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  • Dead Island 2 Playable Demo Will Make Appearance at Gamescom

    dead island 2 gamescomDeep Silver have a lot planned for this year's Gamescom, but perhaps the most exciting thing to come from the developer is a hands-on look at Dead Island 2. Those visiting Gamescom will have the chance to play Dead Island 2 for themselves, marking the first time Deep Silver have let the game go public.

    Whilst we may not get a fully featured official gameplay showcase of Dead Island 2 at Gamescom 2014, we can expect to see a large amount of gameplay content hit the internet as soon as the world gets it's hands on the Deep Silver game booths available at the event.

    In total, Deep Silver will have 150 different PC and console gaming stations scattered around Gamescom 2014, which should be enough to give a large amount of players a chance to experience Dead Island 2 over the days the event is held.

    Dead Island 2 has been set for a release in Early 2015. Unlike previous titles in the franchise, Dead Island 2 will be developed by Yager, a team that has not previously worked on Dead Island at all.

    On top of having Dead Island 2 gameplay showcases, Deep Silver will also be giving visitors of Gamescom 2014 the chance to play Dead Island Epidemic, Metro Redux, Risen 3: Lords, Sacred 3, and Emergency 5.

    Gamescom 2014 will take place from August 13th to August 17th in Cologne. This is definitely one of the biggest events of the year for Deep Silver, and we'll have a lot to talk about as soon as Gamescom is under way.

  • Two New AAA Games Coming from Deep Silver This E3

    deep silver aaa gamesOver the last few years, Deep Silver have been kept busy. A lot of developers have gone to them for help with publishing, and they are now the publisher for many different development studios, including 4A Games, the development team behind Metro Last Light.

    This year, Deep Silver have plans to announced two brand new triple A titles, and details of these will be shared at E3. According to Forbes writer Jason Evangelho, Deep Silver will reveal "two unannounced AAA games," which has certainly got us at Evil Controllers curious.

    So far, we have no idea what the two new games from Deep Silver could be, and whether these new titles will be sequels to already existing franchises, or whether they will be completely new IP is currently unknown.

    Seeing as we haven't heard much about IP filings and the such, it's more likely that the new AAA games will be parts of existing franchises. This means we could expect to see a brand new Dead Island title, or perhaps a new Metro game.

    More interestingly, Volition Games now have the rights to make a new Saints Row title, which means we could even expect to see a brand new SR game under a fresh new face. At this point in time, it's all just speculation, but with E3 just around the corner, we really don't have that much waiting to do before we can get our hands on juicy new information from Deep Silver.

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