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Next-Gen Console Games You Should Look Forward to

Next-Gen Console Games You Should Look Forward to

While developers continue to take advantage of the high processing power of new consoles, the next-gen is going through a strange phase. After all, many games are on hold since the start of COVID-19. But as the release of next-gen games draws near, the market attraction has started to increase. As of early 2022, the next-gen games are about to...

Lionhead Currently Working on Brand New IP

Whilst part of Lionhead is currently hard at work on the brand new multiplayer-centric Fable Legends, new information suggests that Peter Molyneux's ex game development studio will also be working on another project, completely separate from the Fable universe. According to Lionhead creative director Gary Carr, there is currently a team of eight working on trying to "build the next...
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