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  • New Need for Speed will Have free DLC

    need for speed free dlc

    Despite being published by EA, the new Need for Speed game may be very generous to players when it comes to DLC and other paid for content past the base game price. If you've been paying attention to the video games industry recently you'll have noticed that it's basically become common practice to put DLC or even microtransactions in full AAA games these days so it's always a refreshing change when a developer goes against the norm.

    Craig Sullivan, the creative director for the new Need for Speed game has revealed that the upcoming title will not have any DLC content that is paid for, and on top of that there will be no microtransactions. On top of having no extra paid content, there will be additional content after the launch of Need for Speed that will be given to players for free.

    Craig Sullivan didn't rule out the possibility of paid DLC in the future, but it seems very unlikely - their plans are not to create any extra paid content and it looks like they'd like to stick to that for as long as possible.

    "Everything we're doing is focusing on listening to what the fans are asking for. They're certainly not saying to us, 'Can you build a load of stuff and charge us for it?' They're not saying that, so we're not doing that. I know some people when we do press like this, they say, 'Yeah, but I'm sure it'll all change in a week or two, or six months.' It's not going to. The plan is that there are no transactions in this game. All of the content that we're going to give you - a pretty substantial amount in the future, starting pretty soon - is going to be free. That's what players deserve."

  • Fallout 4 Gun Mechanics May Feel Like Destiny

    fallout 4 gun mechanics

    The gun mechanics in Fallout 3 were a bit lacking compared to other first person shooter titles and whilst Fallout is an RPG title, it would still be nice to see an improvement in the gunplay. Fortunately Fallout 4 will be getting revamped gun mechanics and there will be plenty of changes to make the gunplay in Fallout 4 feel more like a traditional shooter.

    It's great to see some positive changes being made to Fallout's combat system, but what were the changes inspired from, and what other game would be best compared to Fallout 4 when it comes to gun mechanics?

    Surprisingly, Bethesda Studios hired a Bungie employee to help create a gun system that has been heavily influenced by Destiny. The gunplay in Destiny is undoubtedly very smooth - even if you dislike the game, there is no denying that the gun mechanics are very decent.

    It's hard to say how much inspiration Fallout 4 will take from Destiny, but we do know that Bethesda also asked for help from Doom developer ID Software, so Fallout 4's gunplay is definitely going to be an improvement from Fallout: New Vegas, but we don't think it will feel too similar to Destiny.

    With that being said, Fallout's new gun mechanics may have a certain Destiny feel to them when it comes to taking down enemies or easily being able to differentiate between a headshot and a body shot. Hopefully we will get to see exactly how good the Fallout 4 gunplay is once the game has been released on November 10.

  • Forza Motorsport 6 Getting Free Fallout 4 Themed Cars

    forza 6 fallout 4

    In the past Turn 10 has released themed vehicles to support other game releases, but the last time this happened was when Halo 4 was released and a Warthog was added to Forza Motorsport. Recently, Turn 10 released a new update for Forza Motorsport 6 and it added some new vehicles to the game.

    Like previously mentioned, the new vehicles being added to Forza Motorsport 6 are hemed. The new vehicles have a Fallout 4 theme - that's not to say that these vehicles are actually from Fallout 4, but their designs are very Fallout-esque.

    So far only one vehicle has been added to Forza Motorsport 6 - this vehicle is the 1956 Ford F100 and it has a Fallout style paint job. The second vehicle has not yet been released and screenshots of this have not been shown yet either. Fortunately, Turn 10 did mention that the second vehicle will be the Chryslus Rocket 69 coupe and it should be available in Forza Motorsport 6 "soon."

    Whilst you can't drive any cars in Fallout 4, you will be able to drive a couple of them in Forza Motorsport 6. The two new vehicles that are being added to Forza 6 will be available for free - all players will have access to them and you will not need to purchase them as DLC packs.

    So far it looks like these two vehicles will be the only two Fallout vehicles available in Forza Motorsport 6, but it's still cool to see just two new themed cars getting added to the game.

  • Halo 5 Guardians Sets New Sales Records

    halo 5 guardians sales

    Halo has always been the franchise that has helped Microsoft sell consoles so it's no surprise that the game always performs well. With that being said, Halo 4 didn't bring in as many sales as 343 Industries may have hoped, but it looks like they've returned Halo to it's former glory with the latest release of Halo 5: Guardians.

    After just one week, Halo 5 Guardians has already made a large number of records, including day one sales, week one sales and most sales for an Xbox One exclusive title. On top of the numerous sales records for performing so well in the first week, the 343 Industries launch stream for Halo 5 received a Guinness World Record for being the most watched video game launch ever.

    Microsoft has revealed some interesting first week stats for Halo 5, along with sales numbers. On top of bringing in $400 million in revenue from Halo themed consoles and the Halo 5 game itself, Halo 5 Guardians has been played for an accumulative 21 million hours thanks to the thousands of people playing it throughout the first week.

    Within that time, over 7 million games within Arena and Warzone were played and 9 of those hours belong to multiplayer. Since REQ packs have been added to the Halo franchise, there is of course a lot to discuss. It looks like REQ packs have mostly been a success because over 45 million REQ packs have been acquired since the launch of Halo 5 Guardians.

  • PlayStation Reveals Open PSN eSports LEAGUE Platform

    psn esports league

    Recently, the eSports industry has grown at a huge rate. We're seeing new companies get involved in eSports from all over the world. This week, Sony announced a brand new eSports platform for PlayStation Plus users that will offer everyday players the chance to earn real money by playing the games they love.

    The new eSports platform for PlayStation Plus users is called LEAGUE, and it will be hosted on a seasonal basis. Each season, different rewards will be available for players across some of the main PlayStation 4 games.

    As it currently stands, there are championships underway for Battlefield Hardline, Ultra Street Fighter IV and FIFA 16. As things are only just getting underway, the reward system is little confusing, but it looks as if there will be a small monthly prize pool for each game - each first place prize will consist of around 150 euros. Other rewards all add up to the cumulative rewards pool of 20,000 euros.

    To begin with it looks like all championships will be free to enter, but in the future, some  championships could have entry fees. The entry fees could be used to help Sony support their new eSports platform and also to help them increase the prize pool of championships with entry fees.

    It's great to see that Sony are opening up an opportunity for gamers to earn money from playing their favorite games. Hopefully this new eSports platform will open up a lot of potential for the future.

  • Driveclub Bikes Is Coming

    driveclub bikes

    A brand new expansion for Driveclub has been revealed this week, and whilst information on the expansion is very minimal, we can still make an accurate guess on exactly what we may expect from the expansion.

    As the title suggests, the new upcoming Driveclub expansion is called Driveclub Bikes. The Driveclub expansion will give players the ability to drive a number of bikes, which is a class of vehicle that was not available in the original version of Driveclub.

    It's expected that more details will be unveiled within the next few days at the Paris Games Week, but for now we're stuck with very little information about exactly what Driveclub Bikes will be. Whilst a new content rating for Driveclub Bikes has appeared online, it's still hard to say whether the content will be a standalone game, an expansion for Driveclub or just extra DLC.

    Whilst a full standalone game is unlikely, it would be strange for a content rating to be made for a small piece of DLC. For this reason, it would make sense that Driveclub Bikes could be considered an expansion of some kind, even if it isn't a standalone expansion.

    Make sure to check back here over the following 7 days - Evolution Studios is at Paris Games Week and it's likely we'll hear more about Driveclub Bikes from them this week. For now though, all we can do is speculate. Let's just hope that the new content is great for new and old Driveclub fans alike.

  • Halo 5 Guardians Released Without Issues

    Halo 5 Guardians

    After the very poor launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, it's no surprise that the community's trust for 343 Industries has been a bit strained. Thankfully, Halo 5 Guardians released this week with relatively no troubles at all. Thanks to the beta events and the pre-release leading up to the full game release on October 27, there were no major server issues on day one.

    Whilst there were a few server hiccups here and there, for the most part Halo 5 Guardians has been silky smooth on matchmaking. The same can be said for the rest of the game too - Halo 5 Guardians has a very sleek 60fps that is seen everywhere in the game. Resolution is 1080p at it's highest, but sometimes it is downscaled to ensure that the 60fps frame cap stays consistent at all times.

    The matchmaking service has been working fine all week and the new Spartan CSR ranking system is working just as expected. Every single playlist has been playing out fine, including modes in Warzone and Arena.

    For the most part, all of the content for Halo 5 Guardians has been provided at launch, although there is one major exception. As it currently stands, Forge is not yet in Halo 5, but it's expected that it will make it's way into the game in December. 343 Industries still need to accomplish a few things with the development of Forge before it's stable enough to be released to the public build.

  • Fallout 4 Achievements Revealed

    Fallout 4 Achievements

    Be warned, there could be some potential story spoilers in this article.

    Xbox Achievements has managed to get their hands on the entire achievements list for Fallout 4 ahead of it's launch on November 10. Whilst the list only applies to the Xbox One achievements, the PlayStation 4 Trophies are expected to be very similar.

    Below, the achievements have been listed. Interestingly, there are only level achievements up to level 50, despite there being no level cap.


    + War Never Changes - Enter The Wasteland
    + When Freedom Calls - Complete "When Freedom Calls"
    + Unlikely Valentine - Complete "Unlikely Valentine"
    + Reunions - Complete "Reunions"
    + Dangerous Minds - Complete "Dangerous Minds"
    + Hunter/Hunted - Complete "Hunter/Hunted"
    + The Molecular Level - Complete "The Molecular Level"
    + The Nuclear Option - Complete "The Nuclear Option"
    + Institutionalized - Complete "Institutionalized"
    + Mankind-Redefined - Complete "Mankind-Redefined"
    + Powering Up - Complete "Powering Up"
    + Nuclear Family - Complete "Nuclear Family"
    + The First Step - Join the Minutemen
    + Taking Independence - Complete "Taking Independence"
    + Old Guns - Complete "Old Guns"
    + Semper Invicta - Join the Brotherhood of Steel
    + Blind Betrayal - Complete "Blind Betrayal"
    + Ad Victoriam - Complete "Ad Victoriam"
    + Tradecraft - Join the Railroad
    + Underground Undercover - Complete "Underground Undercover"
    + Rockets' Red Glare - Complete "Rockets' Red Glare"
    + Sanctuary - Complete "Sanctuary"
    + Community Organizer - Ally with 3 Settlements
    + Benevolent Leader - Reach Maximum Happiness in a Large Settlement
    + Gun-F-Hire - Complete 10 Side Quests
    + Mercenary - Complete 50 Misc. Objectives
    + Scavver - Gather 1000 Resources Used For Crafting
    + What's Yours Is Mine - Pick 50 Locks
    + RobCo's Worst Nightmare - Hack 50 Terminals
    + Armed and Dangerous - Create 50 Weapon Mods
    + Wasteland D.I.Y. - Craft 100 Items
    + Never Go It Alone - Recruit 5 Separate Companions
    + Lovable - Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion
    + Fix-Er-Upper - Build 100 Workshop Items
    + Future Retro - Play a Holotape Game
    + ...The Harder They Fall - Kill 5 Giant Creatures
    + Ranger Corps - Discover 100 Locations
    + Print's Not Dead - Read 20 Magazines
    + Prankster's Return - Placed A Grenade Or Mine While Pickpocketing
    + Masshole - Kill 300 People
    + Animal Control - Kill 300 Creatures
    + Homerun! - Get a Homerun
    + Touchdown! - Get a Touchdown
    + They're Not Dolls... - Collect 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads
    + ...They're Action Figures - Collect 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads
    + Born Survivor - Reach Level 5
    + Commonwealth Citizen - Reach Level 10
    + Unstoppable Wanderer - Reach Level 25
    + Legend of The Wastes - Reach Level 50
    + Prepared for the Future - Decide the Fate of the Commonwealth

  • Destiny Gets Halloween Content Patch

    Destiny Halloween 2015

    Last year, Bungie released a Halloween patch that added Jack O' Lantern helmets into Destiny, and this year an even bigger Halloween themed patch has been released. The new patch adds masks, a fun errand based "quest" in the tower, and plenty of other great content.

    The new update for Destiny has been called Festival of the Lost, and oh boy there's a lot to do in this festival. The first thing you may notice about Destiny in the latest update is that the Tower has had a bit of a spooky makeover. To fit in with the theme, all of the NPCs at the tower are also wearing Halloween themed masks. Players can get the chance to purchase and wear these masks themselves during the Halloween event, some of which are permanent.

    Last year, the Halloween Jack O' Lantern helmets had a time limit on them and acted as a consumable. This meant that a year later it's incredibly rare to see any Jack O' Lantern helmets around, but if players get to keep their helmets this year, they may be seen a lot more often because they will be permanent.

    There is also a new "quest" type event in the Tower. Players can collect candy and hand it out to each of the NPC vendors for small rewards. Tess Everis is also selling three new emotes - Boo, Monster Dance and Zombie Dance, with the latter clearly being inspired by Michael Jacksons' Thriller.

  • PS4 Will be First Console to Get Battleborn Beta

    PS4 Battleborn Beta

    Battleborn will be Gearbox Studios' latest video game. Even though Battleborn will be a completely different genre to Borderlands, there's something about it that almost feels like it's had inspiration from Borderlands, or perhaps it's just Gearbox's art styles that are bleeding through into the MOBA genre too.

    During Paris Games Week, Sony unveiled the Battleborn beta plans. According to the event hosts at Sony's Paris Games Week event, the Battleborn beta will be coming to PlayStation 4 before any other platforms.

    Whilst it was revealed that the beta will be available on PS4 first, the previously announced closed technical tests will still take place at the same time on all consoles, which begins on October 29.

    The open betas, which will take place on the PlayStation 4 first, will begin next year. Unfortunately the time that the open beta will land on the PlayStation 4 was not mentioned at the event. There was a bit of confusion about the PC beta too, which may or may not be launched alongside the PlayStation 4 beta. Either way, if you're an Xbox One owner, you'll definitely have to wait a little longer for the Battleborn open beta. If you're a PC owner, you may have to wait a little longer but it's not 100% confirmed yet. If you're a PS4 owner, you'll be guaranteed access to the open beta at the earliest date possible.

    Besides from the beta details, a very small PvP teaser trailer was shown at Paris Games Week - unfortunately very little was showcased in the trailer.

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