• The Division Xbox One Alpha is This Week

    the division xbox one alpha

    Unfortunately Ubisoft has pushed back the beta for Tom Clancy's The Division and it will no longer be available till some point next year. The exact date for the pushed back beta hasn't been chosen yet but Ubisoft has mentioned that it should be available in "early 2016."

    Luckily there is still an option for anybody hoping to try out or at least view some early live gameplay footage for The Division. Despite the beta being pushed back, the invite alpha stage on the Xbox One will still be taking place. The alpha for The Division is set to happen from December 9 until December 12. Sign ups are available for the alpha stage and you'll be placed on a priority list if you pre-order The Division for Xbox One but even then there is no guarantee you'll be given access.

    Instead, Ubisoft will be adding players into the alpha on an "as needed" basis. The beta, which will now be taking next year, won't have such strange availability as the alpha does. If you have pre-ordered The Division you will be given guaranteed beta access.

    If you do manage to get into the alpha this week you'll be required to install the 23.2GB alpha client. There doesn't seem to be a pre-load period so if you're on a limited speed internet connection you may struggle to get the download complete on the first day.

    There will be an NDA for this upcoming alpha this week so that means players aren't allowed to share gameplay content or stream The Division live. We'd be surprised if footage doesn't manage to slip through the cracks though.

  • TitanFall Alpha Extended, Users Upload Clips Under NDA

    TitanFall Alpha NDA

    Although Respawn Entertainment aren't yet sure on the status of a Beta for their upcoming FPS game TitanFall, an Alpha has been going on for the last few days, and a lot of players that have managed to get into the closed alpha are very impressed with the game so far.

    It seems Respawn has loved the positive response to their game so much that they decided to extended the closed alpha to Monday, and whilst most players kept their lips sealed whilst under the NDA that prohibits the recording of alpha gameplay footage, like pretty much every public closed alpha or beta out there, some bad eggs decided to break the rules and record footage anyway, and then upload it to the internet.

    What this means for us is that we get to have a sneak peak of the game before it's full release. We get to see unscripted, real, live bug-filled alpha gameplay in all of it's glory, and as expected, it's looking pretty amazing.

    One thing I do have gripes with though is the AI performance - from what I've seen the most common AI, the grunts, are absolutely incapable of landing a kill on you. Instead, they crouch there, occasionally spraying bullets into your back before you have enough time to finish what you’re doing, turn around, and kill them within seconds.

    Respawn has said that the grunts will most likely stay this way, but I'm not sure if many players will be happy with this. Hopefully balancing will be done upon release.

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