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  • Three New Trailers for GTA V Hitting April 30th

    Rockstar Games has suggested to its fans via their official website that three new trailers will soon be revealed, giving players more details on the three playable characters in the new GTA V, currently known as Trevor, Franklin, and Michael.

    GTA V will be the first game to include multiple protagonists to play as in the series, according to Rockstar, who first revealed the details about the three characters earlier last year. The details also stated that in some cases, players will be able to swap back and forth between the characters when they are involved within the same mission.

    All three characters will have different skills and abilities, and I can imagine that the overall gameplay experience for all three characters will feel distinctly different from the other two, so it'll be interesting to see what these new trailers show us.

    Previously, two trailers for GTA V have been released, but no real gameplay has been shown. The trailers scheduled for April 30th may or may not show gameplay, but as the game is still a few months from release, I can see Rockstar not revealing playable gameplay footage just yet.

    Grand Theft Auto is currently scheduled for launch on September 17th for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U after its original release date was rescheduled.

  • New Gears of War Judgment Maps This Week

    The developers of the new Gears of War: Judgment have taken some bold steps to change up the overall multiplayer experience of the game, and although the game has had some decent improvements, many players of the title couldn't express enough about the small amount of maps available on launch.

    However, it has just been announced that a new map pack, called the Call to Arms Map Pack will be released on April 23, and will include three new maps and a brand new multiplayer mode.

    The Call to Arms map pack is the second Gears of War Judgment map pack, which according to the press release, explores the 'darker side' of the Gears universe.

    The three new maps include Terminal, a map that includes close quarter combat within Locust infested terminals as the COG protect what was once Halvo Bay, Blood Drive, a map that mixes things up by placing the battle within a sanctuary and a hospital, and Boneyard, a deep and chilling grave yard.

    The new maps have also been set up to play alongside the new game mode, Master of Arms, which follows a similar game style found in other FPS games such as Black Ops 2 or Battlefield 3. In Master of Arms, players will start with the same weapon whilst trying to aim for a total of 20 kills. Once each kill is reached, a new weapon will be given to the player. However, unlike other game modes similar to this in other games, melee and grenade kills will not count, forcing the player to use the new weapon each time they are given one, hence the name Master of Arms.

    The new map pack also includes an extra 10 achievements to unlock, allowing players to get a total of 250 more Gamerscore from GoW Judgment.

    Are you going to get the new GoW Judgment DLC pack?

  • Injustice: Gods among Us Now Released

    After months of rumors, speculation and trickled out information about the game, Injustice: Gods among Us is now available in the US, Europe, and the UK, as Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment has now announced the UK launch of the DC super hero based game.

    For those that don't know, Injustice: Gods among Us is a super hero based game that fits into the fighting game genre, intertwined into a brand new story created by the award winning NetherRealm Studios, in collaboration with DC Entertainment and  Justin Gray and Kimmy Palmiotti, of which both are successful comic book writers.

    Players will be able to play as many different characters in the DC universe and test out the powers, gadgetry, and other unique abilities of famous villains and heroes such as the Joker, Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, and so on.

    This is certainly a good step for the fighting game genre as we've seen too many rehashed Tekken and Street Fighter games, and whilst these usually turn out to be good titles, throwing Injustice into the mix will breathe fresh air into the somewhat stale genre.

  • Project CARS Delay Longer than you Might Expect

    Although we already know that Mad Studios revealed a few months back that Project CARS has been slated for a slightly unexpected 2014 release, the racing game developer has now revealed more information about the release date, and some of those looking forward to the game may be a little disappointed, as although many have expected the release to be very early 2014, it turns out it will be even later than that.

    On Slightly Mad Studio's forum, a moderator has posted to confirm that Project CARS is currently slated for a quarter 2 2014 release, which means at the earliest, the Project CARS game will reach retail in April. The late release date for Project CARS could possibly mean that the game game may make it onto next generation consoles on top of current gen consoles like it was originally planned to be.

    If you're not satisfied with the huge delay in Project CARS, you can check out a video by a YouTube user named 'ADRIAN1esp' on Youtube. The video shows the YouTube user's hands and wheel while racing via the user's helmet cam.

    The video has been edited by the user to show his hands and steering wheel instead of the ones found in-game, but the Project CARS aspect makes it interesting to watch.

  • New Knife of Dunwall DLC Available for Dishonored

    There's been talk for a while of the Knife of Dunwall DLC for Dishonored, but it's finally hit PS3, Xbox 360 and Steam, making it the second DLC pack available for the action title published by Bethesda.

    In the Knife of Dunwall DLC, unlike the original game, you will play as the character Daud, a legendary assassin who killed the Empress in the original game, forever changing the world of Dunwall. Daud looks for redemption in the Knife of Dunwall, whilst followed by his loyal band of mercenary assassins, the Whalers.

    The Knife of Dunwall will include new and never seen before areas of Dunwall, as well as new enemies that require new strategies to complete. New weapons and powers will be available to the players who play as Daud in the Knife of Dunwall, including abitilies that enhance the dynamic combat, mobility and stealth systems found within Dishonored.

    The new DLC pack can be purchased for $9.99 on Steam and PS3, or 800 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360. Bethesda has also said that the Knife of Dunwall is the 'first story based DLC.'

    Have you played the new Knife of Dunwall DLC yet?

  • Batman Arkham Origins Villains Exposed in Leaked Marketing Material

    CVG, a popular gaming news website has recently shown off a Batman Arkham Origins video-game stand that has been sent into their office. At first glance, there's nothing that intriguing to be taken in from the stand, however, the dark colored cardboard cutout does give us a little information about the villains that could make an appearance in the new game. At the bottom of the cutout near the game title and logo, there are plenty of familiar faces in a crowd of recognizable Batman villains.

    Although it's only been officially confirmed that Deathstroke, The Penguin and Black Mask will make it into Arkham Origins, the promotional cutout clearly shows recognizable faces in the picture, such as the Joker, Bane, and Scarecrow.

    Previously information has been given about the Black Masks' interaction with Batman in the game, stating that in the game, Black Mask puts out a hit on Batman's head, forcing Batman to fight it off against eight deadly assassins.

    Does that mean that the characters seen in the cardboard cutout will be foundin Arkham Origins? Right now it's hard to say whether the villains that are on the promotional material are there just to help market the game, or if they are an actual representation of Arkham Origins itself.

    Whatever the answer is, we'll have to be patient and wait for an official announcement on the matter.

  • Ubisoft gives info on Assassins' Creed 4's Main Character and Game Locations

    More Details on AC4

    Ubisoft have tried their luck with yet another Assassins' Creed title, and although true fans are growing thin, there's no doubt that Assassins' Creed 4 will see good sales. Despite the game being talked about a fair amount in the industry, details on the game are quite sparse, and the strange pirate theme hasn't been discussed by Ubisoft much. We can gather a little information from Ubisoft though, and the developer has started giving more info on the title through interviews and press releases.

    It turns out that there will be a total of three major locations in Assassins' Creed 4, with each one fitting into the Caribbean environment that Ubisoft has chosen for the game for its 'unique and fresh' feel to it.

    The first location, Havana, is a city with a lot of tight streets and alleys, allowing the player to do a lot of rooftop missions, whilst the second city, Kingston, has intertwined buildings into a natural environment, allowing players to make use of trees and other naturally formed objects. The third city, Nassau, better relates to the pirate theme, as it is in essence the head base of operation for pirates, meaning the streets are hectic, and built in strange and unorganized ways.

    Despite the three differing locations, Ubisoft has worked hard to link these into the '50 plus locations' also found in the game, so that players feel that the different locations come together to represent themselves as a fully immersive game world.

    When it comes to the main protagonist, Edward Kenway, Ubisoft has said that he descends from Connor Kenway, a pirate in the world of AC4. This would explain the pirate theme, but other details about the character are small. However, game director Ashraf Ismail has said in an interview to the Examiner that, "He is charismatic and brash but also selfish and immature. In a way we wanted to show a character who is a teenager in terms of maturity and who eventually becomes a man. As the game progresses Edward needs to figure out his role in life and what taking responsibility means."

    The story in Assassins' Creed has always deeply involved the characters into the storyline, so it'll be interesting to see how the story of AC4 plays out.

  • God of War At it again with new 1.04 Patch

    God of War 1.04

    We last posted about God of War's patch 1.03, where we commended Sony Santa Monica for working hard on their game and releasing game improving patches for the newest God of War title, and once again, Sony have been at it again. This time, with the 1.04 patch for God of War, Sony Santa Monica has focused on multiplayer aspects, including a level cap increase, allowing players to reach level 40 of their allegiance. This new level cap increase also adds a new God item, two new relics, and an ultimate magic for every allegiance, unlocking new abilities.

    Other multiplayer additions include the player stat card that allows you to access information and stats about your Champion such as win/loss ratios, k/d ratios, and other game related stats. It was interesting to not see this feature at launch, but it's good that Sony have now patched it in. The game mode inspect card has also been added, which allows you to see scoring options for each game mode so new players can understand point values for each game mode before jumping in.

    The match of champions 4 player mode has now been adjusted so that 1600 favor is now needed to win instead of 2000, making the average game time in line with other game modes.

    As well as the multiplayer changes, some fixes and tweaks have been made to combat, which can be seen below;

    • Zeus Spear now uses correct damage multipliers: L1 triangle special was not correctly using elemental damage multipliers (was using physical instead).
    • Global Spear Attacks: Triangle in the air with spear was unblockable, yet could still be parried, it can no longer be parried.
    • Poseidon Shield God Item: The shield will now become active when the player recovers rather than while still in the activation animation.
    • Adjusted stats of the Hades spear to better suit the intended gameplay.
    • Medusa Armor is now slightly easier to acquire.
    • The healing amount granted to the player when using the Poseidon Heal Magic will now increase as the magic is ranked up.
    • Miscellaneous fixes to slow debuffs/animations not displaying correctly. Will now prevent most related cases where the player would get get stuck in a bad state, and unable to respawn. This is greatly improved, per this fix.
    • God ability pickups for new God items now appear in the correct order in the customization menu.

    On top of this, a lot of bug fixes have been made in the new patch, and a double XP weekend took place last weekend.

  • Forza Horizon New DLC out April for Free

    Forza Horizon New Cars on Free DLC

    Despite many publishers' grab for money over the past few years in the disguise of downloadable content packs, micro transactions and extra day one content, you occasionally see a diamond in the rough; a publisher or developer that offers more content for free or at little cost. We've already looked at how Sony's new God of War has a hugely dedicated development team working on the game, but it seems now that Xbox's Forza series to want to take a medal for the platform's most generous game by offering the new 1000 Club car pack for free.

    The download content pack will be available for free on Tuesday, April 16th, and will include a couple new cars. Firstly, the Ford F100 1956, and old pickup truck from the 1950s' will be added to the game, and secondly the RUF CTR2 1995 car that manages to strangely resemble some Porsche models.

    On top of the two new cars, the DLC pack will add 100 new challenges to the game, and an extra 10 new achievements, capable of giving you an extra 250 Gamerscore from the Forza title.

    Thinking Forza Horizon is looking good with this new update? Check our -- to play in style.

  • Dark Souls 2 "Will Not be Easier" Despite Being More Accessible

    Dark Souls 2 Will be Hard

    When the director of Dark Souls 2, Yui Tanimura, mentioned that Dark Souls 2 was going to be 'more accessible' than the previous game, many fans across the globe got agitated, taking Tanimura's words as a death sentence to the hardcore difficulty found within the first Dark Souls game. However, Yui Tanimura has just addressed the topic with some reassuring news to those who are looking for a challenge in Dark Souls 2.


    Tanimura has said in an interview with, "What we meant by 'making it more accessible' was that we want to streamline away all of the tediousness, I suppose. We want to cut away all the fat and deliver a lean, pure, challenging experience," and that "Obviously, the game will not be easier."


    This however doesn't mean the game will be any more of a challenge to the previous game though, and although Dark Souls managed to receive a lot of popularity thanks to its grueling difficulty in 2011, Dark Souls 2 hasn't stepped it up a notch, and instead will play out with a similar difficulty to the previous game.


    Yui stressed that it was important for the character's deaths in the game to hold significance, and by boosting the difficulty up a bar, he believes that the significance would be dampened.


    "Killing players is obviously very easy. You just make an enemy invincible or super strong and the player will die. But it's important to allow the player to understand the reason for their death and they need to learn from their death. It's a fine balance but we always keep in mind that we can't make the game unfair."

    Dark Souls 2 is currently expected to release sometime in 2014 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the PC.

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