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Dead or Alive 5 Last Round has Almost $100 Worth of DLC

Whether or not you're okay with the dozens of dollars worth of DLC content in Evolve generally comes down to how you feel about the whole practice of selling you content after the game has been completed, but it's not just Evolve that features staggering amounts of paid-for content. In fact, Team Ninja have recently released details on what new...

Promotions at Evil Controllers Skyrocket!

Evil Controllers Promotions We here at Evil Controllers had a very eventful past year, but that doesn't mean we have stopped doing our giveaways. As a matter of fact, we decided to give more away!   Recently, we hit one million controllers created on our Controller Creator. A momentous occasion considering we just started the Controller Creator back in August...

Girl Gaming Month - Brynne

Girl Gaming - Brynne  

Girl Gamer Month - Danyell

Girl Gamer Month

Girl Gamer Month - Megan

Girl Gamer Month  

Dead or Alive 5 Gets New DLC Christmas Packs

Dead or Alive DLC   Since Dead or Alive 5's release, there have been constant DLC pack releases for the title. Unfortunately for some, most of these packs consist of nothing other than extra costumes for the characters within the game. If you do like being able to have more choice available in your virtual DoA wardrobe, then the new...

PS3 System Update

PS3 System Info On October 23rd, PlayStation 3 users were greeted with a new update to their console. If you've turned your PS3 on since that date, you've probably noticed the new (v.4.30) update, and although there’s nothing significantly different, there are a few changes and tweaks that you're likely to spot. The biggest difference in the new system software...
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