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  • Medal of Honor: Warfigher Gets Linkin Park Involved

    EA has made their marketing strategy clear. They want to beat the reigning champ, Call of Duty, or at least take a chunk out of its market share. Every first person shooter wants to be CoD and who can blame them? The money CoD rakes in every year is unbelievable.

    Interestingly enough, this time EA is sticking to The Danger Close team making Medal of Honor Warfighter as grounded and real as possible in hope that it would attract the gamers. They believe that gamers who are looking for the authentic feel of a modern battlefield might prefer Warfighter over Black Ops 2. They have based this assumption on the fact that Treyarch has taken a very futuristic approach with BO2 which might not be well received by gamers. Some diehard CoD fans have actually voiced out their concerns regarding this in forums and blogs all over the internet.

    If true, this could very well be MoH's year. It is obvious that MoH may surpasses BO2 thanks to its amazing Frostbite 2 engine. MoH is supposed to actually look better than even BF3. We have all stared at awe at one point or other at the destructive capability of the Frost Bite 2. To add to it all they have also represented 12 Tier 1 teams across 10 countries in Warfighter. EA and The Danger Close team are hoping that this might play to the patriotic side of players and get them involved in a whole new level, much like in Fifa.

    Recently it was revealed that EA has gotten one of the most famous rock bands in the world, Linkin Park, involved in their project in an attempt to enhance the emotional and authentic military experience they are trying to deliver with MoH Warfighter.

    Danger Close revealed their cross-collaboration with Linkin Park and that Mike Shanoda, co-lead vocalist and co-producer of Linkin Park, has already composed original in-game scores for MoH Warfighter which were specifically made to "add depth and emotion to an already intense gameplay experience."

    EA also produced Linkin Park's new music video - Castle of Glass which will also be included in the game. Only time will tell how much of an effect this cross-collaboration would have on sales of MoH Warfighter. For now check out the following videos.

    Castle of Glass -

    Behind the Scenes Trailer -

    Is the inclusion of Linkin Park a game seller for you or something you aren't particularly interested in? Let us know and be sure to check out our Controller Creator to make your own custom modded xbox controller.



  • New Devil May Cry Details - Gamescom

    This game has had a rough start. From the beginning when the idea of a reboot was presented, both Ninja Theory (developers) and Capcom were sent to the firing range. The fans really didn't like the whole idea of a reboot and especially made a fuss over how the new Dante looked.

    I was glad to see that Capcom didn't budge under pressure and the only thing that the complaints. Just to keep them happy the developers just tweaked how Dante looked (very slightly). But in my opinion a remake was way over due.

    As more details and gameplay videos are released, more people are actually being convinced that this iteration could well be the best of the franchise. I like the new cocky young Dante and would love to see how Ninja Theory's version of Dante's origin.

    In the recent GamesCom Ninja Theory revealed a new trailer along with some details of what to expect. Check it out:

    New GameCom Trailer:

    To keep veterans of the franchise comfortable Ninja Theory has brought back some elements from the previous games. As you can see from the trailer, Virgil will be making a comeback. Just like the past games, Virgil is Dante's twin brother.

    According to the developers, Virgil will be playing a central role in the whole game. In the game Virgil is the leader of a group called "The Order" which is basically a band of scientists, hackers etc. who are fighting against the demons in the world.

    The trailer shows a bit of how Dante gets involved with the Order. Virgil gets Dante to commit by promising Dante that he can get revenge on those who killed his family but, as time progresses Dante will get tangled up in a much bigger struggle. Ninja Theory said that Dante's involvement with the things to come are both because of the "rightness" of the cause as well as the opportunity to bond with his long lost brother.

    The familiar combat mechanics will also be making a comeback along with some favorite moves and weapon selections. Ninja Theory has also revealed that they have added a lot of "platforming" elements to the game where players have to utilize Dante to run, jump, climb and manipulate the environment.

    They are also bringing in the idea of the environment being against Dante's intentions and generally hostile towards him. They call this "Malice". Malice will primarily manifest itself in the form of environmental shape shifting and will range from creating a trap door under Dante's feet (making him react or fall to his death) to a building imploding on itself to trap Dante in the rubble.

    Check out the new gameplay video:

    This version of DMC is definitely much more cinematic and from the gameplay it is obvious that Ninja Theory is trying to put in different gameplay elements to keep players entertained. I don’t know about everyone else but I think this is my most anticipated DMC to date.

    I like whatever they have shown till now; I found it funny and entertaining. I hope the rest of the game gels together well and that there are some surprises to be excited about. But we all know the most important thing for the game to be successful, it is the control.

    From the demo the combat seemed fluid and like before we have the opportunity to string a flurry of attacks together. I guess Ninja Theory has plenty of experience in this area considering they created Heavenly Sword. For now I shall keep my hopes up and keep an eye out for whatever new comes up regarding DMC Reboot, so be sure to keep an eye on our site!

    DMC is currently set to be released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on the 15th of January 2013, and soon after for the PC.

    Using our Controller Creator, what kind of Custom Controller would you make to match the new DmC?

    Blog by Shahriar Azad

  • Android Console "Ouya" Signs Deal with Cloud Gaming Service "OnLive" + New Renders of Ouya

    Cloud gaming is a thing of the future. Developers and publishers alike widely accept this fact to be the truth. Even the rumors surrounding the next-gen consoles, PS4 and Xbox 720, suggest that they will be featuring similar cloud gaming services and that physical media is at the end of its life cycle.

    Whether physical media has become obsolete or not is still left to be determined as I (amongst many others) would still prefer to have an actual copy of the game instead of just the digital version. I believe those without access super fast internet (if any) who share my sentiment.

    Regardless of these minute details one thing is for sure, cloud gaming is definitely the future. Just recently Sony has acquired the cloud gaming service Gaikai for a lump sum of $380 million. SCE boss Andrew House mentioned that with this union will allow Sony to bring "unparalleled cloud entertainment experiences."

    But it seems that a totally unexpected and quite revolutionary console will be the first to bring us a glimpse of the future. Ouya, the Android console, has just recently signed a deal with OnLive. If you guys do not know, OnLive is another cloud gaming service that boasts a huge library of games including games for Xbox 360, PC and PS3.

    Subscription to OnLive allows subscribers to stream whatever games they like directly to their smartphones, TVs, tablets and of course computers. This deal basically means that hundreds of games from more than 80 different publishers will be available for the Ouya from day one of its launch in March 2013.

    Bruce Grove, UK boss of OnLive, had this to say, "When OnLive first heard about OUYA, we were excited to see console gaming becoming more available and open. Like OUYA, we came to gaming with a new vision for making top-quality gaming accessible to more people, and we continue to look for ways to expand on that vision.

    He continued to add, "OUYA is rethinking the console business, making waves by using standard technology to make gaming for your livingroom accessible, affordable and more innovative than ever. In OnLive's case, we pioneered a groundbreaking, cloud-based system that instantly delivers games to any device on demand."

    The Kickstarter to fund for Ouya's development started last month with a target total of $950,000. Even if the target amount seemed ambitious, much to their surprise that limit was blown away and the total amount pledged currently for Ouya's development is a about $8.6 million! Holy Kickstarter!

    Also some new renders of the console and controller was released (check below) along with these statements, "Please note that the design is still in progress--but we couldn't hold out any longer. We needed you to know that the controller has two handles. You can hold it in both hands.

    "P.S. We're still deciding on the buttons. For now, we've stuck with the colored circles as placeholders. But don't fret, we won't leave out color blind gamers."

    Renders of the console and controller (design still in progress).

    Ouya is a thing of the future and is going to be the size of a rubix cube. Can you imagine just chucking your console in you backpack and walking away? The main focus of the company seems to be the fact that they want to make a console based on an open source technology (Android) and allow anyone to come and develop games on it.

    I for one am really intrigued and can't wait to find out more. As always as soon as I do find more info you guys will be the first to know. For more info on the Ouya be sure to check out the following video and their Kickstarter page which tells a lot about their plans and goals.

    Check out the Kickstarter Video for Ouya:

    Ouya Kickstarter Page:

  • Black Ops 2 -Top 5 Multiplayer Features

    Treyarch has repeated time and time again that they are going to make the whole Black Ops 2 experience epic and from what we have seen from GamesCom, they sure did keep their word. In this article I will bring to you what I feel were the top features of Black Ops 2 multiplayer (shown till now).

    Class Creation - 10 Point System

    Treyarch has completely redefined the create-a-class feature that has remained pretty much standard since the first Modern Warfare. They have implemented a new 10 Point System with which players can now build their class (points are used to equip weapons, equipments etc.). This system removes the restraints of having fixed number of grenades, equipments and weapons, and will essentially allow players to make their very own unique class that suits their playing style.

    Killstreaks replaced by Scorestreaks

    Black Ops 2 will also be utilizing Scorestreaks instead of Killstreaks (similar to that seen in Modern Warfare 3). This system will allow players to collect points towards their rewards (care package etc.) in ways other than just killing enemies.

    New Scoresteak Rewards

    New killstreak rewards are always fun. To go with the new scorestreak mechanic that they have implemented, Treyarch has provided several new scorestreak rewards that surpass the predecessors. Amongst the reward are

    New Predator Missile-basically a scatter bomb which affects a larger area of the map

    The Guardian-heat-based weapon which primarily incapacitates targeted enemies but also kills them if they are too slow to avoid it

    Mech-a mech which is deployed on the battlefield and can be controlled by the player himself or be left on autopilot to search and kill enemies

    Performance of Weapons

    This time around the weapon performance cannot be influenced with perks like Steady Aim, Sleight of Hand and Stopping Power. Instead in order to improve weapon performance players have to utilize the different attachments given e.g. Quickdraw-ergonomic handle for faster aiming. It is a pretty clear concept, attachments improve weapons, perks improve players.

    The Shoutcast

    The new Shoutcast feature allows any multiplayer match to be streamed to anyone who would like to watch it. This feature also has an option to allow one to act as the commentator while they watch the game. This might not be a huge feature but still a cool one.

    This could be a completely different way how players can interact with each other as well as add a new layer of detail for friends who play together. But most importantly this feature is going to be an asset in pro matches. One can learn a lot by watching pros do their thing.

    As I said earlier, there is so much being revealed about Black Ops 2 that it is very hard to some up in one or even ten articles! But these for me are the top features that caught my eye. Keep an eye on our website as we list out more cool things about Black Ops 2 Multiplayer and Zombies mode in our future articles.

    Be ready to dominate the competition when Black Ops 2 is released with our modded Xbox controllers.

    Blog by Shahriar Azad

  • Journey into Minecraft - Intro

    Hey everyone,
    I would just like to introduce myself as the newest intern here at Evil Controllers. I will be doing a series on Minecraft and being completely new at this very creative and unforgiving game.

    Today I will begin to start the arduous journey of creating a new Minecraft world as THIRDSTAGE5150 with my companion katycat37.

    During this journey I will NOT use the wiki. The reason why I am not using a wiki is because I am the type of person who likes to figure out how to play a game instead of someone else telling me how to do something.

    I feel this gives a sense of accomplishment and increases my skills in critical thinking because I had to figure it out on my own. So think of me as a pre-historic block man.

    This game has always made me curious but I have never given it a second thought. A couple of days ago I saw a friend of mine play it and then I just got this craving to build and destroy.

    As a side note: I believe that Minecraft is like Legos for adults. Except that Minecraft is also a super cheap alternative to Legos.

    I would like to include a list of what I plan on doing for the first part of the game.

    -Collect wood and lots of it!
    -Build a shelter with that wood.
    -Find out how to make tools.

    Really reiterate the fourth bullet.

    Second part.

    -Make armor.
    -Make a farm.
    -Animal husbandry.
    -Make an awesome house!

    Third part.

    -Create a castle.
    -Create traps.
    -Go spelunking into the caves!

    This is all the most basic of lists for a guy who has never played the game before. I imagine that things will not go as planned, but I intend to learn the hard way!

    Look for my future post next week along with screenshots!

    Wish katycat37 and me luck!

  • Resident Evil 6 - Agent Hunt Mode

    Resident Evil 6 Gameplay Info

    Resident Evil 6 is taking the franchise into a whole new direction, away from the survival horror genre to more of an action adventure genre. Not many people were happy about that of course especially long term fans who enjoyed the games because of the horror factor.

    I myself am an old school fan of the franchise and honestly RE is still my pretty much my favorite franchise (RE3 being my favorite). I didn't judge Capcom too much for the shift in genre but I hoped they wouldn't mess it up too much. Based on what I saw from the gameplay videos available for RE6, I liked some of the changes while disliked others.

    For example I love the new movements the players have including being able to run and gun, cover mechanics, and especially the over the top "dive and shoot maneuver". I personally would have never imagined being able to do any of these in a RE game. But I also disliked the "run away from stuff like explosions and monsters" that they have incorporated a LOT of into the game.

    All things aside I thought Capcom would reveal something more exciting about RE during GamesCom. Sadly all they had to share was the "online community" features. However a new mode for RE6 has been revealed which holds some promise.

    The mode is an online mode called Agent Hunt Mode and it basically allows other players to "invade" your campaign.  The "invader" gets to control one of the enemy units and then give you an exceptionally hard time. It will prove to be much harder to kill a C virus mutant controlled by a human then your typical AI.

    This mode seems similar to the Left for Dead Versus Mode where you get to turn the tides on the human players. With numerous enemy types available to choose from (depending on what chapter is being played), this mode should be quite entertaining in terms of how many different types of punishments you can put the agents through. Check out the gameplay video below.

    Agent Hunt Gameplay Video!



  • New Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Details - Description of Attachments and Details of Stats Modified

    More Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Info

    Welcome back Black Ops 2 fans! This week surely has been really good to all who were dying to get info on Black Ops 2 Multiplayer but it is still far from over as more info keeps on popping up everywhere!

    Today I bring to you guys a picture which lists out several of the attachments that we will be seeing in Black Ops 2 along with their description and stats modified by them. The picture (given below) was first put on Note that Black Ops 2 is still in development so the things shown in the picture might not accurately represent what we will finally see in the game upon release.

    Oh and the list is not yet complete so don't be surprised if new attachments appear in the near future. Still, this is a very good insight into things to come. As you can see the hi-tech additions are the Millimeter Scanner and the Target Finder.

    According to the description the Target Finder "identifies enemies and notifies when an enemy is in the crosshairs" which makes it quite similar to the "spotting" mechanic seen in the Battlefield series. The Millimeter Scanner on the other hand "detects lingering heat signature from stationary enemies through materials at up to 25 meters".

    Both of them sound really cool and the Millimeter Scanner seems to be a way to root out all the campers but, the main concern that everyone has is since this is so much better that the traditional Red Dot, doesn’t it make the Red Dot sort of obsolete?

    I guess you can always argue that the kind of attachment you use depends on your playing style but people would generally lean towards one good attachment which could mean everyone might be running around with the same loadout. I guess Treyarch is going to take all these into account before releasing the game so we might see some changes made before the release of the game.

    Black Ops 2 is set to be released on the 13th of Novermber 2013 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Be sure to keep a check on our website as we keep you posted on all info related to Black Ops 2 Multiplayer and Zombies Mode.
    (Click Image to enlarge)

    Blog by Shahriar Azad

  • Next-Gen Xbox and Playstation Might Be Announced Soon

    Next Generation Of Consoles Are Close

    You guys should have already read about the Brian Hall, General Manager of Windows Live, referring to the "new Xbox" during his interview with The Verge. Soon after that though Microsoft came in and said that his statement was taken out of context and that Hall was actually referring to the Xbox 360 which is about to get an update that would bring a host of new consumer experiences like Xbox Music, Videos, SmartGlass etc.

    But in a surprising turn of events the President of EA Labels, Frank Gibeau, mentioned during his keynote address at the opening ceremony of Gamescom that he has actually SEEN both the next-gen Xbox and Playstation. Goes to show that even though Sony and Microsoft might remain tight lipped about their upcoming consoles, other figures in the industry might not. Good for us!

    During his keynote when he was speaking in regard to the future of the industry he said, "I've seen both of them". He continued to add, "Ten years ago we used to measure our market in terms of 200 million people. Now we are at a billion people playing games and we have a straight line view on 2 billion." He also concluded his keynote with, "Free-to-play will become the dominant pricing model by the end of the decade."

    This marks the very first SOLID referral towards the next-gen consoles; one that cannot be taken back or covered up. Since this is pretty much what he said, it is still unclear whether Frank Gibeau saw the final products or just early prototypes. But it seems in either case, FREE TO PLAY is the way to go. This fact is also supported by analysts throughout who have already come to the conclusion that the only price gamers want to pay to play is FREE.

    Regardless of what the future holds at least we got some solid proof of the consoles instead of more rumors. Also the fact that Frank Gibeau so openly stated the existence of these consoles brings to question whether Microsoft and Sony would also be doing some announcing of their own. One can surely be hopeful.

    Our modded Xbox controllers are definitely our number 1 seller, but which console do you plan to get during the next generation and what kinds of mods do you hope to see? Let us know. Plan on getting both or just one of them?

    Blog by Shahriar Azad

  • New Black Ops 2 Mulitplayer Info - Maps, Domination Changes, Perks and Emblem Editor

    Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Maps

    With the reveal of Block Ops 2's multiplayer at GamesCom there is just TOO MUCH info available on everything. I think Treyarch is planning on blowing away everybody with all the details surrounding the multiplayer. One post is not nearly enough to cover it all but we shall take a look at some of the more prominent info they have made available.

    First thing we are going to take a look at is the Emblem Editor which is making a comeback from the first Black Ops. If you guys remember Emblem Editor allowed players to create their very own custom emblems using layers of clip-art graphics which could be modified in a million ways (color, size, angle etc.). According to David Vonderhaar the emblem editor in BO2 is going to be "bigger and better than ever".

    Amongst the perks to make a comeback is the Scavenger Perk. Just like before this perk will allow you to replenish ammo and lethal grenades from fallen enemies. But this time the perk will also allow you to replenish your equipment. So basically you can pretty much go on an unlimited Tomahawk rage, IF you don’t miss that is.

    Also they made a little change to Domination matches to help balance them out. The Domination matches will now take place over 2 rounds. Everyone knows that where your team spawns in a map has a huge influence on your ability to win the game so, having two rounds will not only balance out the spawning advantage (by swapping spawn points) and prevent spawn trapping but also allow players to try out different strategies.

    Last but not least I present you with pictures of the maps that Gamescom attendees were able to play on. The maps include Cargo, Yemen, Turbine and Aftermath. It is believed that these maps have already been balanced out for gameplay so what you are seeing here is pretty much what you will see in the actual game when it is released.

    Be sure to keep a check on our website as we bring you more details about Black Ops 2 which is currently set to be launched on the 13th of November 2012 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

    Our fans have made Evil emblems in Call of Duty ever since the feature was originally added. We look forward to seeing what our fans will do in Black Ops 2 thanks to their love for our modded xbox controllers. What emblems do you plan to make?

    Blog by Shahriar Azad


  • Microsoft Employee References the New Xbox for the First Time

    New Xbox Rumor

    Well it's about time isn't it? For Microsoft to reveal SOMETHING about the next gen Xbox right?

    It seems that one of their employees thought we deserved to know more and thanks to him we get to hear the very first actual reference towards the new Xbox. In an interview with The Verge, Brian Hall (General Manager of Windows Live) literally mentioned that the "new Xbox" when listing the wide range of Microsoft products that could be incorporated with Windows 8.

    This is what Hall said during his interview, "We've had Hotmail and operated Hotmail for about 16 years. We obviously have Exchange, and Outlook, that people use at work. We just decided it was time to do something new and bring the best from each of those and put them together and release it right in time for the new wave of products that we could have coming out with Windows 8, with the new version of Office, with the new Windows Phone and the new Xbox."

    And thus we have our very first reference of the next-gen Xbox. Even though this reveal is not surprising to anyone, it is still nice to hear it straight (sort of) from Microsoft. If you are new to the whole scene and wondering "why is this news not surprising?" then let me sum it up for you.

    Firstly, we all know that next-gen Xbox is already in development thanks to the leaked photos of its development kit. The photos also confirmed that the code name set for the new console is "Durango" as was suggested by early rumors. If you haven't read that article please be sure to check our previous post regarding the development kit leak.

    Secondly, for months now several studios have been posting job listings that indicate that they are well on their way in developing games for the next-gen. To add to all this we have already seen enough evidence that shows the next-gen Kinect (Kinect 2.0) is also development (also described in previous articles). Numerous developers have also come forward to say that the current gen is coming to end very soon and that we will be witnessing the next-gen in 2013.

    But Microsoft won't be Microsoft if they did not try to somehow divert this info or cover it up. When contacted regarding Hall's comments, Microsoft gave the following statement to IGN, "The comments to The Verge were not understood in their intended context. When Brian mentioned a 'new wave of products,' he was referring to the full lineup of products coming later this year from Microsoft, including Windows 8, Office, Windows Phone and of course our fall Xbox update which will bring a host of new consumer experiences like Xbox Music, Videos, Games on Windows 8 and Xbox SmartGlass."

    I call cover-up! Hall said it pretty clear "new Xbox" and not Xbox 360. No matter how many updates you throw at the Xbox 360 it is never going to be referred to as the "new Xbox", especially not by a Microsoft employee.  Also the fact that Microsoft responded so quickly with a lengthy reply is also suspicious. I would more or less expect "We have no further comments on this".

    But whatever it maybe, a misunderstanding or an actual slip up, be sure to keep a check on our website as we bring you all the latest news revolving around the next-gen Xbox aka "Durango".

    A new console isn't on the horizon for another year. Until then be sure to order a modded controller to get the most out of your Xbox 360 today!

    Blog Written by Shahriar Azad

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