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  • Halo 4: New Additions to the Halo Multiplayer

    Halo 4 Multiplayer

    We all know one of the biggest reasons behind Halo's success is the highly entertaining and competitive multiplayer component which has been termed War Games in Halo 4. Today we shall be taking a look at some of the cool things that 343 Industries have incorporated into the War Games that makes Halo 4 that much more worth playing.


    The Assassinations are back but with a brand new flair. Assassinations are more satisfying and brutal than ever. There are a variety of ways in which these melee executions take place, for example Spartans can tackle an enemy to the ground before finishing him off with a knife. The variety of ways you can take out an enemy is just satisfying. The fact that you can perform such kills in the same way as earlier games, chances are that you will definitely end up using assassinations again and again to just watch the satisfying brutality.

    More Customizable Loadouts

    The character customization ability here in Halo 4 is much greater than that in Halo: Reach. Characters are highly customizable both look wise and in game capability wise. In addition to the standard slots for weapons and grenades, players will also get three additional slots to which they can assign Armor ability, Support Upgrade and Tactical Package.

    Tactical Package

    Tactical Package is basically a passive perk. Different Tactical Packages can be attached to different loadouts so if one of these passive abilities is not working out for you then you can switch to another loadout to see if that passive ability better fits that certain game. An example of Tactical Pakage is Firepower; this lets you equip two primary weapons in your loadout.

    New Armor Abilities

    The Hologram is back again but it is joined with other amazing abilities. The Hardlight Shield is the primary mode of mobile defense. The Bubble Shield is also making a comeback but even though it covers a greater area it is still penetrable. The good thing is that when you activate the Bubble Shield you will be put in a third person view which helps make sure no one can shoot through the front.

    The Promethean Vision is a new armor ability. This basically colors your enemies red and everything else blue for a limited time. The clear vision of your enemies provided by this is definitely going to help immensely both when attacking and defending.

    Then there is the Thruster Pack. This basically allows you to teleport a short distance. Depending on whether you were moving ahead or back when you activated the Thruster Pack, you will teleport in front or behind respectively. This will allow you to close the gap between you and an enemy, dodge critical hits and other Spartans closing in for an Assassination.

    Ordinance Drops

    This basically is like the Care Package from Call of Duty only faster. If you get a sufficiently long kill streak you can choose between 3 deadly weapons: Alien weaponry, Explosive weaponry or Spartan Laser weaponry. Just like CoD, you can also kill an enemy and steal his ordinance drop before he gets to use it.

    So as you can see guys, 343 Industries are really pushing the limits and this game seems to be set to outshine all of its predecessors in every way. Checkout the Multiplayer Demo below where you get to see a bit of everything, especially the Assassinations and Ordinance Drops

    Mulitplayer Demo:

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    Blog Written by Shahriar Azad

  • Halo 4: Spartan Ops Details

    Halo 4 Gameplay Details


    Spartan Ops is basically a replacement of the Firefight in the previous iterations. Spartan Ops is a four-player co-op mode but unlike Firefight where you basically have to survive wave after wave of enemies, it revolves around a few set of missions.

    Although it is a co-op mode you can chose to play alone if you like. Another advantage is that Spartan Ops is supported by Halo 4's matchmaking system so you don’t necessarily have to have friends to play it, like in the case with Halo 3: ODST's Firefight mode.

    343 Industries plans on releasing content for the Spartan Ops on a weekly basis. The updates will contain five co-op missions that can be played by up to 4 players, and a cinematic cutscene that will provide the narrative of the overall scenario of each week. Although what we will talk about today is basic ground combat, a variety of missions including vehicles are expected.

    The great thing about this plan of 343 Industries is that the library of content for Spartan Ops will keep on growing and would be available for all Halo 4 players. These mission can be revisited any number of times. Additionally, since you gain experience in the Spartan Ops and rank up along the same line of progression with War Games, whatever you unlock will be usable in both modes!

    A chosen few from IGN actually got to play the Spartan Ops mode and made a few analyses of how the game was in comparison to the previous Halo games. First thing that they noticed was that the graphics was just breath taking and the level of detail on each Spartan was simply amazing.

    Fans of the series might be a bit disappointed as the Magnum seems to be a bit weaker than before and is no longer a 3 shot killing machine. The Covenant Carbine however was the same as that from Halo 2 and 3. The Battle Rifle on the other hand had less range but still packed a solid punch mid-range.

    There are a few new weapons amongst which the Forerunner Scattershot stood out. As the name suggests, the bullets spread out just like that of a shotgun and at close range it literally dissolved the enemies. The bullets also bounce off of the walls and floors which gives it a similar flair to the Flak Cannon from Unreal tournament.

    Crawlers, Forerunner AI, will be replacing the Flood Spores in Halo 4. 343 Industries have already confirmed that the Flood will not be in this instalment. Crawlers can move and jump like spiders and can only be killed by shooting them in the face thanks to the spiky shell that protects every other area of their body. The fact that they are so fast makes it really hard to get accurate shots on them.

    The Promethean units, Knights and Watchers, provide a much greater challenge. The Knights are massive and can attack at a range with weapons or slash with claws up close. Again, Knights can only be taken out by accurate shots to their face. The Watchers are in a way more annoying and should be dealt with first. Watchers can shield their allies, spawn crawlers and also revive any fallen Knights. So in order to be successful it is better to take the Watchers out first.

    The great news is that the Halo 4's new enemy race is just as good as the AI in the past games. These guys will definitely keep the pressure on and provide a solid challenge for both newbies and experts.

    Check out the Spartan Ops gameplay demo:

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    Blog Written by Shahriar Azad

  • Halo 4: Campaign Details

    Halo 4 Details

    In an exclusive interview with Game Centre, Frank O'Connor (Franchise Developer at 343 Industries) gave out some pretty great details on what to expect from the upcoming Halo 4.

    According to Frank, Halo 4 will be epic and this episode will have the biggest additions compared to all previous Halo games. This in essence means more abilities, weapons, vehicles and enemies.

    Speaking of enemies, unlike the past iterations where existing Covenant species were modified to provide extra challenge, this time around they are building new and unique enemies never before seen in the franchise. These enemies of course will come with their very own unique weapons and abilities.

    The Covenant are also making a comeback in Halo 4. Although Frank mentioned that they necessarily won’t be our primary antagonists. The Covenant will be around during majority of the game and definitely won't be happy to see Master Chief. As the story progresses we will get to see how the Covenant fit into the big picture and what their connection is with the new enemies.

    Master Chief will get to visit a number of locations in Halo 4 but, the primary location is going to be a world called Requiem. On the surface of this planet Master Chief will get his first glimpse of his new foes. According to the game's description, they are an ancient evil and from the game demo (check out our previous article) we got to find out that they are non-organic AI, wielding Forerunner technology. 343 Industries are currently keeping everything else about these guys under wraps.

    Halo 4 will take place exactly 5 years after the events of Halo 3, at the end of which we saw Master Chief enter cryo-sleep. A lot has changed during this time, the Universe has moved on and so has the Spartan Program. The Spartans have now been upgraded to the Spartan-IV Series. This time the Chief will get to meet his replacements and according to Frank, we will get to see some interesting interactions between the two generations of Spartan soldiers.

    In an interesting move, 343 Industries plan on revealing a bit more about the Master Chief's persona through such interactions. Along his journey, the Chief will come across new friends, foes and a lot of tough situations. It is how he reacts and behaves during such instances that will reveal a lot more about the Master Chief's personality and how he lives as a human being.

    Halo 4 is set to launch on November 6th 2012. The game will also mark the beginning of a new Trilogy. As you can see guys, there is a lot going on with Halo 4 and 343 Industries are obviously trying to push the boundaries hard. If you are a Halo fan, I would like to know your thoughts about this game. Is it up to par with what you have come to expect from the franchise?

    Blog Written by Shahriar Azad

  • Halo 4: Campaign Gameplay Demo

    The first ever Halo 4 gampelay was shown at the Microsoft press conference at E3. All diehard fans of the franchise were a bit on edge about the upcoming game considering the fact that a completely new company was developing Halo 4. The return of Master Chief himself did little to calm them down.

    I remember watching a random late night talk show in which one of the hosts exclaimed "Why should we be excited about Halo 4 when strangers are making the game?". The fact that Bungie Studios split from Microsoft and the game was passed over to 343 Industries was not very well received by fans worldwide. A good analogy would be as if Santa Monica Studios had given the rights to God of War to an internal studio of Sony. It just wouldn't feel right.

    Fortunately though, the gameplay demo shown by 343 Industries at E3 blew away these concerns, wowed the crowd and got the fans excited yet again for a new Halo. If you missed the demo check it out in the following link:

    According to a select few in the gaming community who had the opportunity to play Halo 4, they said that it felt exactly like the previous iterations. Additionally the graphics just look insane. As expected, this installment is the most beautiful of all the games in the franchise.

    The gun play also appears a little altered in that it doesn't require a hundred bullets to take out an enemy which makes for a much more enjoyable and fast paced gameplay. Also, I think they put a bit more thought into the game this time around in terms of it's cinematic moments. If you watch the gameplay you will notice how the weapon evolves as Master Chief keeps progressing through the level.

    Be sure to check out the following articles where we take a look at other aspects of Halo 4, such as the campaign details, Spartan Ops and multiplayer.

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    Blog Written by Shahriar Azad

  • Battlefield 3: Premium Service

    Battlefield 3: Premium Service

    The Premium Service for Battlefield 3 is very much like the Elite service available for Call of Duty. Premium service was launched on Monday, June 4th and actually offers a pretty hefty saving.

    Premium Service owners will get all 5 expansion packs that are going to be released for BF3 in the future, which include:

    1. Back to Karkand
    2. Close Quarters
    3. Armored Kill
    4. Aftermath
    5. End Game

    The service is priced at $50 or 4000 Microsoft points and owners of the service will get the 5 expansion packs for the price of 3.5 (saving about $25). Although the saving would be a little less for gamers who have already purchased the first expansion Back to Karkand released a while back but, it still is a good deal none the less.

    In addition to this, players will essentially be getting a wealth of other in-game bonuses for free, like the following exclusive items:

    1. A new knife
    2. 20 new weapons
    3. 10+ new vehicles
    4. New dog-tags
    5. 10+ unique soldier camos
    6. Unique weapon camos
    7. 5+ unique assignments

    Owners of the service will also get an enhanced Battlelog with new features such as the ability to reset their Kill/Death ratio and Win/Loss ratio amongst other things. You will also get server entry priority which will basically allow you to enter the popular servers without having to wait in the long ques.

    Additionally, players will also get to save 5 of their favorite Battle Reports which otherwise tend to have a limited life span. In essence more bragging capability! You will also get access to exclusive events, videos, strategy guides (straight from the experts at DICE) and my favorite, Double XP Weekends!

    Premium service subscribers will also get early access, 2 weeks early to be exact, to all the newly released DLC. PS3 owners will get a sweeter deal, an added 1 week early release so they get to enjoy the new content 3 weeks earlier than Xbox360 and PC gamers!

    So all in all, this is a great deal considering that it is not a monthly subscription but, only a onetime $50 investment. If you are a fan of BF3 this is something you should seriously consider getting and if you already have it, then you already know how sweet the deal actually is.


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    Blog Written by Shahriar Azad

  • E3 2012: Naughty Dog's New Game - The Last of Us

    Info on The Last of Us

    Very few people in the gaming community, if at all, have little or no idea about Naughty Dog, the creators of the Uncharted series. All the Uncharted games are cinematic masterpieces with amazing replay potential. Everything was spot on with those games and each successive installment outshined its predecessor by leaps and bounds.

    That is exactly why everyone was so excited when Naughty Dog mentioned their new IP some time back; a post-apocalyptic survival game going by the name "The Last of Us." We had been hearing a lot about how it was going to be different from the Uncharted series in the fact that it will be more serious and darker. Finally this E3 we got to see it in action.

    Naughty Dog gave a lengthy 7 minute demo of the game and it exceeded every one of my expectations. The action is more brutal, the graphics are just jaw dropping and the voice acting and cinematics are what we come to expect from Naughty Dog, perfect.

    Little things they have incorporated are definitely going to add to the tension they are trying set up. They are bringing back the non-regenerating health bar, items and ammo will be sparse and from the demo you can notice that even when you try to get something from the inventory, the game does not pause! Yes, they are incorporating a live inventory into the game.

    The launch date had not been mentioned even at E3 but, earlier this week Naughty Dog mentioned in Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that the game will officially be coming out in 2013. It seems that majority of the great games revealed at E3 will be launching in 2013. Oh well, till then check out the E3 game demo linked below and trust us to keep you posted about any and all new news about this game.

    E3 2012: The Last of Us Gameplay Demo

    Blog Written by Shahriar Azad

  • Spec Ops: The Line - Multiplayer Gameplay

    Spec Ops: The Line - Online Multiplayer Details

    Today we will be taking a look at the multiplayer aspect of Spec Ops: The Line. Nowadays almost all games have to have some sort of multiplayer especially if it is a first person or third person shooter.

    Mutliplayer components these days are mainly used to increase the value of the game itself. They not only increase the allure of the games but also significantly increase the length of the game. Sadly, sometimes they are just sloppily made and do nothing more than frustrate players. I will just present you with my opinion of the multiplayer and whether it is good or not, you can be the judge of that.

    First of all, they have added a lot of customization ability to the game, perks and weapons that can be unlocked by gaining more experience and reaching higher levels; pretty much a standard protocol in most shooters nowadays. You also have various customizations such as armor and kits.

    Something new they have incorporated is the environmental effects which I fancied. Sandstorms can hit at anytime leaving you pretty much blind and vulnerable to enemies. At those times you have to rely on stealth and be extra observant to detect enemy locations from things such as muzzle flashes.

    Players also have different classes to choose from that give off different area of effect auras. That adds another layer of strategy in which you decide the right combinations of classes that you want for your team. Since the range of these buffs is limited to certain distance it also encourages more team based gameplay.

    Another cool thing is the ability to hurl rocks that will be perceived by enemies as grenades. This sort of faking is not only a cool way of highlighting the desert location, but is also an effective method in forcing your enemies out of cover.

    Still, to me the whole essence of a game such as this is the gun combat. This feature if not up to par is a definite deal breaker for me. Fortunately, from the gameplay demo that I tagged below you can see that the guns do feel solid. Be sure to check out the demo below to get an idea for yourself.

    All in all, even though this is nothing revolutionary, they did try and add previously unseen elements and the resulting multiplayer does seem like a pretty sound component which will definitely be a plus to have along with the core campaign.

    Spec Ops: The Line - Multiplayer

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    Blog Written by Shahriar Azad

  • E3 2012: Spec Ops: The Line - Campaign & Gameplay Demo

    New Shooter, Spec Ops: The Line

    I don't know about you guys but, I had no idea that that 2K was coming out with a new Spec Ops game until I actually saw the game demo at E3. The new game is titled Spec Ops: The Line which has been officially dated to be released on the 26th of June, 2012.

    The main story takes place in the carcass of the once flourishing Dubai, now just a shell of its formal glory due to massive sandstorms that left it in tatters. The lead character is going to be Captain Walker whose mission is to rescue John Konrad, a well-respected Colonel of the US Army.

    John Konrad and his team went MIA during their last mission which was to help any remaining civilians escape Dubai. Well much to Walker's surprise he finds Konrad was very much alive but, completely insane. The delusional Colonel now considers the ruins of Dubai his home. So your rescue mission quickly changes to a mission to survive Konrad and his armed forces.

    The game is like any other standard 3rd person shooter but, the graphics do look great thanks to the modified Unreal engine. The interesting thing about the game is the involvement of the environment. Sandstorms can hit at any point forcing you to change your tactics.

    Additionally you can alter the environment to your benefit, for example in one part of the game you destroy the glass windows in a room full of hostiles which causes sand to pile into the room killing the enemies. This method however kills the civilians too whom you could have saved by taking out the enemies head on. The game will be filled with such situations where you have to make decision on what is you believe is more morally correct.

    Well the developers mentioned they intend to make this game "the most provocative shooter" we have ever played. It will be interesting to see how they intend to use these moral decisions and how deep these decisions will be intertwined within the core game.

    We will keep you posted as more news arrives about the squad based gameplay and other details. Till then enjoy the game demo tagged below and keep an eye out for a following article on the multiplayer aspect of Spec Ops: The line.

    Game Demo:

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    Blog Written by Shahriar Azad

  • Black Ops 2: Zombies Details

    Black Ops 2: Zombies!

    All right, now let take a look into Zombies! Treyarch has officially confirmed that Zombies will make a comeback and it is going to be bigger and better than ever.

    First of all, Zombies will have more game modes aside from the standard round modes that we have seen in World at War and Black Ops. There also going to be specific tasks and objectives to complete in these levels this time around.

    Speaking of levels, this is one area where Zombies is getting a major overhaul. They are creating whole new worlds for zombies, massive ones. According to Mark, the whole Treyarch team has put a lot of effort and imagination into Zombies which allowed them to achieve amazing things. Mark exclaimed that Zombies is going to be like a separate game on its own which was originally intended to be shipped along with Black Ops 2.

    Finally the big reveal was that Zombies will now be incorporated into the multiplayer engine from the single player engine! Yes, this is exactly why they could make such massive improvements to Zombies. The multiplayer engine will allow more processing power and room to work with which translates to more game modes, twice the number of zombies and twice the number of co-op players (keep reading).

    Not only that, the multiplayer engine also opens up a world of new possibilities. There is one speculation that the maps available for the multiplayer will also be available for Zombies. Least of all, you won't have to worry about someone quitting and forcing you to restart the game. This was a huge issue in Black Ops, at least for me.

    Okay coming back to more players. It has officially been announced that a total of up to 8 players will be able to play Zombies together! Not only can you play together, you also get to play as two teams of players (4 vs 4), with zombies in the middle! WHAT?! This opens up so many more possibilities for new gameplay experiences!

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    Blog Written by Shahriar Azad

  • Black Ops 2: Multiplayer Info

    More Black Ops 2 Gameplay info:

    Alright! I know why you all are here so let's dive straight into it!

    As always, Treyarch is really tight lipped about revealing anything about the multiplayer at this moment. They always like to tease people with the official multiplayer trailer which sadly for us, is not out yet. But, in an interview with Machinima, Mark Lamia the Studio Head at Treyarch mentioned some interesting details.

    Mark mentioned that they are really building Black Ops 2 Multiplayer from the ground up. They do not plan on adding to the existing framework of Black Ops but, intend to redefine it. He mentioned that players can expect to see them to "push the boundaries of the multiplayer pretty hard."

    What this means is that they are taking a look at every game mechanic, weapon upgrades, perks, kill streaks, map design, classes etc., and building them anew. He also mentioned the fact that we will be seeing a lot of new gameplay mechanics that have never been seen in the franchise.

    Currently a rumor is going around that instead of a create-a-class we will get a "point system" which would give us more freedom in picking combinations of weapons rather than the series of fixed weapons and equipment slots that we know so well. As the rumor goes, 10 points are allocated to each player which can be used to get whatever equipment and weapons one likes and ditch whatever he/she thinks is unnecessary. If this is true then it will open up a range of playing styles that we have never encountered before.

    Mark also kept on stressing the fact that they will be integrating elements that would facilitate players interacting, joining games and playing together. He said that they are taking the social scene into consideration and that they have developed the multiplayer based on how they see and feel the players want to play.

    The whole multiplayer is going to be set in the future, 2025, so we will get to play with all the high tech gadgets and drones along with the crazy weapons such as the sniper with which you can take out people behind cover.

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    Blog Written by Shahriar Azad

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