E3 2011

Hey all you gamers out there! The occasion has almost come for one of our favoritetimes of the year! The E3 Expo is about to start in less than a week. The dates for E3 are July 7-9, 2011. This means all of our television sets or computer screens are going to be displaying nothing but the best thegaming world has to offer.

Many websites are talking about the Expo and gives us all kinds of exciting information and thrilling videos on what we can expect this year from E3. They are sure not to disappoint with big name companies attending such as, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Square Enix, etc. What will they come
up with next? That is the question. You think, what more could they possibly give us? Last year
Microsoft made it big when they launched the new Xbox 360 Slim and Xbox Kinect. Sony made
a pretty big impact as well with the Playstation Move. Lots more happened at last years E3, with
the talk of future games and products.

Sony is expected to be the big dog at this years E3 with a spectacular appearance where
they present us with all the official information for their unofficially named product the NGP
(Next Generation Portable) device. Not much is known about this new product. However, it is
supposedly the next PSP. We will find out more when they release information during the E3

There are numerous companies attending E3, all with new ideas and possibilities to show
the world. It is definitely a convention you want to keep up with and watch if you want the
latest and best gaming news. So make sure you tune in to the E3 Expo this year. Its time to get

-Evil Brittany

One thought on “E3 2011”

  • reallyNsane

    As much as I love downing Sony, (and believe me, I do.) they are the leaders at the moment. If Microsoft would pick up a new type of disk, and add a free web browser to their dashboard, we would have tons of PS3 fanboys flocking to the 360, and tons of 360 fanboys complaining about it. Either way, E3 is going to be fun and interesting this year. I personally can't wait for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3, and Battlefield 3.

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