• Titanfall Devs Making New Star Wars Games

    titanfall star wars

    Star Wars is going to blow up. Again. The revitalization of the Star Wars franchise is being charged ahead by plenty of big time companies, including the likes of Disney and EA. On the gameplay front, EA has a huge amount of resources at their disposal to use as they please, one such resource being Respawn Entertainment, the development team that launched Titanfall.

    Whilst Respawn Entertainment are currently working on the development of Titanfall 2, they've also undertaken the task to develop a brand new Star Wars title. We know absolutely nothing about the title yet, other than it will be considered an "all-new third-person action adventure game set in the Star Wars universe."

    Don't worry if you're concerned about Respawn juggling too much at once. They might be the biggest development team out there but rumors suggest that Titanfall 2 is nearing completion and it may even be launching later this year, so this leaves a lot of the current development team with little to work on in regards to the first Titanfall sequel.

    Respawn Entertainment isn't the only development team under EA's umbrella that'll be working on a new Star Wars game. In fact, the entire following list of development studios, all of which are now owned or partly owned by EA, will be working on a Star Wars game.
    + Capital Games
    + Visceral Games
    + DICE
    + BioWare
    + Motive
    Too much Star Wars? Well, the Star Wars universe is massive and each of these teams are highly skilled and have their own experience with different video game genres. We think it could go well for EA, although the thought of a new Star Wars title will start to get less and less exciting for existing fans.

  • Leaked Battlefront 3 Trailer Shows what Canned Game Could Have Been

    battlefront 3 trailerAs you may already know, after Disney acquired LucasArts, they stopped the production of a variety of upcoming Star Wars games, including the hotly hyped Star Wars 1212, and the at the time in-production Battlefront 3.

    Battlefront 3 was being designed as a direct sequel of the previous Battlefront games, and unlike the plethora of new mobile based Star Wars games released under Disney’s watch, it was something that many gamers were genuinely excited about.

    Unfortunately, Battlefront 3 was cancelled, and all development of the game was halted, but a brand new video shows off leaked gameplay, giving details of what the game could have become.

    The video, which can be seen on YouTube, is very rough as the game is still in alpha stage, but the framework for the game was certainly clear.

    It was a shame that Battlefront 3 was cancelled, but Disney have now set Battlefield creator DICE to the task of making the next best title for the franchise. Simply named Battlefront, many have expected the game to draw inspiration from DICE's FPS background to offer a super enjoyable Star Wars shooter experience.

    Will DICE’s Battlefront be better than Battlefront 3 could have been? We will never know, but let's hope DICE does the game justice.

    Battlefront by DICE is set for release at some point next year. Unfortunately a full release date has not yet been revealed by the developer.

    Hopefully we will see some proper footage of DICE's game soon.

  • Goodbye Star Wars 1313 - Disney Abandons Video Game Trademark

    Star Wars 1313 Cancelled

    There have been so many different Star Wars video games over the years, from Lego Star Wars, a game that started a whole new kid-friendly franchise for Lego, to The Knights of the Old Republic, an RPG that blew the minds of gamers back in the original Xbox days, and it was sad to hear that the recent acquisition by Disney meant that new Star Wars video game projects have pretty much been cancelled and abandoned.

    One of those projects was Star Wars 1313 - a game that took a deeper delve into the story of the origins of Boba Fett, a character that has probably been considered one of the best in Star Wars history, despite not really showing his face in the original trilogy for very long at all.

    The game was planned to be an action adventure title, and details on development had been leaking out since early 2012. Unfortunately though, with the closure of LucasArts, it's future looked pretty bleak.

    This week, Disney abandoned the trademark for the title, which pretty much confirms that Star Wars 1313 is now in the trash.

    This was a bit of a shame to hear, but it was expected. This isn't the end for Star Wars video games though - EA has so far taken rights to develop future Star Wars games, and Disney have decided to let publishers develop games that will appeal to the core market, and the first title to be in that niche is of course Battlefront, which is currently being developed by DICE.

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