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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda 1.07 Patch Released

    mass effect andromeda 1.07The latest Mass Effect: Andromeda patch has now gone live. Patch 1.07 addresses some important tweaks and stability improvements after the latest multiplayer update.

    Michael Gamble, producer for Mass Effect: Andromeda took to Twitter to announce that the patch "Fixes a crash with the SOS quest and a problem with >1080p UI placement. The patch also makes an athletic outfit available mid-playthrough."

    In the previous update, which was patch 1.06, far more changes were brought to the game. The 1.06 update brought a huge number of important balancing changes multiplayer and combat in general.

    There were a few large balancing changes, as well as plenty of smaller tweaks and adjustments. On the Bioware blog, an overview of the patch was shared. We'll provide an excerpt from the blog below.

    "We've received a lot of community feedback about balance issues in multiplayer. We have improved the overall experience based on that feedback and our own testing.

    Powers and weapons were underperforming at higher difficulties--particularly power combos and assault rifles. As a result, players relied heavily on the Vanquisher sniper rifle and melee-focused classes.

    We found current damage levels significantly slowed the pace of games on Gold and Silver difficulties. To fix this, we started to overhaul the balance in multiplayer. Today's changes are the first step in that process."

    Have you tested out the new changes to multiplayer yet? What are your thoughts? Do you think all of the changes were necessary, or should some changes be reverted?

  • Destiny 2 To Get Clan Support

    destiny 2 clan supportDestiny 2 is finally getting in-game clan support.

    In the original Destiny, players were forced to build clans and organize team events outside of the game. It was far more difficult to get players together, but despite this, massive communities were built around Destiny anyway.

    In Destiny 2, players will no longer need to go through the same struggles. Destiny 2 will introduce in-game clan support to the franchise for the first time. Anybody will be able to set up a clan and invite friends. Once a clan is created, players will get given periodic rewards based upon the entire clan's performance throughout different activities in Destiny 2.

    Each clan will have their own Clan banner, which players will be able to wear with pride.

    Bungie also announced a new feature that will help players without clans. In Destiny, it was very difficult to play the high-level content without a team of friends to do it with, because of the lack of matchmaking for raids. In Destiny 2, clans will be able to search for additional players if they are a player or two short.

    This will give players in clans the opportunity to find additional players when there aren't enough clan members online, and it will also give players without a clan the chance to play with clans that they could then potentially join.

    Destiny 2 is going to launch on September 8, 2017 and will be coming to PC, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

  • Destiny 2 New Crucible Detailed

    destiny 2 crucibleDuring the Destiny 2 live stream, changes to the Crucible were announced live.

    It's been confirmed that the Destiny 2 Crucible PvP mode will have more of a focus on competitive gameplay. As a result, the mode has been adapted to better fit a competitive format. Going forward, all Crucible game modes in Destiny 2 will feature a 4 versus 4 team line up. In the first Destiny, PvP modes supported up to 6 versus 6.

    On top of that, all of the previous Crucible game modes from Destiny will be making their return to Destiny 2. A brand new game mode was also confirmed during the Destiny 2 live stream event.

    The new Destiny 2 Crucible game mode is called Countdown - it's essentially an attack and defend mode that will give teams the objective to either defend or attack. Objectives for each team will alternate each round.

    More changes are coming to the Crucible in Destiny 2 to make it more of a competitive arena. New information will be shared during the game to give each team more information. For example, players will know when an enemy is using their power or picking up important objectives on the map.

    Destiny 2 is set to release on September 8, 2017 and will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It was confirmed during the live stream that the PC version would be available through Blizzard's client, as opposed to Steam.

  • Injustice 2: War of the Gods eSports Tournament Announced

    injustice 2 war of the gods esportsWarner Bros. wants to make Injustice 2 esports a thing. Even though the game hasn't even hit release day yet, Warner Bros. has already announced their first esports tournament for the game.

    The upcoming pro circuit for Injustice 2 has been named War of the Gods and it will have an initial prize pool of $15,000. To begin with, the event will be limited to those in North America, so this includes the United States and Canada.

    The qualifiers will be open for everybody - the first event will open on May 20, 4 days after the game gets its release. Player pools will be created and players will take part each Saturday for the next 10 weeks. Players will have a chance to earn league points each week and eventually the points will be tallied up and the top players will take part in the Season Finale, which will take place on September 17. Here are the tournament rules:

    • Best of Five Games
    • Double Elimination
    • Competitive Mode: Enabled
    • Game Timer: 99 seconds
    • Stage: Both players are to choose Random.
    • Characters: Winner must select the same character & variation, Loser may switch.
    • All characters and variations are allowed and may use hidden select.

    Here's a look at the season finale prize pool:

    • First Place - $4,000
    • Second Place - $2,500
    • Third Place - $1,500
    • Fourth Place - $1,000
    • Fifth Place - $500
    • Sixth Place - $500

    Finally, here's a look at the weekly prizes awarded for participation in the weekly events:

    • 1st Place - $250 and 150 league points
    • 2nd Place - $150 and 125 league points
    • 3rd and 4th Place - $50 and 75 league points
    • 5th through 8th Place - 50 league points
    • 9th-16th Place - 25 league points
    • 17th-32nd Place - 10 league points
  • Zombies Chronicles - Price and More Revealed

    zombies chronicles priceZombies Chronicles is the surprise DLC pack for Black Ops 3 that recently got announced. The DLC pack will include 8 of the original Black Ops zombies maps. We have now received more information about Zombies Chronicles, including details about the price.

    The upcoming Zombies Chronicles DLC will cost players $29.99, or your country's equivalent. All eight maps are reworks of some of the most classic maps in Call of Duty Zombies history. All eight maps have been improved with HD textures and high-quality lighting effects.

    Players will also be able to use custom weapons in the eight remastered maps and gain access to weapons that were added in future versions of Zombies.

    The content pack will come with a few extra features besides the eight maps. This includes 20 Vials of Liquid Divinium, 2 All-New Whimsical GobbleGums, an exclusive Zombies Pack-A-Punch weapon camo, and a Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles Dynamic System Theme for PlayStation 4, although this first item will be exclusive to those who pre-order Zombies Chronicles on the PS4.

    It's important to note that the Zombies Chronicles DLC is not part of the previous Black Ops 3 season pass. Every player will need to pay for full $29.99 to be able to play it.

    Would you consider picking up the new Zombies Chronicles DLC? For $29.99 it is quite expensive, but I'm sure many zombies fans out there would be very excited to get their hands on some of the original zombies' maps.

  • Forza Horizon 3 is Getting a Hot Wheels Expansion

    forza horizon 3 hot wheelsForza has always been at the brink of racing realism, but the upcoming Hot Wheels expansion takes a very quick turn away from what most Forza players may be used to. Quite frankly, we think it looks pretty exciting.

    In the upcoming Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels expansion, players will be able to unlock and play a number of Hot Wheels style cars and race on a number of race tracks inspired by some of the most iconic Hot Wheels sets of yesteryear.

    Yes, that does mean you'll be able to race through bright orange loop-the-loops and all sorts of other physics defying twists and turns. Here's a description from the developers of the upcoming expansion:

    "Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels takes players to six new themed islands located off the coast of Australia; all connected by a network of Hot Wheels tracks -- positioned hundreds of feet in the air -- featuring classic Hot Wheels configurations like loops, corkscrews, and more. This is stunt driving at its most extreme, where you can master tracks by performing brand new Hot Wheels skills that make use of boost pads, high-bank turns, half-pipes, insane jumps, and even giant mechanical dinosaurs."

    The Hot Wheels race tracks will certainly be the highlight of the upcoming expansion - we expect the different tracks will definitely bring some new chaos and excitement to the Forza franchise.

    The upcoming Hot Wheels expansion will be included in the season pass. For those without the season pass, you'll be able to pick up the Hot Wheels expansion for $19.99.

  • New Outlast 2 Patch Changes Normal Mode Difficulty

    new outlast 2 patch normal difficultyA new patch has hit Outlast 2 which should make the gameplay a little easier for those enduring the horrors on normal difficulty mode.

    While the harder difficulty modes are still available for those looking for a challenge, those hoping for a bit of slack while on normal mode have had their prayers answered to. Going forth, players on normal mode will now have their camera battery life last longer than it did before the patch.

    To make things a little easier, the Outlast developers also made sure that using the microphone feature on the camera, which can be used to hear through walls, will no longer drain the camera battery either. Currently, the night vision feature on the camera still does drain the camera battery, so you'll still need to be conservative with the camera's features, but it no longer drains as fast as it did before, especially on normal mode.

    For those wanting to know more about the latest patch, make sure to read the excerpt straight from the Outlast 2 development team's press release for this patch below:

    "While the launch of Outlast 2 has been a commercial success we have kept a close eye on the feedback from countless community members, let's players, and reviews.

    "Today's patch introduces some minor adjustments to the game's difficulty in key areas and moments. On Normal difficulty, this will offer players a more appropriately balanced experience while still maintaining higher levels of challenge on Hard and Nightmare difficulties."

  • Overkill's The Walking Dead Not Coming Until 2018

    overkills the walking dead 2018 releaseAnybody remember the announcement for Overkill's The Walking Dead game? It was quite some time ago, but it excited the entire gaming industry.

    Unfortunately, Overkill's The Walking Dead has now been delayed even further and we're unlikely to see a release date until 2018. The estimated release window for the game has now been set for the second half of 2018 by the development team behind the project.

    For those unaware, Overkill is the same team behind the popular Payday franchise. Payday 2 currently sits at roughly 10,000 peak concurrent users on Steam each day. Overkill hopes to create a game for The Walking Dead that incorporates co-op gameplay, storytelling, and robust level design that will help to heighten the game's replay value.

    While the delay is bad news for those hoping to get their hands on a new The Walking Dead game, it shows the developers aren't stuck to any time restrictions, so the end product should hopefully be well polished and closer to their initial vision of the game.

    Overkill have mentioned that they plan to share gameplay footage of their The Walking Dead game on Twitch this month, so there's certainly still something to look forward to from Overkill.

    Are you still hyped for the Overkill's The Walking Dead game or have you lost your appetite for such a game after the long wait? We still can't wait for the game to reach launch day and we're excited to see what the upcoming gameplay footage will be like.

  • New Battlefield 1 Map and Content Coming Soon

    battlefield 1 new map name of tsarA brand new Battlefield 1 map has been announced and more information has been shared about the upcoming DLC content drop that will be hitting in late summer.

    The brand new map for Battlefield 1 is named Prise de Tahure, and it will take place in the autumn after the Nivelle Offensive. This was a French and British lead offensive that took place in 1917. The official map description is as follows:

    "Prise de Tahure sees French troops desperately holding on to re-captured heights in the Butte-de-Tahure region. The frontline trench networks cut right through several villages facing obliteration from the constant skirmishing between German stormtroopers and French raiders. This is a war of attrition. Adaptability and tactics are the means to wear your adversary down."

    The new map will shortly be added to the community test environment - during test play, DICE will make any adjustments they see necessary. After that, the update will be prepared to launch alongside the upcoming The Name Of The Tsar DLC content drop.

    It's been revealed that the Name Of The Tsar DLC pack will include the Russian army as a new playable faction. An event will take place on June 10 in which more content for the upcoming DLC pack will be revealed. A full release for the DLC is set for 'this summer.'

    Are you looking forward to the upcoming content for Battlefield 1? What excites you more, the new Prise de Tahure map or the upcoming playable Russian faction?

  • Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.20

    horizon zero dawn patch 1.20A new Horizon Zero Dawn patch adds 243MB of new changes and tweaks to the game.

    The new update is patch 1.20 and it makes a number of changes to the photo feature, among other tweaks.

    With the new improved photo mode, you'll now have more poses for Aloy to use, as well as a number of new facial expressions. 3 more filters have been added too, so you can snap shots like it's going straight on Instagram. More importantly, the camera controls have been improved so that it's easier to get that perfect shot.

    The new 1.20 patch also adds some much-needed changes to the crafting menu. There are new categories now, which makes it easier to navigate through the menu. You'll also see a green check mark next to any categories that have been completed, while a white icon has been added to categories that contain recipes that can be crafted. A gray icon has been added to symbolize categories that have no recipes that can be crafted.

    Patch 1.20 has also fixed a number of gameplay progression bugs that have previously stopped players from progressing through the game. A large number of smaller tweaks have been added too, including the option to be able to sell entire stacks of items to merchants by doubling tapping the square icon.

    What do you think of the latest patch? Are you likely to use the photo mode in Horizon Zero Dawn?

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