• Listing for Mass Effect on the PS4 Appears on Amazon

    mass effect ps4I don't know how it happens, but once again somebody has made a mistake on Amazon and has accidentally posted up a product listing that really shouldn't be there. Recently, a product listing for Mass Effect for the PlayStation 4 was found on Amazon, however after it was shared across the web, it was shortly removed from the website, confirming that it shouldn't have really been there in the first place.

    Whether or not it was an accident, or a smartly placed marketing attempt by BioWare, it's clear that something Mass Effect related might just be coming to the PlayStation 4 soon. The description for the Mass Effect product listing on Amazon wasn't filled with much details, so we have been left to speculate.

    It's very unlikely the listing was relating to the new Mass Effect game as there is still a lot of work that needs to be done before the game is ready for promotion. Instead, I personally think the listing could be suggesting a new PS4 port for the original Mass Effect game.

    If i'm correct, then perhaps we could expect a full port of the entire original trilogy to next gen consoles. If we get an HD remake on top of that too, I'd be most impressed, but that may be pushing it a little bit.

    Oddly, the game only mentioned a PlayStation 4 release for the product listing, but this could simply be because the listing was not fully completed before it was put online. The release date for the listing was December 31st 2014, which sounds like a rough placeholder date. Hopefully we'll hear something from BioWare about this.

  • More Listings Suggest Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition for PS4 and Xbox One

    sleeping dogs ps4A little while ago, a few listings popped up on the internet that suggested a brand new HD rendition for Sleeping Dogs was heading for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but since that listing we haven’t heard anything official from Square Enix.

    This week, that hasn't changed, however a brand new listing has appeared on Amazon, giving more details on what looks to be the Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition.

    According to the new Amazon listing, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition will cost $59.99, and will be released on December 31st, 2014. Pre-orders from Amazon are already available though, which almost confirms that the new HD remake of Sleeping Dogs is actually happening.

    Whether or not the December 31st date is the actual launch date is unclear at this point in time - Amazon have been known to put inaccurate release dates on pre-order listings, however in most instances like this, the release date ends up being much sooner.

    Not many details have been listed on the new Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Amazon listing, however a limited edition art book packaging has been listed as a pre-order bonus for the game.

    According to rumors, the $59.99 price tag for Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition will give players access to the full original 2012 game, along with $85 worth of previously released Sleeping Dogs DLC.

    Hopefully we'll hear something a little more official from Square Enix in the next few weeks - in the meantime we only have Amazon's listing to go by.

  • Is Call of Duty World at War 2 Coming?

    cod world at war 2Right now, everyone who may be slightly interested in Call of Duty will be keeping their main attention on Advanced Warfare, however it's pretty likely that both Infinity Ward and Treyarch are working behind the scenes to create the next upcoming Call of Duty titles, after Advanced Warfare.

    Advanced Warfare looks to change up quite a lot in the Call of Duty franchise, but for those that aren't too happy about the changes, and would rather take it old school, you may be interested in the following information.

    Apparently, Amazon slipped up and momentarily leaked a brand new cover image for Call of Duty World at War 2. Whilst this information can't be verified, it's certainly clear that Treyarch will be returning in 2015 with a new Call of Duty game, and it could be very possible that World at War 2 will be the next game in the series, after Advanced Warfare.

    If this is the case, the 2015 Call of Duty game will be the first title to go back to the past, instead of focusing on present day or future scenarios. I think that a lot of fans will appreciate a World at War 2, as it's been a long time since we've seen a decent WW2 based shooter.

    Right now, all PR will be focused on Advanced Warfare, so we probably won't hear anything about World at War till after AW has been released.

    Get ready for Advanced Warfare now with the Evil Controller's Master Mod available for Xbox One and Xbox 360! Check us out at

  • Sony Reports that Current Demand for PS4 Won't Be Met Till February

    Well if you're one of the lucky ones to have a PS4 then you don't have to worry. But those who have yet been able to grab one, you might still have to wait a bit. Sony is having the sale of their lives and it seems regardless of their plans of constantly restocking retailers, the demand is far from being met.

    During an interview with the Gardian, SCE CEO Andrew House said that Sony doesn't expect that they will be able to fulfill demands until even February. He said, "So I'd characterise it as being somewhat supply-challenged for the remainder of the calendar year, but hopefully we’ll be able to satisfy that pent-up demand as we get out to January and February."

    As of now, despite the unavailability, Sony expects the PS4 to outsell the PS3 within the firs fiscal year. Since its launch in November 2006 till March 2007, the PS3 sold a total of 3.5 million units. Standing by their initial assessment, they are expecting that the PS4 will sell 5 million units during the same 5 month time period.

    Currently they are anticipating their sales to hit 3 million by the end of 2013, and last we heard they sold 2.1 million units worldwide. The PS4 is currently available in 48 countries and will launch in their strongest market, Japan, in February. So what do you guys think, will they be able to reach the 5 million mark by March?138

  • Price Drop on Xbox One Titles At Amazon

    Xbox One Discount Exclusive Games

    If you're hoping to bag yourself a deal without having to deal with competition with other shoppers on Black Friday, you may want to hop over to Amazon because they have just temporarily reduced the price of some of the current available Xbox One games.

    All three blockbuster Xbox One exclusive launch titles have been reduced in price; this includes Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, and Ryse: Son of Rome.

    All three games will be reduced in price by $10, taking their $59.99 price tag to just under $50 bucks.

    On top of this, these copies of the game are Day One editions, which means you'll be able to bag yourself exclusive content that will not be available to anyone other than early purchasers or pre-ordered copies.

    For Ryse: Son of Rome this includes an exclusive box art and new unlockable gladiator items. The Dead Rising 3 Day One edition comes bundled with an exclusive box art as well, along with the exclusive tribute pack which pays homage to Frank West, the protagonist of the first two games by including extra features such as a Classic Frank West costume, Frank's Zombie Slugger weapon, exclusive special attacks, a custom skill move and perks for added melee damage and health.

    Forza Motorsport 5 Day One Edition comes packed with the Day One Edition car pack exclusive to the early purchasers which includes the 2010 Audio TT RS Coupe, the 2013 Ford Focus ST and the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggara.

  • For $10 you can swap your Current Gen Games to Next Gen through Microsoft Store, Amazon or Best Buy

    The transition to a new generation of consoles isn't exactly the most convenient thing in the world. Firstly you have to fork out money for the new console, and then you have to invest in new controllers, new games and new peripherals. On top of this, this time round we won't be able to play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One so if you want to play games like Battlefield 4, COD Ghosts or FIFA 14 on the new generation console, you'll have to go out and buy the Xbox One version.

    Luckily, Microsoft is making the transition a lot easier and a lot less tight on your wallets. You will be able to 'trade in' your current gen copy of games and in return receive a next gen version. For example, if you have purchased COD Ghosts for the Xbox 360 but want to play it with your buddies when they get it on Xbox One, you'll be able to drastically reduce the cost of the Xbox One version by trading in the Xbox 360 version.

    In fact, you'll only have to fork out another $10 to receive a copy of the game on Xbox One.

    Unfortunately this deal seems to only be available on Amazon, the Microsoft Store and Best Buy and will probably be exclusive to the US. Currently there doesn't seem to be any similar deal for PlayStation either.

  • PlayStation 4 Amazon Pre-orders delivering on launch day, Sony ramping up production

    If you were worried about Sony running out of PlayStation 4's due to production issues before, you now don't need to worry.

    Firstly, Sony are pushing hard to produce as many PlayStation 4's as needed, and that high demand should hopefully be met with enough consoles spare for the shelves on launch day. A leaked image has shown boxes upon boxes of PlayStation 4's leaving a manufacturing warehouse so the PS4 is definitely now in mass production.

    Another good piece of news for those that haven't pre-ordered yet is that you still have a chance to pre-order and receive a console on launch day. Amazon are ensuring that any pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 console, even if they are just being pre-ordered now, will get the pre-orderer their console on launch day.

    However, if you do want to pre-order from Amazon and haven't yet, you will need to pre-order a bundled version that costs $459. This is the same bundle as the standard launch edition except that it includes an extra controller.

  • Gaming's Next Generation Amazon Poll

    If you have been persuaded to not get an Xbox One as a result of the E3 press conferences or what you have read online, you might not be the only one.

    Amazon recently asked their consumers to vote on one simple thing: Would you prefer an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4? The results that followed were staggering, and it showed that the most vocal gamers are choosing the PlayStation's next console, the PS4 over the Xbox One. While the results of the survey may not pan out as poorly for Microsoft as it may appear, it cannot be a good thing for Microsoft to see.

    The vote ended with a huge 38,984 votes for the PS4, and just 2,162 votes for the Xbox One. The PS4 received close to 20 times the amount of votes the Xbox One did.

    It will be interesting to see what changes Microsoft might make in their policies to respond to the negative press or what new reveals they might have to settle consumer worries.

  • Mirrors Edge 2 Listing Shown on Amazon

    Amazon's German site has recently posted a listing for Mirror's Edge 2, a game that carries on from the first back in 2008, and hasn't yet been confirmed or announced by EA.

    The page didn't show any information on the game and lacked a release date, as well as using placeholder box art for the product image. Back in November 2012, EA Easy general manager Ben Cousins did confirm the Mirrors Edge 2 was under development, stating on Twitter that "It is general knowledge in the Stockholm dev scene that Mirror's Edge 2 is in production at DICE."

    However, there hasn't been any information on the title since.

    Seeing as E3 is now just around the corner, it'd make sense that the 3D action FPS platformer may make its announcement at E3 and will be revealed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360.

    More information on what the new game will include is currently unknown, and seeing as the last game was released in 2008, and in 2009 for a PC port of the game, I have a feeling DICE has something exciting in store for us in Mirrors Edge 2.

  • Amazon Pre-order Page for Battlefield 4 Up

    Battlefield up for Pre-order

    Many were expecting a next-gen release for Battlefield 4, so for DICE to suddenly jump into action with gameplay footage and pre-order information so early in the year, it certainly was an interesting surprise for a lot of us.

    The game has recently been confirmed for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, and following on from that, Amazon has uploaded a pre-order page for the fourth game in the series.

    A digital dog tag bonus will be rewarded to those who pre-order from Amazon, and a similar offer will be available to those who pre-order from GameStop. However, pre-orders from GameStop will also get players a premium expansion pack for the game.

    GameStop has also said that after the 17 minute release trailer for Battlefield 4, the game reached the pre-order charts at number 1 on the Xbox 360, and number 2 for PS3.

    Despite the current generation release, Battlefield 4 is rumored to still make a release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 as well upon the release of these consoles.

    Battlefield 4 will release sometime this Fall for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

    Are you looking forward to Battlefield 4?



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