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  • Tekken 7 Console Dates Revealed

    tekken 7If you're a fan of the Tekken fighting game series then you'll know that it's been a long wait for the proper release of Tekken 7. Since Tekken 6 we've had new Street Fighter Titles, a new Mortal Kombat game and even a new Killer Instinct exclusive for the Xbox One.

    Thankfully, we can finally confirm that Tekken 7 will be making it's way to consoles soon across the globe. The bad news is that Bandai Namco will not be able to meet the 'early 2017' window they had previously set for the fighting game title. Now, Tekken 7 will be launched later in the year.

    "We were trying our best to get the game out at that time," project lead Katsuhiro Harada mentioned to GameSpot when referring to the 'early 2017' launch window at a press event held in Tokyo earlier this month.

    Harada continued by saying "We saw some title, some our own, some from others, which didn't have a very good launch because of lack of content, or whatever it was, and it caused players to bash the product."

    Understandably, the Tekken 7 team wanted to avoid this same route, and as a result, the console release has been pushed back to June 2, 2017.

    Harada wanted to clear a few things up about the chosen date. "Although this is the first time we've actually announced a date, it wasn't always June. It came through a process and we made some hard decisions and that was the result. Early was probably March or April from your average perspective. We realize it's not 'early,' I'm so sorry!"

  • Take Part in the NA Tekken 7 Promotional Tour Running Throughout 2016

    king of the iron fist 2016

    Tekken 7: The King of the Iron First will be a promotional tour for Tekken that will be making it's way through the competitive scene during 2016. The tournament will take place across North America with a variety of events opening up to allow players to participate.

    There will be a number of events where any player can turn up to take part and the events will take place throughout the rest of the year until November 6. The list of areas supporting events can be seen below. If you'd like to see event locations and dates you should visit the Bandai Namco website.

    + Portland, OR

    + Atlana, GA

    + St. Louis, MO

    + Des Moines, WA

    + Minneapolis, MN

    + Chicago, IL

    + Philadelphia, PA

    + Sacramento, CA

    + Richmond, VA

    + Austin, TX

    + Southern California

    + Toronto, Canada

    + Pittsburgh, PA

    Some locations, such as Chicago, will have multiple events. All events will have a $3,000 price pool, whilst the final will have a $20,000 prize pool. Currently the final location and event date has not yet been announced but we should see it before the end of the year.

    If you have ever wanted to be a part of the Tekken eSports scene now is your chance to take part. This event will be happening throughout the year but some events have already taken place. If you'd like to secure your chance as a Tekken 7 finalist you'll need to check the dates and locations on the website.

  • New SoulCalibur Could be Coming

    new soulcaliburWith all of the most recent fighting game releases, it would only be fitting to have a new SoulCalibur game somewhere along the way too. Surprisingly, this might actually happen. The development wing at Bandai Namco responsible for the SoulCalibur series has just posted something on their social media pages, suggesting that a new SoulCalibur game could be coming.

    On their Facebook page, the SoulCalibur developers posted a poll that asked fans about their favorite characters in the game franchise. Fans were only allowed one vote and the post stated that it would be used to help "Determine precisely who are the favorite characters of the community." The post then went on to say, "Project Soul is probably preparing something huge... Stay tuned and spread the news!"

    Whilst this doesn't directly confirm that a new SoulCalibur game is in the works, they did mention that this had nothing to do SoulCalibur Lost Swords but was designed for the SoulCalibur brand in general. Lost Swords was a free to play game set in the SoulCalibur universe that was released last year. As you can imagine, a lot of fans were a little upset about this release, and everybody is impatiently waiting for the next big real game.

    We're all hoping for a SoulCalibur 6 and it could definitely be coming. We may get something else instead, but something new from the Soul team is on it's way. Let's hope Bandai Namco reveals something soon.

  • Three New Tekken 7 Characters Announced

    new tekken 7 charactersAs part of a celebration on the 20th anniversary stream on Nico Nico, three more characters have been confirmed for Tekken 7, and they will be making their way into the game at various points throughout 2015.

    Two of the three characters are returning favorites, whilst one is a completely brand new character named Josie Rizal. Not much information has been shared about Josie, although it has been confirmed that her nationality is filipino. The release date for Josie Rizal has not yet been set, and Bandai Namco have simply stated that she will be added to the game "soon."

    For those that are aware of Filipino history, you'll know that the name Josie Rizal is way too similar to Jose Rizal for it to be a coincidence. Jose Rizal is considered a national hero in the Philippines and lived in the 1800s.

    The other two characters are two favorites that we all expected to see in Tekken 7 a lot sooner. The first is Jin Kazama, and the second is Devil Jin. Whilst Josie does not yet have a release date, Bandai Namco did announce on the live stream that standard Jin will be added to the game on March 31 as the first new character.

    One week later on April 7, Devil Jin will also be added to Tekken 7.

    I think it's great to see Jin being finally added to Tekken 7, and it's also quite interesting to see Bandai Namco adding a brand new character to the game as well.

  • Three New Games Announced by Bandai Namco

    New Bandai Namco GamesBandai Namco have been pretty silent recently, but that has just changed as they have just announced three new titles that they plan to release over the next 2 years. Unfortunately, the three games being published in 2015 and 2016 aren't exactly what some players may be looking for.

    Unless you're a fan of simulator games, then you'll be pleasantly surprised. The new game lineup includes Professional Farming 2016 and Professional Lumberjack 2015 and 2016.

    In an announcement, the VP of Bandai Namco Europe stated that, "We are thrilled to be collaborating with UIG Entertainment on these three exciting titles, including Professional Lumberjack 2015 and 2016 from the popular video game series, and Professional Farming 2016, the New Farm Simulator."

    Surprisingly, a lot of the recent simulator games, such as Professional Farming, have been very successful in recent years, and it looks like Bandai Namco are trying hard to capture any areas of the gaming industry they can profit from.

    I have personally never touched a farming simulator game, so I'll be interested to see how well both the Professional Farming and Professional Lumberjack franchises perform in the next few years.

    Are you a fan of farming simulator games, or would you prefer Bandai Namco to put more effort into other franchises?

  • New Tekken 7 Character Revealed

    tekken 7 shaheenA brand new Tekken 7 character has been revealed - the new character is of Arab origins and was previously teased in late 2014. Named Shaheen, the new Tekken 7 character will be joining the full character roster upon Tekken 7's release.

    Previously, a character named Lucky Chloe was announced for Tekken 7, and the developers received a lot of criticism, and as a result, she was removed from the western version of the game.

    At the time, the developers suggested that another character would take the place of Lucky Chloe, but it's unclear whether Shaheen was designed to be the replacement character, or whether he was planned to be released alongside Lucky Chloe.

    Either way, it's likely that there may be more characters planned for reveal for Tekken 7 in the near future. Previously, a latin American character named Katarina was announced, and a male counterpart, Claudio was revealed alongside her.

    That means there are currently four new characters we know about so far, and previous Tekken characters will also be making a return, including Kazuya, Paul Phoenix, King and Heihachi.

    So far, it's looking like the lineup for Tekken 7 may be the best yet - there is certainly a large variety of cultures within the upcoming game, and both seasoned players and newcomers to the series should enjoy the wide variety of characters to choose from.

    Tekken 7 will be released exclusively in Japan arcades this February for a short time, before being released to consoles in the East, and then in the West further on in the year.

  • Tekken 7 Introduces 2-Player "Same Side" Fighting

    tekken 7 fightingIn a new announcement, Bandai Namco have revealed that Tekken 7 will have a brand new game mechanic that could help some players who struggle adapting to different sides of the screen.

    Within Tekken 7, players will now be able to head into the settings menu and choose which side they would like their character to be displayed on. Once chosen, players will be able to jump into a game, and the camera will either remain stable, or will flip, depending on what side the player chose within the settings menu.

    In previous Tekken games, players were forced to play on whichever side of the screen was assigned to them, so this new feature in Tekken 7 should come as a pleasant surprise.

    To explain it better - imagine player 1 gets paired up against a player online. Player 1 takes the left side of the screen, whilst player 2 takes the right side. Player 1 may have put the right side as their preference, and as a result, the camera will be flipped to make it appear as if their character is on the side of the screen they like to use the most.

    Flipping the camera will mean that directional moves and combos will also be affected. Personally, I think this is a nice option for new players, but veteran Tekken players will most likely prefer to avoid using this feature.

    Some may even argue that it’s an important part of the game to be able to adapt to whichever screen side you start on. What are your thoughts on this new Tekken 7 feature?

  • Project Cars Delayed Till 2015

    project cars 2015Whilst DriveClub has finally released this month, the other upcoming racing sim we've all been waiting for has had yet another delay, pushing it back past the holiday season and on to next year.

    The game I'm talking about is of course Project Cars, and the developers have recently confirmed that after talks they have decided to push back the game, but the reason for the delay may not be what you may have expected.

    Considering that Project Cars was set for a release in November, it's understandable to think that Bandai Namco may have wanted to push it back a month or two, simply because there are just so many other games planned for release next month. (Call of Duty, Halo, GTA V, to name a few..)

    However, Bandai have taken the plunge to release the game next year instead, and their reason behind this involves both wanting to stay away from the huge competition in November, and to have more time to fine tune the title.

    "Our goal has always been to deliver a landmark title that encompasses the wishes and desires of racing fans from all around the world; something with features and content powered by the community that provide a truly unforgettable and pioneering experience," Ian Bell of Slightly Mad Studios revealed.
    "Whilst a tough decision to make, the change in release date allows the game the greatest chance of success and visibility, and the opportunity to polish the game even further to the high standards that both ourselves and our community demand and expect. We're eager for you all to see what we've been working on in just a few months."

  • Dark Souls 2 DLC Release Pushed Back

    dark souls ivory kingGame release delays happen quite often, but it's rare that we see a DLC pushed backed further than it's planned release date, but this is happened with the latest Dark Souls 2 DLC, Crown of the Ivory King.

    Crown of the Ivory King is set to be the third DLC pack for Dark Souls 2, and has been revealed to take players on a journey through a frozen, abandoned territory that has blinding snowstorms and freezing temperatures to keep players on their feet. Coast of the Ivory King will also come with a wide range of ice themed monsters as well.

    The Crown of the Ivory King DLC pack for Dark Souls 2 was originally planned for release on September 24th, but without much notice, Bandai Namco have announced that they have pushed back the release of the DLC to September 30th for Steam and Xbox Live, and October 1st for the PlayStation Network.

    No explanation was given as to why the DLC was pushed back, but it seems logical to assume that the developers have not had enough time to fully polish the new content.

    On top of the new story content, Crown of the Ivory King will add in a new game mechanic into Dark Souls 2. The new gameplay element, named followers, will allow players to gather AI allies as they progress through the game. Each AI character will be able to help players in tough boss battles to bring down the difficulty.

  • Tekken 7 Extended Trailer Shown at Comic-Con

    Tekken 7 extended trailerAfter the recent pre-announcement slip-up for Tekken 7 earlier in the month, it looks like Bandai Namco have taken to the stage at this year's Comic-Con to do themselves justice. The developers of the latest Tekken games have just released a brand new extended trailer to officially announce Tekken, without any leaks getting in the way this time.

    The new Tekken 7 trailer is just over 3 minutes in length, and depicts part of the story the franchise the game has already laid out in previous games. Whilst it may be an exciting watch for many fans of the franchise, the latest extended Tekken 7 trailer didn't really do enough to draw many people in, and it will definitely have a tough time going up against Mortal Kombat X, a game which has recently had a reveal trailer that depicts some very epic fight scenes.

    Whilst we haven't seen any actual gameplay of Tekken 7 yet, we can expect the game to look absolutely incredible, thanks to the new Unreal Engine 4, which series game director and producer Katsuhiro Harada announced the game to be developed on.

    It will definitely be a fierce battle between Mortal Kombat X and Tekken 7, and I personally cannot wait to see some actual live gameplay of both games in the near future.

    Tekken 7 has not yet got a set release date, however it is likely that the game will be released within the next year. Tekken 7 will definitely make it to the PS4 and Xbox One, but it could possible be released for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 as well.

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