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  • Max Payne 3: New DLC

    Max Payne 3 DLC

    Still playing Max Payne 3? Well then you may be happy to hear that Rockstar are going to be releasing a new DLC title to the game by the end of the month. The new Downloadable content has been named Hostage Negotiations and will be available for Max Payne on October 30th.

    Hostage Negotiations is a multiplayer DLC pack that will give players new customization options and maps for playing online. They'll be a new avatar faction in game, known as the Filhos De Ogum, and two new weapons; the MS24 sniper rifle and the IA2 assault rifle.

    The Filhos De Ogum avatar will be able to equip accessories such as bandages and tattoos, and they'll also be a new customizable heavy helmet for each faction that will reduce all head damage by 75%.

    However, in my opinion, the most exciting features are the new four new maps included in the DLC. Club Moderno, Estadio Do Galathians, O Palacia Strip Club and Favela Heights will all be new locations to battle in after purchasing the Hostage Negotiations DLC.

    The new content will cost $10 and will be available for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 players.

    Rockstar are planning to release more details about the new DLC whilst leading up to the October 30th release date. So if you're interested in what else the pack has to offer, keep checking back here

  • BioWare thinking about Mass Effect 4

    Rumor Mill: Mass Effect 4

    The Commander Shepard story has finished, but that doesn't mean the Mass Effect universe has to die. It's almost impossible not to appreciate the work BioWare has put into their universe and the lore and origins of all the species and characters within the game. The current trilogy was a great success, and it'd be a shame to see the universe disappear without any other windows into the huge world.

    BioWare feel the same way too, and they're throwing a few ideas around to help brew up a great concept that could fit into the hugely expansive universe, and to them, the end of the Shepard trilogy could be the start of a beautiful set of games, comics, and maybe even movies or tv shows.

    "This is really our starting point. Now the Mass Effect universe is vast, and very, very rich. So at this point in time, we don't even know what kind of time frame we're going to be in. All we're doing is gathering more ideas from the teams," said Fabrice Condominos from BioWare's Montreal.

    "So first, we don't want to make 'Shepard 2', or Mass Effect 4 with like, 'oh there's no more Shepard but you're a soldier in the universe'. So this will be a very, very different context for sure, and nothing has been decided on the rest," said Condominas.

    Hopefully the new Mass Effect content coming from the guys at BioWare will be something new and exciting, adding completely new concepts to their world. Talk of Mass Effect 4, if BioWare call it that, is very sparse, so it's likely to be a long time before we hear any sturdy information about the title.

    Until then, BioWare are working hard to add more content to Mass Effect and don't forget that our Stealth Adjustable w/ Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 Features includes our mod the Life Extender which is compatible with Mass Effect 3. The other modded controller that includes the Life Extender is our Master Mod. Check them out!

  • Skyrim Dragonborn: New DLC in the Works

    Skyrim DLC: Dragonborn

    Following from the Hearthfire and Dawnguard download content packs, the new Dragonborn DLC has been rumored. Although there isn't anything official to go by, Bethesda has been leaving small trails of evidence similarly to previous DLC that hints at the new Dragonborn content.

    Players have read through lines of new code released with a new system update for PC, and have come across a few lines of code perhaps hinting to the new DLC.

    The code hints to new craftable gear, going by the names of Bonemold, Chitin, Stalhrim and Nordic, of which some will be recognized from Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.

    It also mentions a new quest with the name of Dragonborn.

    Many have also talked about new mountable dragons and revisits to previous areas seen in the Morrowind game.

    Although nothing yet is official, the new Dragonborn DLC title is likely to contain a good amount of content, regardless of the hints within the new code.

    Players are also discussing another line of code that wasn't previously released with older DLC packs which may hint to quicker Playstation 3 access.

    The line of code, which reads as '$DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT_PS3 DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT' has got PS3 Skyrim players' hopes up, giving them the belief that the PS3 release for the new DLC will not be delayed unlike previous DLC titles. Some players have gone as far to say that Bethesda will make the content exclusive to PS3, to make up for their previous mistakes on the console.

    Will you be getting the new Dragonborn DLC?

  • Hitman Developers are "Someone to Fear."

    Hitman Info

    With the frequent sequels of the mainstream franchises like Call of Duty and Halo, other games developers may have a very small window to shine through. This isn't stopping Sqaure Enix though, and they're going to put all their worth into advertising and media outlets to create a following that could be a worthy competitor to the big developers this year like 343 and Activision.

    The developers of Hitman Absolution believe that their game will be the last big game of the year, which is a big claim to make when being released so close to games like Halo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

    Square Enix are concentrating on creating a huge advertising campaign that will bring the masses of COD and Halo fans into new pastures. Like many, Square Enix believes the older shooter franchises are way past their time, and they're looking to fill the gap with the new Hitman title.

    "We believe we are someone to fear this Xmas," senior product manager Grant Tasker told MCV.

    Adverts will include TV trailers, billboard and shop window adverts, other media promotions, and most likely many well-timed previews of the game on popular news sites like IGN.

    Because Square Enix has a strong production value from its previous games, it's likely their high budget advertising scheme could become a great success.

    A lot of the ongoing franchises are great, but it'd be nice to have something new on the market. Maybe Hitman Absolution will be just that.

    Will you be keeping your eye on Hitman Absolution? Should we have a modded controllers in the works? What do you think?

  • New Xbox 360 Dashboard Has Been Rolled Out

    New Dashboard

    The new dashboard update additions include previously rumored features such as a web browser.

    The new update will also realign the tiles to make it feel even more similar to the new style of Windows phone and Windows 8.

    Here's some info on the most notable features:

    Xbox Video: Microsoft have hidden away their Zune marketplace and replaced it with a more updated version, where you'll be able to watch thousands upon thousands of movies, TV shows, and game videos by downloading or streaming in super HD quality.

    Xbox Music: This is Microsoft's attempt at being part of the relatively new music streaming service industry, and it will offer users free music streaming from their Xbox dashboard and Windows Phone. The new update will give everyone a free 30 day trial, and after that it will cost users an extra $10 per month.

    Pinning: Pinning allows you to make your dashboard feel a little close to home by letting you save your favorite content to preset tiles on your home screen. Whether it's movies, games, videos or music, Pinning will let you add more of a personal touch to your Xbox.

    Recent: Recent is a newer updated version of the quick play version seen on previous builds. You'll be able to access your most recently viewed content from here.

    Internet Explorer: Microsoft has now integrated the long awaited internet browser capabilities to the new Xbox dashboard, so you'll be able to check your favorite sites whilst you're waiting for your friends to come online, or you want to browse the internet straight from your sofa.

    Enhanced Search: Bing Voice has now been improved greatly, and with the new Enhanced Search feature, you'll be able to search for video by genre and other categories, and also search via the Internet Explorer app.

    Do you like the new Xbox Dashboard? It seems Microsoft has put a lot of effort into making each and every Xbox update to reflect our interests further, and it's now easier than ever to make it more personal to your own needs.

    If you like the new update, you should go check out our Controller Creator to add an even bigger personal touch to your custom controllers.

  • Current Gen Consoles Price Drops in Time for Christmas

    Console Price Drop

    Following the new and reasonably priced super ultra slim PS3, Microsoft and Nintendo have both taken their turns to revise their pricing to better close the gap between them and Sony.

    It's clear that the three console suppliers still believe that the current gen consoles still have a healthy life span remaining, and even with Nintendo's new Wii U releasing later this year, they're still focusing on the original Wii, and with a new price of $129, $20 less than its current price tag, it's likely many bargain hunting Christmas shoppers will be focusing on it too. The newly priced Wii will be in black and will include Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

    Microsoft has also crunched down on their prices, dropping their most popular bundles by a massive $50. For $249 you'll be able to choose between a 250GB console bundled with Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Forza Motorsport 4, or a 4GB version with the Kinect sensor, Kinect Adventures, and Disney Adventures.

    The new Wii prices will be available on October 28th, and will be followed by the Wii U's release on November 18th, as well as Microsoft's new bundle price changes following shortly after. The new super slim 250GB and 500GB PS3 models are already out, and it's looking like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are working hard to provide equal experiences for both casual gamers and more serious gamers.

    Thinking of getting an upgrade? Keep an eye on the new prices later to come this year.

  • Black Ops 2 New Season Pass Replacing COD Elite

    COD Elite Info

    Back in 2011, Call of Duty Elite was exposed to the world. To some it was an expensive package with pointless gimmicks, but to others it meant more content for their games and more tools to make the most out of their gameplay.

    For $50 a year, premium Elite members could get access to extra features such as clan leveling and early access to DLC which of course was downloadable for free after the subscription fee.

    And now only a year after its release, Activision have decided to shut down the premium features of Elite and open it up for free to everyone that purchases a copy of Black Ops 2.

    You'll be able to track detailed player stats and clan stats just like the previous version, but you'll also be able to track stats within the new Zombie mode, and access some of Elite's major features on tablets and smartphones.

    If you were a Call of Duty player that paid for an Elite subscription to get early downloadable content and at a cheaper price, you'll be happy to know that information about a season pass specifically for Blops 2 has been spread around the internet.

    The first info was released from, but was strangely removed, but luckily for us everyone had already screenshot the crap out of the web page.

    Although these details are very much subject to change, the COD website stated that for $49.99 the season pass will give us access to 4 DLC packs at their release for free, which may include new multiplayer and zombie content. The post also said that the four DLC content packages will be available on their release for $14.99 each. If these prices are to stay, then for those that can't do their math, the season pass will save you approximately $10.

    Black Ops 2 will be released on November 18th!

    Take advantage of our current sale to gain the advantage on your opponents. Our Stealth Adjustable controller comes with Adjustable Rapid Fire that will be compatible with Black Ops 2 and the controller is only $79.99! Be sure to order the only modded controller you'll need.

  • AbleGamers Foundation Fundraising For Better Tomorrow

    The AbleGamers Foundation is raising money for their organization through a Kickstarter like website, called WeDidIt for charity.

    Their project, which has a goal of $5,000 will aid in the foundation of permanent gaming installations and spreading awareness of disabilities and gamers. They recently opened a permanent disabled "accessibility arcade" at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in Washington D.C.

    Their prizes for donating a certain amount of money include: Starcraft 2 Collector's Edition signed by the development team and a Starcraft 2 bumper sticker for $275 and even a lunch with EA founder Trip Hawkins if you donate $2,500.

    One reward was also added recently in lieu of the Zynga layoffs. The Mary Margaret Networks will create a full resume rewrite to highlight the strengths of the person for a donation of $249 or more.

    "The gaming community is much larger than we think," said Mark Barlet the President of the AbleGamers Foundation in their WeDidIt video, "We need your help."

    Check out their page below!



    Evil Controllers asks gamers to make a pledge for the perfect Xbox 360 controller: A Rechargeable battery powered controller with a more comfortable ergonomic design.


    Tempe, AZ. (October 2012) - Evil Controllers announces a new Xbox 360 controller at Currently unavailable, gamers can pledge as little as $50 to take advantage of this evolution. The Kickstarter project unveils a new wireless Xbox 360 controller back plate that comes with a lithium ion battery and a six-foot mini USB cable to use for recharging the battery's life.

    The Evil back plate will be available as a DIY Kit for easy installation on any official Microsoft Xbox 360 controller, but can also be awarded to any pledger that pledges $80 or more on a brand new controller. Installing the Evil back plate on any compatible controller will make the controller more comfortable, rechargeable and lighter.

    "A lot of things keep the controller from evolving; it comes to money when it comes to production, some things need to be left out, sometimes it's good for the gamer and sometimes it's not." Adam Coe, President of Evil Controllers explained in the Kickstarter video why this innovation hasn't come along yet, "I think this is going to be the final piece to make the 360 controller what it needs to be."

    Release date is to be announced, as the project will need to adequately funded before Evil Controllers will begin production. Evil Controllers believes this product is a no brainer to the right audience. Not having the resources of a large multi-million dollar company Evil Controllers can utilize the potential of Kickstarter to produce a product gamers deserve and empower them to help in the products production.
    Check out the "Evil Controllers: The Ultimate Gaming Controller" Kickstarter page at the following link:


    About Evil Controllers:

    Evil Controllers is a controller modification company based out of Tempe, Arizona. Evil Controllers is one of the first companies to offer professional Rapid Fire and Fast Reload controller mods. Our controller mods are created to support the most popular franchises in the industry, covering a variety of genres. Evil Controllers is also popular for their cooperation with The AbleGamers Foundation. We create custom controllers for disabled gamers with button modification and relocation customization. Evil Controllers works hard to ensure that every gamer can have fun doing what they love, playing games.

  • Evil Controllers: The Ultimate Gaming Controller

    Evil Controllers: The Ultimate Gaming Controller

    Evil Controllers is the industry leader of modified Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers:

    Evil Controllers is the industry leader of modified Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers: Most aftermarket modified controller companies have ignited and slowly faded from the industry in the last 5 years. Evil Controllers on the other hand has survived after creating the industry and has grown tremendously as a result of consumer feedback and word of mouth marketing.

    Evil Controllers is now here on KickStarter because Evil has the concept for the greatest Xbox 360 Controller. The improved controller is more comfortable and capable of holding a longer charge. It won't require the user to purchase AA batteries and can be charged via USB.

    The controller will continue to use Microsoft's patented technology on the inside, but with a newly designed back plate that is easy to install and comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The new back plate is also compatible with Play N Charge cords.

    What Makes the Back Plate Special?

    -More comfortable design. (Yet maintains the feel that you are used to.)
    -Increased battery life.
    -Saves you money as it doesn't require AA batteries.
    -Lighter weight.
    -Easy to install.

    What makes the Evil Back Plate Special is all of those reasons, but there's also an underlying message if this project succeeds. That message is -Gamers Notice.

    Gamers are smart consumers, they notice when large companies could have spent a little more money to make a better design. Gamers deserve the most comfortable experience when playing their favorite games and our back plate delivers that experience. With the Evil Back Plate you can expect well over 10 hours of straight gaming between each full charge.

    Who is Evil Controllers?

    Evil Controllers modifies official Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers to deliver enhanced enjoyment by fulfilling the requests that gamers make. These enhancements can range from game specific modifications like Rapid Fire in first person shooters or Auto Spotting your targets in Battlefield 3, to accessible gaming modifications.

    Partnered with The AbleGamers Foundation, a foundation dedicated to bringing mainstream gaming to everyone. Evil Controllers fulfills hundreds of requests for custom accessible controllers and has designed controllers for one handed veterans, children with muscular dystrophy and for quadriplegic gamers.

    When it comes to gaming controllers you don't have to look further for a more qualified expert.

    The Design: The Controller You Deserve

    Maintaining the familiar feel of the 360 controller was essential during the product mock ups. The new back plate's design includes the following features:

    -Familiar Xbox 360 Controller Ergonomic Feel
    -Reduced Weight
    -Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery. (Holds over 10 hours of game time.)
    -Kill Switch (To disable your controller if it gets turned on by accident.)
    -Air flow Vents (To ensure your battery lasts a lifetime.)
    -6 ft mini USB Cable (To charge your controller.)
    -Maintains Play N' Charge Compatibility (Charge with a Play n' Charge cord.)

    What do you get?

    You receive a brand new controller that has a superior design to what is currently available. If you love your current controller or just purchased a brand new controller and aren't quite ready to invest in an entirely new controller, then you can still pledge to pre-order our back plate DIY Kit. The DIY Kit will not require soldering and will have an easy installation. Simply unscrew the original back plate off of your controller and screw on the new one with the lithium ion battery laid into place.

    What you get will be dependent on how much you pledge, but once the project is backed and our pledge rewards have been distributed to all of the pledgers we plan to offer the back plate in 2 different ways.

    Method 1 will include a back plate pre-installed on a brand new Microsoft Controller packed with a six foot USB cable that can be plugged into your Xbox or PC/Mac for easy charging.

    Method 2 will include the back plate, a T8 Security Tool, the six foot USB cable, the Lithium Ion Battery and a set of instruction to help you install the Evil Back Plate on to your own controller without needing to purchase a brand new controller.

    Why KickStarter?

    Without Kickstarter, this product could be left to the way side. With all new consoles potentially being released in the next few years this becomes a concept that needs to be proven before it gets released. Depending on the number of pledges and essentially the number of pre-orders we receive will determine whether this is a venture worth pursuing. With new consoles on the way, this is a project that Evil Controllers can't afford to lose money on. The transition to new hardware is just around the corner. So we need your help!

    We believe the Evil Back Plate is a piece of gaming hardware that each Xbox 360 household will want to have in their home and by offering gamers the opportunity to get on board via KickStarter the louder the message will be to the larger companies. These companies are about to sign off on the designs for their next gen hardware. Let's make sure they have gamers in mind.

    So what's the schedule after a successful campaign?

    Week 1:Once Funds have been dispersed (2-3 weeks after Campaign) 
    Send out thank-yous to all of our pledgers. Give our manufacturers the 'okay' to begin production. (Production will take 3-4 weeks)

    Week 2:Begin devising marketing material and instructional information. Send out pledge rewards that don't include a pre-order.

    Week 3:Release marketing materials, press materials and create buzz for the product's official release.

    Week 4 and 5:Fulfill pre-orders.Receive feedback and feature pledgers on our facebook with their new back plates.

    Week 6 and 7:Make our back plate available to our fans

    Reward Details

    Everyone that pledges $50 or more will be featured on our facebook page once they have submitted an appropriate picture of themselves with their new controller.

    Pledge $80 or more and you pre-order 1 Evil Controller with our Evil D-Pad, Evil Back Plate and our Evil Sticks. To follow with Kickstarter policies on 'design' projects no pledge reward will grant you more than 1 back plate pre-order, however you can still pledge more money to save big on fully custom xbox 360 controllers.

    Stretch Goals

    15,000 - Will fund the project

    25,000 - New Color Options Added: Microsoft's Red and Microsoft's Blue to match the colors of the original red and blue Xbox 360 Controllers that have been released in previous years.

    Red and Blue Evil D-Pads are currently available in these color.
    Red and Blue Evil D-Pads are currently available in these color.

    35,000 - Everyone that pre-orders will be receiving additional Evil Controllers merchandise. These goodie bags will be given out to every pledger that pre-ordered with $20 worth of Evil Controllers Merchandise. This can include: T-Shirts, Hats, Keychains, dogtags, Evil Stickers and more. By representing Evil Controllers you can also represent your contribution to the industry.


    Our greatest challenge will be ensuring the design is exactly as we promise it and that the final design is exceptionally easy for anyone to install. No soldering is required and anyone will be able to install it with ease. Our current prototype can achieve everything shown in our video, but could use some additional tightening on the design to ensure easier installation. We believe this product is something that all Xbox 360 owners will want to have in their home.

    We can overcome this challenge with the experience we have. We have already designed a front plate that is easy to install on Microsoft Xbox 360 controllers and we are familiar with the processes involved with production. By securing the funds required for the project not only can we afford a full run of Evil Back Plates, but it will also indicate support and interest. This means that even if 'worst case' scenarios arise we could afford to front the payment on additional costs without necessarily hurting Evil Controllers.

    Ultimately the project is to provide gamers with the controller they should have received initially with their Xbox 360.

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