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  • Xbox August Games with Gold Deals Announced

    august games with gold

    The latest Games with Gold promotion for August has now been announced and Major Nelson has revealed four different games that will be available throughout August for both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

    Like previous months, the Xbox 360 will be getting two games and the Xbox One will be getting two different games as well. Personally I think August's lineup may be one of the best we have ever seen so far.

    Firstly, on Xbox 360 we have Metro 2033 available currently and it will remain available till August 15. On August 16, Metro 2033 will be replaced with Metro Last Light. Metro Last Light is a direct sequel of Metro 2033 so you'll be able to play through both games this month in order.

    Each Metro game is a post apocalyptic themed first person shooter. As the title of the game would suggest, the majority of both games takes place inside the Metro system underneath Moscow.

    The great deals are available on the Xbox One as well. Throughout the entirety of August, Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes will be available for free on the Xbox One. On August 16, How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition will be available until September 15.

    This means that players can get their hands on both Metal Gear Solid V and How to Survive throughout August, but gamers will have to wait till August 16 before they can get their hands on How to Survive.

  • Fallout 4 Special Edition Sold Out in North America

    fallout 4 pip-boy

    Bethesda has recently released a brand new blog detailing a few things about the wearable Pip-Boy that will be coming with the Fallout 4 Special Edition.

    In the blog post, Bethesda mentions that the Fallout 4 Special Edition units had all been sold out in North America, meaning that anybody in the region would not be able to purchase a special edition.

    Bethesda did not confirm that other regions had sold out of the special edition as well, but they did suggest that stock is most likely very low worldwide. Here's a snippet from the blog post:

    "Our North American quantities for the Pip-Boy Edition are sold out. We are still working out details on final inventory for European territories and expect to have information early next week. As we receive new information, we'll update in real-time on our Twitter account, @bethblog."

    Further on in the blog post, Bethesda has also revealed that the Pip-Boy will not support all smartphones. Whilst the majority of phones will fit snugly into the wearable Pip-Boy thanks to the adjustable foam inserts, larger phones and tablets will not be able to work. Bethesda didn't specifically say which phones would not fit but the Galaxy S5 was the largest smartphone on the list that the wearable Pip-Boy could support.

    This means that if you have a large smartphone, such as the Galaxy Note 4 or the iPhone 6+, you'll be all out of luck. You will still be able to use the Fallout companion app once the game launches, but you won't be able to insert your large smartphone or tablet into the Pip-Boy.

  • Predator Announced as Third Mortal Kombat X Character

    predator mortal kombat x

    Mortal Kombat X will soon be getting another DLC character added to it's roster and this time round the character will be a special guest star.

    If you've been paying attention to the DLC plans for Mortal Kombat X, you may already know that the next planned DLC character for the game will be Predator. This character has been planned to release at some point next month, and like previous DLC characters, is available for free to any players that have purchased the $30 Kombat pack.

    Players can also purchase characters separately, or alternatively they can try out the DLC characters for free whenever their corresponding player tower is rotated into the game.

    Unfortunately we don't know too much about Predator just yet. A reveal trailer has not yet been released so we have no details about Predator's move set. What we do know is that Ed Boon has revealed one single promotional image of Predator fighting Jax. If you've got a keen eye you may have noticed that the promotional image (shown above) includes a brand new skin for Jax as well.

    It looks like Jax will be dressed up as Carl Weathers from the Predator movie as an alternative costume. Hopefully the costume will be released alongside the release of the Predator DLC character.

    As soon as we know when the Predator character will be released, we'll let you know. Hopefully NetherRealm has a proper trailer for the character in the works right this second.

  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 To Have Strong Focus on Multiplayer

    pro skater 5

    As the Tony Hawk series has progressed, it has become more and more about the multiplayer aspects. Recently it was revealed that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 will have a strong focus on multiplayer too and it will even include up to 20 player online multiplayer support.

    According to Robomodo, the development team working on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5, the online multiplayer will allow players to drop in and drop out at any point. Players will be able to complete missions together, work alongside each other to level up, and help each other to unlock different content and complete challenges. Players can also compete against each other as well.

    The whole idea behind the drop-in/drop-out concept is that Robomodo would like players to feel as if they're entering a skatepark that never closes. A player could potentially drop in to play for a few minutes early in the day, leave the game and then come back a few hours later to find the same set of players he came across earlier.

    Another big aspect of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 is the skate park creator - players will be able to make their own skate parks and a lot of the game will focus on different methods for players to share their skate parks with each other.

    Robomodo has given a description about the different versions of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 across different platforms as well, and whilst the new gen versions will have online multiplayer support, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions will not have online multiplayer.

    The old gen versions will have a skate park editor as well, but there will not be any sharing features available.

  • The Division Beta Sign-up Page Appears Online

    the division beta

    It has been two years since The Division was announced by Ubisoft. At that time, the game was revealed at E3 and it most certainly got the attention of many gamers across the world. As months have gone by, years have passed, Tom Clancy's The Division has remained in development, and it's only till recently that we've started to hear more about it.

    At E3 this year, The Division was finally given a release date of March 2016, and soon after it was revealed that a beta would be coming for the game in December this year. Now, it has been revealed that players that owned an Xbox One would be able to get access to the beta slightly earlier than console or PC players.

    In fact, whilst a start date for the Xbox One beta has not yet been revealed, Ubisoft has now opened up a beta sign-up page for players to access. Any Xbox One, PS4 or PC owner that has pre-ordered The Division can head over to that page and claim a free beta code.

    Players can also sign up for a beta code regardless of whether they've pre-ordered The Division or not, but only those that have pre-ordered it will be guaranteed a beta code.

    So far Ubisoft has not explained what the beta will consist of but there is no doubt that it will be a slightly limited version of the full game. Players will probably get a glimpse as some of the game mechanics, but a lot of the game will be locked out of the beta.

  • More The Witcher 3 Free DLC Revealed

    the witcher 3 dlc

    The next free The Witcher 3 DLC has been revealed and unlike most of the previously released content, this new DLC will feature an extra quest that adds extra playtime to the game. Whilst CD Projekt Red usually release two DLC items per week, there will only be one DLC item this week.

    The DLC in question is a side quest called Where the Cat and Wolf Play... and it is the penultimate free DLC available to all The Witcher 3 players. Next week we will see the last DLC item from CD Projekt Red before they start to work on full blown expansions, so let's hope we get something special to go out with a bang.


    If we don't get anything particularly special next week, we do still have the side quest this week to look forward to. CD Projekt Red has described the side quest a little, explaining that players will be able to explore an abandoned village as they try to understand the village's history.

    Players will be able to find a new witcher contract in Oreton village once the DLC has been released. The description below is what CD Projekt Red has provided their fans.

    "Explore a forgotten village and discover its terrifying secret. Find out who or what slaughtered its inhabitants and use all your witcher skills to confront this mysterious force."

    Are you looking forward to checking out the latest DLC quest for The Witcher 3? I can imagine it will be just as decent as the other DLC side quests that have been added in the past.

  • Evolve is Getting a Second Season Pass


    If the original huge pocket of DLC for Evolve wasn't enough for you, then you should get yourself prepared for more because Turtlerock has just announced yet another season pass for the game. Yes, that's right, Evolve will be getting another wave of DLC and there's nothing you can do about it.

    The DLC in question will be featured in the Evolve Hunting Pass 2 and it will include four new hunters, one new monster and some exclusive skins only available in the season pass. Any new maps released during this time will be available for all players, just like previous content, and these maps will be available for free.

    The first piece of DLC has already been listed - it will be a new Assault class hunter named Lennox and she'll be the first hunter to ever feature a melee attack. She'll come with a special mechanized suit that is equipped with a Plasma Lance.

    Whilst Turtlerock has revealed the news about the DLC, Take-Two, Turtlerock's publisher seem to have just as much to do with it as Turtlerock does.

    "As you know, Evolve is very multiplayer-focused, and that's worked for people--we've had something like 27 million game sessions played, And we've sold-in over 2.5 million units. We're really happy with where it's going. It isn't 10 million units...yet. But it is an important franchise for us."

    It seems like a weird choice, but let's just hope Evolve 2 isn't right around the corner and maybe the second season pass won't be so bad.

  • Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls Planned for PS4

    heavy rain beyond two souls ps4

    It's been suggested a thousand times but it seems like Sony are finally ready to bite the bullet and admit that both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls will be coming to the PlayStation 4.

    Both titles have been developed by Quantic Dreams and they offer a more story-driven approach to gameplay than most other games would deliver. Whilst Beyond: Two Souls did receive some mixed reviews, there was no doubt that both Beyond and Heavy Rain were quite interesting ideas that refined the boundaries of what a video game is.

    Whilst it would be expected to see a "remastered bundle" for both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, both games will be available separately as digital downloads, whilst a bundle version, including both titles, will be available both in a physical and digital format.

    So far neither a price tag nor a release date has been announced but it's likely both will be released at the same time. It wouldn't be too unrealistic to believe that Heavy Rain will be released at a cheaper price point than Beyond: Two Souls considering that it is a much older title, but we won't know for sure until either Quantic Dream or Sony reveal more information.

    Both a description for Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls by Sony has been provided below.

    "For many players Heavy Rain was a defining moment in their gaming history, and for us it was definitely a milestone of the PS3 generation. The BAFTA and AIAS winning game helped establish what we like to call 'interactive drama' back in 2010, and loads of you have told us over the years how much the game's story of a father who would do anything for his son moved you."

    "Jodie's story is a tumultuous one, and one we know touched many of you at the time. On PS4 you will have the opportunity to experience that story played in chronological order, watching Jodie grow from a curious young girl to a powerful woman. We're hoping you'll get a kick out of this much-requested mode."

  • Guerrilla Games Has Announced Horizon

    guerrilla games horizon

    After months of keeping quiet, Guerrilla Games has opened up at E3 about their latest new game, named Horizon. To announce the game, Guerrilla Games has released a trailer to go alongside the announcement.

    In the trailer, a woman is seen walking through a cave, filled with cave paintings as a narrator tells the story of humanity and it's growth before it's eventual decline. Horizon will be set 1000 years ahead of the present day and will focus on a world where human civilization has collapsed and the world has been overrun by giant robotic creatures.

    A while ago, Guerrilla Games talked about their ambitions to create a game with giant killer robot dinosaurs and Horizon is clearly the game they were mentioning. The idea of giant killer robot dinosaurs sounds a little over the top, but Horizon actually seems like it could have a lot of potential, both in the gameplay and the story front.

    Horizon will be Guerrilla Game's first attempt at a role playing game - in their past the only experience they've had has been with shooters, specifically the Killzone franchise. It'll certainly be interesting to see how well they can create a game in a completely different genre.

    In Horizon, players will be able to use a variety of different methods to kill enemies, but the main concept is that players will be equipped with caveman style weaponry, or in other terms, very basic, uncivilized equipment, and they will be going up against futuristic style robots. Horizon has certainly peaked my interest - I can't wait to hear more about it.

  • Mass Effect Andromeda Gets Official Trailer

    mass effect andromeda

    BioWare has finally dropped the ball on their latest Mass Effect game with an announcement trailer and a new blog post. The new game has been introduced as Mass Effect: Andromeda and it will be coming to consoles and PC holiday season next year.

    "When we wrapped up the original Mass Effect trilogy with Mass Effect 3: Citadel in early 2013, planning and design on Mass Effect: Andromeda was already well underway. We knew we wanted to start with a foundation composed of the best parts of any Mass Effect game: exciting new worlds to discover, great characters, and intense action. At the same time, we clearly wanted to expand the definition of what you should expect from a Mass Effect game."

    Whilst previous rumors suggested that the upcoming Mass Effect game could have been a completely different experience, it's clear what BioWare truly meant by that. The same mechanics and features that made the original Mass Effect trilogy so popular are clearly here to stay, but the story in Mass Effect Andromeda will take new turns in the huge Mass Effect universe.

    "While we aren't ready to go into too many details just yet, as you saw in the trailer and can tell by the name, this game is very much a new adventure, taking place far away from and long after the events of the original trilogy. You will play a human, male or female, though that's actually not the character you saw in the trailer (more on that later). You'll be exploring an all-new galaxy, Andromeda, and piloting the new and improved Mako you saw. And through it all, you will have a new team of adventurers to work with, learn from, fight alongside of, and fall in love with."

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