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  • Watch Dogs Pre-Order bonuses Revealed

    Watch Dogs Pre-order

    If you're going to buy a game, it's usually because you want to play the game, and if you want to play it enough, you'll pre-order it to get it on release date. Because of this, I've never really understood the appeal of pre-order bonuses, but still, it's something that has become a strangely apparent norm in today's society.

    Although it's not certain, players may be receiving some pre-order bonuses if ordering the game from Ubisoft's game service, Uplay. An image revealed on a Russian website, HamsteRReality, shows us the items that will be awarded to the player for pre-ordering through Uplay.

    The bonuses have been split into two sections, the singleplayer bonuses that offer a 1920's Chicago Outfit along with a Tommy Gun, and a cyberpunk outfit, along with a fitting cyberpunk gun. On top of this, multiplayer bonuses include three different skins, new perks and faction tags so players can represent their faction.

    Of course there's no proof or credibility behind this picture, but it certainly looks professional. The mention of multiplayer bonuses also brings up questions as previously the subject had been quite hushed up by the Watch Dogs crew.

    Although some form of multiplayer is highly likely, what that'll consist of is currently unknown. While you wait for Watch Dogs, be sure to swing by and check out our custom ps3 controllers in our Controller Creator!

  • Skyrim 1.9 Patch Fixes 79 Bugs, Releasing on Consoles "Later this Month."

    Skyrim 1.9 Patch

    Skyrim is a big game, but because of the vastness of the content within the game, it can be hard to make sure all of the game is perfect before release, and Bethesda has been working hard to fix any bugs or glitches that ruin the gameplay experience since the launch of the title back in 2011.

    Although some are just fixes to improve performance, the total 79 fixes include bugs and glitches that give players advantages over the game.

    One in particular is the Oghma Infinitum glitch that is possible to exploit after completing the Discerning the Transmudane quest, which got your character exploring the land to collect the blood of various different species across the world, and give to Septimus Signus.

    Upon completion, players would be rewarded a book that could be read and activated to unlock a path that would give +5 in three different skills and then vanish.

    As you may have imagined, the exploit allowed players to use the book over and over again to boost skills all of the way to level 100.

    Although the main consensus behind Bethesda's change was to keep the game playing as it should do, a lot of players are angry at Bethesda removing the exploit.

    What are your opinions on the removal of this bug? Do you think using glitches like this is okay in singleplayer games and that they should be left in the game? Check out our custom Xbox 360 controllers in our Controller Creator!

  • Volition Games Say GTA5 Isn't a Threat to Saints Row 4

    Volition Not Scared

    Without taking a look into either game, it's easy to stick them under the same tree. They are both open world games, following a similar set of game mechanics that are used to place the protagonist, or protagonists, into a world of crime. However, Volition is sure that Grand Theft Auto 5 won't make a bad impact on sales for SR4 compared to previous Saints Row games because they are 'entirely different games.'

    John Boone, senior producer has said his thoughts on the differences between the game, "A crude example that I always think of is that, if I could compare a Modern Warfare game to Dead Space, sure, it's in the same genre of being a shooter but the style is so different. And I kind of feel like we're in that phase now with open world. Early on there was GTA and practically nothing else; Saints Row was one of the very first ones to come out in addition to that. And now I think there are enough different styles within the genre that it's maybe not as threatening anymore."

    His example is a little wild to say the least, but it's easy to see Boone's point of view. Where GTA 5 is quite a serious game, Saints Row 4 is filled with more comedic elements, and it seems Volition has worked hard to set their differences between SR4 and the next Grand Theft Auto.

    Saint's Row 4 may do reasonably well, but even John Boone himself has admitted that upon its release, Grand Theft Auto 5 will be at the top of the market by far.

    "There's no doubt, GTA 5's going to go out and do what it does, but I think we've differentiated ourselves enough that at least we present something that's quite a different experience to what they're doing."

    Both games will give a different experience, but it'll be hard to tell that to a strong Grand Theft Auto fan.

    What game will you enjoy the most out of the two? Or are you taking a more neutral approach?

  • New PlayStation 4.40 Firmware adds Remote Download Features

    PlayStation 4.40 Update

    A new firmware for the PlayStation 3 has been announced to hit consoles soon and will include a few new features, as well as a few fixes for stability issues and bugs. The most interesting feature tells us that PlayStation 3 users will be able to download games straight to their PS3 store via the PlayStation network website, which means wherever you're browsing from, you'll be able to download games to your PS3 without having to touch it.

    The remote download feature will only come to the console in May 2013 though, and PlayStation will be posting a few articles explaining how to make the most out of the feature leading up to that date.

    The only other feature that has been mentioned on the blog post by Sony other than the usual system software stability fixes was the added feature to be able to use the wireless and wired headset with PS2 classics games downloaded from the PlayStation store.

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  • Microsoft to Release Camouflage Xbox 360 Controller

    Camouflage Xbox 360 Controller

    Microsoft announces that they will release a new camouflage Xbox 360 controller this May, according to Major Nelson.


    The controller will feature a chrome and black D-pad and will have a woodland type of camo design.


    It will be priced at $54.99 but is up for pre-order at Wal-Mart for $49.96.


    Here at Evil, we can't wait to open this bad boy up and turn it into a sweet modded controller for our fans. The Evil geniuses we have are always willing to turn a good controller into something a little bit more...Evil.


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    Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think about the new controller.

  • Fuse Comes out of the Dark for a May 28 Release

    Fuse Release in May

    Insomniac Games announced their development on Fuse a while after their last Resistance game made its release on PlayStation 3. Since then we haven't heard much from the development team though, and only until now have we received a solid release date.

    Previously the game was set for release in March, but has since been allocated to May for extra development time.

    The new release date for Fuse on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation will be 3 on May 28th for the US and May 31st for Europe. Making a debut to multi-platforms, Insomniac's Fuse will play out as a four player over the top shooter that gets players working together as Covert Agents each with their own weapon and unique skills.

    The game seems like a worthy competitor of Army of Two, and seeks to encourage players to work through a story campaign together, which is something that hasn't been seen in many games this generation.

    Pre-order details have also been put up by Insomniac games, who have said that certain retailers will offer pre-order bonuses in the form of in-game items.

    Are you looking forward to Fuse, or are there too many other games to keep you busy right now? While you play all those games, be sure to create some custom Xbox 360 controllers in our Controller Creator!

  • Two Characters Have Been Revealed for Battlefield 4 on Official Website

    Two Battlefield Characters

    Although we won't hear any solid details on DICE's next big first person shooter till GDC on March 26th, we still can keep our ears and eyes peeled over at the official website, where it seems EA and DICE have released two new pieces of artwork for the game.

    Of course we're all eager to see some new footage or screenshots on game environments, weapons or combat after their previous trailers, but the two new art pieces seem to reveal two new elements that will play a close role in the story.

    Two new characters are shown, one in each image. One image shows a woman who has also been named Hanna, however the other image shows a man who has not been named.

    Whether this man will be the protagonist or another character is currently unknown, but it's definitely interesting to see that DICE is still working hard on the single player gameplay, even though most eyes will be paying attention to the great multiplayer.

    Although there isn't any official confirmation on this, it seems as if the male is wearing a US outfit, which almost paves way for the Americans to be seen in Battlefield 4, whilst the woman doesn't seem to be wearing combat-worthy gear, although only her face is visible in the picture. Although it's hard to tell, the woman does seem to resemble an Asian origin, also backing up the previous rumors of the Chinese being involved in the game.

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  • Mass Effect Player Choices Shown in Stats Infographic

    Mass Effect infographic

    A newly created infographic has been shown on Mass Effect's twitter, showing off the many decisions Mass Effect 3 players made in the game, and how many ME3 players took each decision.

    It's interesting to see that some of the stats shown reflect the choices that players have made in the game, and how different they are to our own choices. It's something that is rarely seen from an RPG game, and really shows the depths that some modern games, especially games with role playing elements, can contain.

    Surprisingly, only 64% had Wrex on their side on Mass Effect 3, showing more than a third of players being forced to hate Wrex and his race, and similarly, 64.5% of players were Paragon, and 35.5% were Renegade.

    On the evil side of things, 8% of players did not cure the genophage, and a tiny 3.8% of players shot Mordin.

    To me it seems Bioware has done an incredible job of creating a universe that is both believable and immersive. Of course decisions in the game seem to be partly dependent on the player's play styles, but a big part that seemed to make players choose one option over the other was not just their own thinking in-game, but in fact because of other character's choices within the game.

    Mass Effect 3 was the last game in the trilogy, however Bioware haven't finished with the franchise completely yet. That being said, this infographic kind of signals a farewell to any further development on ME3. There's no doubt that Mass Effect 3 has had its hiccups, but it is still an amazing game.


  • God of War:Ascension PlayStation Bundle Released

    God of War PS3 Bundle

    If you haven't got your hands on God of War Ascension yet, then there may be a deal that could really appeal to you, especially if you're a fan of the series. Sony has teamed up with the devs behind the PlayStation exclusive to bring out a special limited edition PlayStation 3 with God of War skins on dual shock 3 controller included in the bundle.

    Obviously, the bundle includes a copy of God of War itself, and in fact the bundle includes the special edition version of God of War Ascension.

    The console model is a classic white super slim PS3 with a 500GB hard drive, and the controller has a design similar to the God of War Ascension boxset art. The bundle itself costs £249.99, and at the moment is only available in Europe, however translated to US dollars, it would set you back around $375 for the bundle, and also any additional shipping costs that may occur to get the bundle into the States and on your front door step.

    If you didn't know already, the special edition of God of War Ascension includes a multiplayer double XP unlock, an exclusive PS3 dynamic theme, and a PlayStation 3 avatar, as well as the audio soundtrack, all packaged in a pretty impressive steelbook case.

    There has also been news of a God of War bundle including a garnet red PS3 hitting shelves in the United States, however it seems unlikely that the controller will be included.

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  • New Dishonored DLC Gets Release Date

    New Dishonored DLC

    A new downloadable content pack for Dishonored has been announced, and its release date is slated for April 16th 2013.


    The new DLC has been named the Knife of Dunwall and will be the second DLC pack for Dishonored, adding more content onto the base gameplay.


    In the Knife of Dunwall, players will play as the fiends that made acquaintance with the protagonist earlier in the game in his quest for revenge. You'll play specifically as an assassin named Daud as he seeks forgiveness for his evil actions, taking the game to brand new locations, filled with new enemies, environments and objectives, as well as a whole host of new skills to use whilst playing as Daud.


    I for one am looking forward to the new DLC and I'm happy that the developers have been creative by adding a new plotline with brand new scenery, enemies and skills, instead of just adding new missions to the main story.


    The Knife of Dunwall will be available for around $10, or Xbox Live's equivalent in Microsoft Points on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


    The PS3 release will make it a day later than the April 16th release for the PC and Xbox version, however it will still land without missing out on any features included in the PC and 360 versions.


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