works!! You can connect it to a NES and play your favorite retro games.

  • Sony CEO says harsh words to the gaming community.

    Jack Tretton of Sony states some harsh words for gamers, especially 3DS owners.

    Okay so after finding this technology article from Fortune Magazine's online site, I think you can see what myself (and about 99% of the gaming community) thinks about this statement. Frankly, I think Jack just probably shot himself in the foot with this statement, probably thinking no one in the gaming community would find it on Fortune Magazine's site.

    It's proof that this man (not the company) who makes decisions for Sony's department of entertainment doesn't get what the gamers of today are. Sure there are a lot of kids playing video games, but we of the older generation were kids too and still are, at heart.

    I'm a big fan of Nintendo and its leading powerhousepresencein portable gaming. The Gameboy was my first every video game device I played with obsessively. Later on, I got the Gameboy Advance later on in life. Then, I went to Gameboy Advance SP when I was in high school. During college, I got the first generation Nintendo DS (at a cheap price since the lite was already out). And now, I'm saving up to get a 3DS (when more games come out for it). I'm 27 years old. I also travel a lot across the country to anime conventions by plane. I think you know where I'm going here. When I arrive at these anime conventions, I see the same "twenty-somethings" that Mr. Tretton describes, with their DS and 3DS units and enjoying themselves while waiting in line for an event.

    I love the PSP, I love Sony, I love Nintendo, and I love the DS. However, this statement felt like a giant slap to the face of all us older "self respecting twenty-something" gamers.

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