Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

  • Shockwave is an Illegal Move in CWL Matches

    shockwave infinite warfare bannedAfter a lot of discussion from esports analysts and pro players, the Shockwave ability in Infinite Warfare has finally been banned in CWL matches.

    Going forward, any CWL matches will no longer allow the Shockwave ability and we wouldn't be surprised if other event organizers outside of the CWL circuit follow suit.

    For those unaware, the Shockwave ability was something that the Merc combat rig could use if they equipped it on their loadout. With Shockwave, players were able to jump into the air and then use thrusters to quickly hit the ground below them, killing any players in the nearby area. Because of the verticality of many Infinite Warfare maps, it was too easy for Merc players to get the high ground and take easy kills on players passing by.

    To begin with, Shockwave wasn't too difficult to counter, but in April the Shockwave received a buff that made it hard to counter. Unsurprisingly, Shockwave has now received a ban from CWL events - we'd expect it to get a slight nerf in the near future.

    Interestingly enough, the Infusion trait is also currently banned at CWL events, so Merc players will be limited to the Man-At-Arms trait, which allows players to have maximum ammo capacity and increased mobility.

    It's great to see CWL looking out for their community like this. Have you tried the newly updated Shockwave trait yet? Do you think it's overpowered? Let us know by leaving a message below.

  • Final Call of Duty Infinite Warfare DLC Lands

    call of duty infinite warfare continuum dlcWhile it may not be long before the next Call of Duty game launches, a brand new DLC pack for Infinite Warfare has just released. The new DLC pack includes a number of new multiplayer maps and some other new gameplay content.

    The new DLC for Infinite Warfare is called Continuum and it adds four new multiplayer maps and a brand new game mode called Shuffle Zombies. The new DLC expansion is currently only available for the PlayStation 4, but it will push out to Xbox One and PC in around a month's time.

    For those interested in the DLC, you'll need to pick it up in the PSN Store for $15.

    The four new maps for the new Continuum Infinite Warfare DLC are Turista, Scrap, Archive, and Excess. The official map descriptions have been provided below:

    Turista is nestled in the middle of a giant skeleton of an ancient creature. With sniper spots scattered across a majestic, central waterfall, Turista also boasts tight interiors for fans of close-quartered combat and a three-lane design that caters to a variety of play styles.

    Scrap is set in an abandoned junkyard on the Moon. Scrap features a combination of extended sightlines and tactical pathways that reward players who engage in both long and short range combat.

    Archive features fast, frenetic engagements. It's a post-futurist art gallery where tight engagements contrast with open exterior battlegrounds in this wide three-lane style map.

    Perched atop a gilded penthouse in a sprawling future metropolis, Excess is a small, circular map re-imagined from the classic Modern Warfare 2 map, Rust, that retains the intense, fast-paced combat from the original.

  • New Infinite Warfare Weapons and Voice Packs

    infinite warfare weapons voice packsInfinite Warfare has received a new update which includes new weapons, new voice packs and more.

    Although the Infinite Warfare update cycle may soon be nearing its end, a recent update has been pushed out to PS4, Xbox One, and PC servers. The new update, which is patch 1.12, introduces a number of new features and purchasable items within the Infinite Warfare store menu.

    First things first, two new voice packs have been added to the store. The first voice pack is a run-of-the-mill UK Special Forces pack. The second is a little more exciting. The next voice pack features phrases and words of advice from Method Man, an American rapper perhaps best known for his part in the Wu-Tang clan.

    Two new weapons have also been added to Infinite Warfare in the latest update. First up is the VPR - this is a full-auto ballistic SMG. It has dual barrels and dual magazines for faster fire rate and reload times.

    The second new weapon is the X-Eon - a brand new full auto energy rifle. It has accurate hip fire and built-in detection optics with its default scope.

    Three new animated camos have also been added in the latest update. This includes a circuit board style camo, an energetic red light wave camo, and green pulse heartbeat sensor camo.

    A number of other tweaks have been released in the latest 1.12 update for Infinite Warfare, including small changes to the infected lunge range and various leaderboard fixes.

  • Big Infinite Warfare Patch Hits Servers

    infinite warfare type-2In preparation for CWL Dallas, a brand new Infinite Warface patch has hit servers across all platforms.

    The new patch includes a number of bug fixes and tweaks, but most importantly has made some adjustments to some weapons. The highlight for this patch's weapon balancing is the changes to the KBAR and the Type-2.

    The KBAR and NV4 have now both been nerfed, while the Type-2 has been buffed, which makes it one of the most viable weapons in competitive play.

    Below, the full weapon balancing changes for the latest Infinite Warfare patch have been listed.

    • Type-2 (AR mode)- Slight increase to the fire rate and a decrease to ADS recoil
    • Type-2- Slight increase to hip fire spread when in akimbo mode
    • Volk- Increase to the 3 bullet hit kill range
    • Titan- Slightly increase to the fire rate and an increase to the 4 bullet hit kill range
    • KBAR- Slightly decrease to the 4 bullet hit kill range
    • NV4- Slightly increase to the ADS recoil
    • R-VN- Increase to the 3 bullet hit kill range
    • Widowmaker- Reduced delay between bullets within the burst
    • DMR- Slight decrease to the ADS time
    • EBR-800 (AR mode)- Increase to the 5 bullet hit kill range
    • EBR-800 (Sniper mode)- Reduce ADS sway speed

    With the latest patch, it's now also possible for players to kill each other at the same time. If players use their weapons simultaneously, both players can drop dead. To begin with, this feature can be switched on in custom game lobbies, but will be switched off for public games

  • CWL Global Pro League Stage 1 to start April 20

    cwl pro league 2017Looking for information on Call of Duty esports? This is where it all starts.

    We haven't heard much in the way of Call of Duty esports news so far this year. Fortunately, an announcement has now been made for the beginning of the CWL Global Pro League in 2017. It has recently been confirmed that stage 1 of the pro league will start on April 20.

    The CWL Global Pro League is a weekly LAN league for Call of Duty that will see teams from all over the world battle it out in their local arenas. Just before stage 1, an open event will take place on March 17 until March 19. This will be the CWL Dallas Open and will be the most important event this year for teams to earn the chance to gain points to qualify for the GPL.

    "The CWL Dallas Open is the final event where teams and their rosters can earn CWL Pro Points for a chance to qualify to Stage 1 of the CWL Global Pro League, beginning April 20."

    "The CWL Global Pro League, taking place live at the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio, will include 16 teams worldwide over two stages of the competition, each with a hefty prize pool."

    More open events will take place throughout the year and they'll all lead up to the GPL, which will be the biggest opportunity for teams to gain points for one of the limited 16 slots available in the final tournament.

  • COD MLG Atlanta Will Host with $200,000 Prize Pool

    cod-mlg-atlanta-200000-prize-poolThe next COD World League is going to be absolutely huge.

    The next big COD event to look out for is without a doubt going to be MLG Atlanta. To make the event even more enticing, MLG senior director Adam Apicella has recently announced that the event will include a massive $200,000 prize pool.

    MLG Atlanta is exactly the kind of event the COD scene needs to help it grow. The event will feature over 176 teams from NA, EU & APAC - any team that wants to have the chance to participate in the event will need to register up for GameBattles Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, CWL Ladders & Online Tournaments - by winning tournaments teams will have the opportunity to win CWL pro points. Win enough, and your team will get themselves a ticket to the big event.

    While some teams will receive invitations to the event, others may have to pay their way into the competition. Currently, team passes are going for $299.99 and will allow access to four players and 1 coach. If you're more interested in attending the event to watch the games, you can also purchase a General Admission Pass, which will grant you 3-day access to the event, or alternatively a VIP pass for $149.99.

    The VIP pass includes three-day entry, a VIP Hoodie, VIP Seating, VIP Lounge Access and earlier access to the venue.

    As for scheduling, the event starts on February 10 - check-in starts at 8:00 AM EDT and doors open at 11:00 AM for VIPs and players. For general admissions, doors will open at 12:00 PM.

  • New Infinite Warfare Rosters Flooding In


    The Infinite Warfare competitive scene is already heating up - we're getting plenty of organising new teams and players and new rosters are getting started up on the daily. In this article we'll provide an overview of some of the current Infinite Warfare rosters that have recently been announced.

    First off, let's start with Rise Nation - this organization has recently poached a few players from Elevate. They now have a lineup that includes Loony, Aqua, Faccento and Felony. The latter three of which originally came from the Elevate org.

    NAMELESS has also opted to create a new roster - he has teamed up with Havok, StuDyy and Nagafen - they are currently looking for organization opportunities and we imagine that'll be an offer that gets picked up pretty quickly.

    Another team that has recently been formed for the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare team includes ProoF, Nelson, SinfuL and TwiZz.

    We have one more team to announce and like the previous two, this team does not yet have an organization to back them. The team in question includes Qwiker, who has recently left HyperGames. Carbines, Colgate and Zerg.

    The new infinite Warfare competitive scene is going to be an interesting one. We can't wait for the roster swaps to settle down a little bit and see how well each of the newly formed teams perform against some of the longer standing rosters.

    Are you excited to see new Infinite Warfare rosters form? Let us know your opinions - we'd love to hear them!

  • Team Solomid say Goodbye to COD Roster

    team solomid drops cod roster

    Surprise, surprise. After the lack of success from the Team Solomid COD roster at the CDL Stage 2 playoffs, Team Solomid has now dropped their COD roster completely.

    Earlier in the year Team Rush was acquired by Team Solomid, but it's clear that it didn't take the organization long to realize that this may not be the team they need. Despite the short stay with the roster, Team Solomid made sure to release a statement long enough to explain their decisions for the move.

    Team Solomid saw Team Rush as a potential dark horse, especially after coming 8th place in Stage 1 and putting up a good fight against Team Optic, but it seems that their recent poor performance is the key reason for the organization's choice to drop the roster. In the statement, Team Solomid mentioned, "Unfortunately, they were unable to consistently maintain that level of play, and it is a great shame that the team finished near the bottom of the rankings in the World League Stage 2. For this reason, we will be parting ways with our Call of Duty roster consisting of Cole 'ColeChan' Chancey, Jonathan 'Pacman' Tucker, Andrew 'Ivy' Ivers, and Jamal 'Whea7s' Lee."

    Not only have TSM dropped their new COD team, but they will be taking time away for the Call of Duty team for the time being. TSM has a number of other teams in other games, including a North American League of Legends team and a North American Counter Strike: Global Offensive team.

  • Hundred Thieves Lets Go of COD Players

    hundred thieves drops roster

    Hundred Thieves has now dropped their latest COD roster. Whilst the organization remains dedicated to the scene, it looks like they're hoping to find better luck with new opportunities in the near future.

    A lot has happened within the Hundred Thieves org to suggest why the roster drop is now happening, but the real reason hasn't been specifically mentioned by either the organization itself or the organization owners.

    In the past Hundred Thieves had quite a poor performance at CWL so it could be possible that the organization is looking for a stronger roster of players that can help them reach higher heights within the competitive scene. The only announcement for the roster release was posted on the Hundred Thieves Twitter and it stated the following:

    "With Season 2 wrapped up, we've decided to release our Call of Duty roster. Thank you for your support, we'll be back stronger than ever."

    Whilst it's admittedly disappointing to see the roster say goodbye to the organization, we're quite excited to see where Hundred Thieves goes next, and we're also curious to see what happens to the players among the ex-roster. With that being said, CWL is starting this week so it looks like we've got a lot of other things to put our attention to before we get the chance to see where Hundred Thieves heads next.

    Do you think Hundred Thieves and Nadeshot made the right call to drop their most recent roster? What players do you think the organization will attempt to pick up next?

  • COD World Championship Starting September 2

    CODXP World Championship 2016

    We recently posted about the upcoming BioShock collection being released in September and today we have some more news to get you excited for the 9th month of the year. The next COD World Championship will be taking place from September 2 to September 4 during CODXP 2016.

    For those unaware, the CODXP event will be held in Los Angeles. On top of the eSports championship, the three day event will be home to a number of other activities and happenings, including Call of Duty VR, real life Nuketown paintball, and a closer look at Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered. As far as we're aware, those who purchase tickets should be able to take part in the VR events. We're not so sure about how the paintball event will work but we should hear more from the CODXP event hosts about that soon.

    As for the eSports tournament, the event will see 32 teams battle it out for a huge prize pool. The prize pool will see some funds from the CWL 2016. The prize pool will sit at $2 million, topping out the total prize winnings from CWL events in 2016 to a huge $3.5 million.

    There are different packages for fans that are wishing to attend the event. Whilst some tickets with extra privileges go for $199, the cheapest entry level ticket is going for $50. Fans will get access to the three-day event for $50, and all tickets will include additional digital content for Infinite Warfare.

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