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  • Halo 5 Multiplayer Microtransactions Explained

    Halo 5 Multiplayer

    Recently 343 Industries revealed that there will be special REQ packs in Halo 5: Guardians that will contain a random combination of weapons and cosmetic items inside. Players can earn REQ points from playing Arena and Warzone games and can then purchase REQ packs with the points they earn.

    Alternatively, players can level up their Spartan Rank and as a reward they will be given a REQ pack. Finally, 343 Industries has announced that players will be able to purchase more REQ packs with their own real world money, and as you can imagine this has caused quite a commotion in the Halo community.

    As a result of the chaos this has caused, 343 Industries has spoken out to explain the REQ pack microtransactions and has made it clear that they are certainly not pay to win. Whilst REQ packs do include some weapons or other items, these can only be used in the Warzone game mode, which offers a completely different experience to the classic Halo multiplayer we're familiar with.

    That style of multiplayer, the classic Halo we all know and love, will be found in Arena mode, and the only thing from REQ packs that can be used in Arena mode are cosmetic items, such as player armor, weapon skins and assassination animations.

    343 Industries head Josh Holmes talked further about the REQ packs. "While players will earn REQ Packs across both Arena and Warzone, only cosmetic items can be used in our Arena experience. This is to ensure that all players start with the same weapons and abilities as part of our vision for the balanced, competitive play in Arena multiplayer."

    "In Warzone, our new massive-scale multiplayer experience, we wanted to give fans even more variety and choice in how they play. Within Warzone, you'll have the ability to deploy a multitude of weapons and vehicles from your inventory of REQs throughout a match.

    "These requisitions are governed and balanced by Warzone's in-match REQ Level and Energy systems, which are driven by player and team performance within the mode."

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced

    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    It's been expected for some time now, but the Final Fantasy VII remake has finally been officially confirmed. It's almost been two decades since the game originally released on the PlayStation 1 back in 1997. Final Fantasy VII was seen as an instant classic upon its release and it's one of the most sought after PS1 games today.

    In 1997 it gained awards for being the best console role playing game of the year and the best console adventure game of the year, and managed to sell over 2 million copies, which is considered very impressive at the time.

    Rumors of a remake of Final Fantasy VII have been spreading for ages, but Square Enix has kept it very secret. The developer and publisher has not said a word about it and no real leaks have ever made it to the light of day. It was a surprise last week to finally hear that Square Enix will be reimagining Final Fantasy VII.

    Unfortunately no release details have been given yet, but a timed exclusivity deal with Sony has been shared with the public so the Final Fantasy VII remake will only be for the PlayStation 4 for a certain period of time.

    Neither Square Enix nor Sony has revealed when Final Fantasy VII's exclusivity deal will end, so if you really want to play the remake there will be no reason to hold your breath if you don't own a PlayStation 4.

    The remake will also be coming to iOS devices, most likely at some point this summer. The PS4 version should be released in winter but a solid date hasn't been shared as of yet.

  • ZombiU Will be Coming to Xbox One and PS4


    Thanks to a new listing on an Australian Ratings Board, we've managed to find out that the exclusive Wii U title, ZombiU, might just be coming to the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. As you'd expect, the 'U' in the ZombiU has been dropped, and the cross platform version will just be called Zombi.

    The ZombiU game did look very promising, and the poor Wii U sales have lead the game to get little traction, despite it being quite a decent game, so it makes sense that the developers are trying to bring the game to other platforms. It would make sense that porting ZombiU to other platforms would be a little more difficult than porting a non-Wii U title, simply because of the various game controls and Wii U mechanics ZombiU takes advantage of.

    It may be a while before we hear anything official about a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of Zombi, but it's very likely it will be coming. The same Australian Ratings Board has been very on point with these kinds of listings in the past, and many games have been discovered early thanks to its listings.

    The fact that the game has now reached a ratings board suggests that development for the ported version has already somewhat began, but there is unfortunately no way of knowing just how far the ZombiU developers have gotten with the port until an official announcement is made. So far Ubisoft has not commented on the ported version of ZombiU but we'll let you know as soon as we hear something.

  • Xbox Live Games with Gold July Lineup Revealed

    games with gold july

    The free Xbox Live Games with Gold lineup for July has been revealed and players can get their hands on some of the July games right now. Some of the games will be made available half way through the month.

    Excitingly, Xbox has announced a new change to the Xbox Live Games with Gold promotion and this comes as part of a celebration for the two year anniversary of the promotion, which began in July, 2013. Starting this month, there will now be two free Xbox One games available each month for all Gold members.

    Starting at the beginning of the month, players will be able to pick up Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag for the Xbox One - AC:IV will remain available for the entirety of July. On July 16th, So Many Me, an arcade style game will also be made available on the Xbox One.

    The Xbox 360 will also be getting one full game and one arcade game this month. To start it off, Plants vs. Zombies has become available for free on the Xbox 360 and it will remain free till July 15th. After this date Plants vs. Zombies will be switched out for the full version of Gears of War 3.

    As you could expect, Gears of War 3 will be made available till the end of July, before being switched out for the Xbox 360 first game for August, which has not yet been announced.

  • GTA Online Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 Coming Next Week

    gta ill-gotten gains

    The Ill-Gotten Gains update was released earlier in the year for GTA Online but Rockstar had already had plans at that time to release a part 2 of the Ill-Gotten Gains update. Rockstar has now announced that the second part of the update will be coming out next week.

    Part 2 of the Ill-Gotten Gains update will be pushed out to Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC on July 8. Just like the first part of the update, the next Ill-Gotten Gains update will add a number of new clothing items, vehicles and other purchasable content.

    The 2nd update will also add the new radio station, The Lab, to consoles. Previously The Lab was released on PC but it will now be pushed out to all other platforms as well.

    So far Rockstar has not mentioned what content will be added to part 2 of the Ill-Gotten Gains update but it is assumed that we'll be hearing a bit more about exactly what we can expect a little closer to the release date. On top of the Ill-Gotten Gains update, an event will be held on the 4th of July that will add a number of Independance Day items. Last year, the same items were added to GTA Online before being taken down shortly afterwards.

    If you'd like to get some fireworks, explosives, or even better, a firework launching rocket launcher, then definitely check out GTA Online on the 4th of July.

  • Microsoft's Xbox One Elite Controller Announcement

    Screen_Shot_2015-06-15_at_12.56.43_PM.0Microsoft just announced their latest controller changes. They are introducing a brand new controller design that includes paddles, remappable buttons, swappable components, and trigger locks. All of these new enhancements are scheduled for release this Fall. Microsoft is gearing its new design towards the "elite gamers" and tournament level players. The paddles and remappable buttons should impact the competitive gaming scene dramatically.

    It is unknown at the time if Sony will return with their own new controller design but we speculate that they will have to answer to Microsoft's controller. Sony already has remappable buttons but will they also add the paddles and trigger stops? We will have to wait and see how they decide to answer. If they want to stay ahead they will have to keep the competitive gamer in mind.

    The new Xbox One controller design has the hardcore gamer in mind and will definitely be a hit. The price hasn't been discussed yet but with all the additional components it can easily break the $100 price point. To check out the trailer for the new controller click here:

  • Danganronpa Another Episode coming September for Europe and NA

    A brand new trailer and a number of screenshots have been released for Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, and alongside it a release date has been announced by NIS America. Danganronpa Another Episode is set for release this September in Europe and North America.

    Danganronpa Another Episode will be released on the PS Vita on September 1 in North America and September 4 in Europe.

    Danganronpa Another Episode will take a slightly different approach to the first two games in the series. This time round, the action adventure title will focus on two heroines - Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa. Both the characters are thrown into Towa City, and it’s been plagued with despair and depression.

    The Danganronpa series has always been one of NIS America’s more action packed titles, so if you’re not so much for the turn based JRPG style of their other games, you may be more interested in Danganronpa Another Episode.

    In Danganronpa Another Episode, Komaru Naegi plays a large role in the story of the game. Komaru is Makoto Naegi’s younger sister, and she has been imprisoned inside a mysterious building for over a year. In Danganronpa Another Episode Byakuya Togami, a member of the Future Foundation attempts to rescue Komaru.

    The rescue is derailed as swarms of Monokumas attempt to attack Byakuya Togami. Eventually, Komaru does escape but she finds that the city has been taken over by a group of child warriors named the Warriors of Hope.

  • Etrian Mystery Dungeon Will Launch September 11

    The release date for Etrian Mystery Dungeon has been confirmed by NIS America to be September 11 for Europe. The North American release is still not known but it will be dealt with a separate publisher, Atlas U.S.A.

    Etrian Mystery Dungeon will be released as both a physical and digital Nintendo 3DS title once it launches. Unfortunately NIS America hasn't mentioned the install size, but it shouldn't be too large.

    Etrian Mystery Dungeon will be an RPG title with turn based combat that incorporates some unique gameplay features. Choosing the right abilities and skills will be important as you'd expect, but the strategic positioning of your party also plays a large part in your success.

    From what we've seen so far, this new combat system looks like it could be incredibly engaging, and I personally can't wait to see how it plays out in real time. Mystery Dungeon will have a number of different classes that Etrian Odyssey fans may be familiar with. Classes such as Landsknecht and Runemaster will be in Mystery Dungeon. Players will also have greater control over customizing the individuals in their party, and the game will feature a bunch of Etrian Odyssey style skill trees.

    The dungeons in Mystery Dungeon will also be procedurally generated - no two dungeons will be the same, and I think this is a great route for NIS America to take. As you continue to play, the dungeons will start to become more challenging, alongside the monsters you'll have to fight.

  • Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 Scheduled for October 30

    NIS America has announced that Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 will be making it’s way to Europe on October 30 for the Nintendo 3DS with English voiced dialogue. The game will be launched as both a physical and digital release, so you’ll be able to download it online or purchase it in-store. Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 will also be published by Atlas Inc. in North America following the European release.

    Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 features turn based combat and an interesting storyline to keep players captivated. In Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor, the world of Record Breaker is on the brink of destruction - An apocalypse has begun.

    Before the apocalypse, a group of thrill-seekers registered to a website that claimed to deliver fake videos of their friends being killed. These videos had some kind of other meaning behind them though, and as people tried to understand the true meaning of the videos, an alien invasion forced humanity to struggle to survive.

    For the protagonist and his friends, it’s up to them to stand up for humanity. The very same website ends up downloading an app onto their smartphones, and it has the ability to summon demons. These characters manage to learn how to tame the demons, and they’re given the chance to save the future of humanity. The choices the player makes as the protagonist could help save the world … Or seal the fate of their friends.

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