• Cheaper GoTY First Party Xbox One Titles Are Coming

    xbox one goty editionI've personally never really owned any Game of the Year edition games, but they are typically released at a cheaper price to their original counterparts, and are a great alternative for anybody looking to buy new games at a discounted price. Microsoft have released Xbox 360 GoTY titles for years, but it's now been revealed that they plan to release a bunch of Game of The Year first party games for the Xbox One this year too, to help bulk up the current game portfolio.

    It has been confirmed that the new Game of the Year edition titles will come at a cheaper price than the original versions, however the price has not yet been revealed. Interestingly, gamers may be able to pick up a new Xbox One SKU that bundles together a bunch of different GoTY titles at a reduced price.

    Microsoft are still waiting to see how many third party publishers are interested in re-releasing their Xbox One games into the Game of the Year title list, but it's possible games like Assassin's Creed Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghosts and other titles may make it into the GoTY catalogue, along with Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3 and Forza Motorsport 5.

    All of these new GoTY edition games should be released 'as soon as possible,' however a September release date seems the most likely. We'll probably hear more about these titles, along with information about new Xbox One bundles in the next few months.

  • Dead Rising 3 Chaos Rising DLC Releasing this Tuesday

    DR3 Chaos Rising

    Microsoft has now confirmed that the next DLC pack for Dead Rising 3, the third in a series of single player related add-on content, will be available for purchase on Tuesday, February 25th.

    The upcoming Dead Rising 3 DLC will be the penultimate add-on, and has been named the 'Chaos Rising expansion pack.' So far, Operation Broken Eagle and Fallen Angel have been released, making Chaos Rising the third DLC pack for Dead Rising 3 released in the last two months.

    So far, details for Chaos Rising have not been confirmed, which is quite surprising, considering that the release date is just tomorrow.  However, like the last two packs, it's likely that Chaos Rising will include a new chunk of story content, and it may also focus on a new protagonist, and most likely will add a bunch of new weapons and a few new vehicles to Dead Rising 3.

    Chaos Rising and the other two released DLC packs have been confirmed to all be part of the 'Untold Stories of Los Perdidos' series, and after Chaos Rising, there will be one more DLC release before the four part DLC is wrapped up and finished.

    Like many other DLC offerings for the Xbox One, there is a season pass available that will allow players to get access to all four DLC packs as they are released at an overall discounted price tag.

    No details have been given on whether there will be another set of DLC after the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos series, but if there is, it's safe to assume that there will be a separate season pass for any more additional content.

  • DLC info Revealed for Capcom's Dead Rising 3

    Dead Rising 3 is probably the first game in a long while that has helped Capcom get back onto their feet, and they definitely aren’t going to let any opportunities to cash in on the Dead Rising series go to waste.


    Whether you're a fan of Capcom or not, there’s no denying that the whole DLC trend is becoming quite frustrating, but it is unfortunately a product of the modern day game industry that most of us have had to live with.


    Capcom has recently revealed details on new upcoming DLC content for Dead Rising 3, and it actually sounds like something i'd be interested in getting. Capcom has confirmed that there will be four DLC packs available in the future for Dead Rising 3, and they will all be part of the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos DLC series.


    Instead of just adding wacky new weapons or equipment, the game DLC will instead act as a story expansion that follows the life of Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane, as players take control of Adam to learn about how the President goes missing.


    Of course, what's Dead Rising 3 without wacky weapons and equipment? - the first DLC pack will also add five new weapons, a new vehicle, a new combo weapon, and a new clothing outfit, as well as extra achievements to unlock and gamerscore to earn.


    The first DLC pack has been named Operation Eagle and will be available in “late December” for $9.99


    Dead Rising 3 DLC




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