E3 2013

  • New Dead Rising 3 Could be a Huge Open World

    If you've watched the E3 trailer for Dead Rising 3, you'll know that there is a lot to be excited about. For me, it would be one of the only games i'd want an Xbox One at launch for. The first two Dead Rising games were fun but the areas you roamed became a little dull after spending 10 odd hours within them.

    It's good to know that Dead Rising 3 will have an open world that is capable of accommodating both the spaces within Dead Rising 1 and Dead Rising 2 combined. This also didn't account for the extra 'room to spare' on top of the space capable of accommodating the first two games Josh Bridge has talked about at this year's San Diego Comic Con.

    Executive Produced of the series, Bridge also went on to discuss a few other things about Dead Rising 3 such as "an unmatched level of weapon and character customization, and immersive Xbox SmartGlass and Kinect integration, Dead Rising 3 delivers a heart-pounding experience unlike any other as players fight for survival in a massive, open world teeming with thousands of undead."

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  • Was the Watch_Dogs E3 Footage Scripted?

    Two years in a row now, Ubisoft has taken the stage to show off the wonders of Watch_Dogs. From what we've seen the game looks spectacular, and it's been shown off as a game that gives players an unprecedented amount of choice when it comes to playing through the game and making decisions that can affect gameplay.

    The footage we've seen has been so impressive that a lot of gamers have been curious to know whether the game footage used was real gameplay or whether it was just scripted to give out a certain feel to the game.

    It's been done in the past where a development team will show off a game at E3, and then a year or two later upon its release, the actual game looks and plays a whole lot different than the game we expected after seeing the E3 footage.

    According to Ubisoft's Danny Belanger though, everything shown off at E3 is gameplay footage representative of the final game. Danny Belanger said that "There are many questions about the systemic or scripted nature of the game. Many people have doubts that we've scripted everything we shown. This is truly a systemic game - A good example is our E3 2012 demo with the car accident done by hacking the traffic lights, it depends on the amount of vehicles present at the intersection when it is triggered."

    The gravity of the accident will totally depend on the speed and amount of cars at that instant. Our goal is to give a lot of interesting tools to the player to modify, affect the simulation and let him be creative in using them to achieve his goals!"

    Watch_Dogs certainly looks spectacular, but I'm still curious about whether the game will be as open-world as the developers have made it seem.

  • World of Tanks Currently in Beta Stage for Xbox 360

    It's always nice to see more PC games cross the bridge to console gaming. And, as announced at E3, World of Tanks will soon be making its way to Xbox 360. The game is currently in a console Beta which will take place on a few different weekends and will be available to those who previously registered their interest in participating in the Beta.

    It'd be nice to see how well the game ports over to the console, especially considering World of Tanks on the PC has quite a complex menu system and varying different tank controls in-game. Once World of Tanks is available to play for everybody, the game will be free to play, just like it is on the PC.

    Xbox Live Gold members will be able to play it to their heart's content, whilst Silver members will have a 7 day 'trial period.'

    World of Tanks features 15 a side tank warfare as each team fights over control of certain strategic points on the map. The game includes a complex tank tier tree branching into various different tank types and countries.

  • Microsoft Kept Mentioning 'The Power of the Cloud' at E3, but Sony says they have the Power Too

    One thing that Microsoft couldn't boast enough at this year's E3 was 'the power of the cloud.' Matchmaking, stats and other player and game information could now be computed in the cloud, on Microsoft's own servers.

    According to Microsoft this meant the Xbox One could be even more powerful as it didn't need to compute these things itself. It also opened up windows for new technologies such as the Forza 5 Drivatar AI.

    However, Sony has said that the new PlayStation 4 can also harness the power of the cloud as well. Shuhei Yoshida made a statement saying "Linking, matchmaking, there are already many computations being done on the cloud side, if your title needs an online connection to provide some online features: Go for it."

    So is Microsoft's hyped 'power of the cloud' nothing that special? Microsoft has managed to make good use of it with Forza's Drivatar, and hopefully we'll see more good uses in the future.

  • Gaming's Next Generation Amazon Poll

    If you have been persuaded to not get an Xbox One as a result of the E3 press conferences or what you have read online, you might not be the only one.

    Amazon recently asked their consumers to vote on one simple thing: Would you prefer an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4? The results that followed were staggering, and it showed that the most vocal gamers are choosing the PlayStation's next console, the PS4 over the Xbox One. While the results of the survey may not pan out as poorly for Microsoft as it may appear, it cannot be a good thing for Microsoft to see.

    The vote ended with a huge 38,984 votes for the PS4, and just 2,162 votes for the Xbox One. The PS4 received close to 20 times the amount of votes the Xbox One did.

    It will be interesting to see what changes Microsoft might make in their policies to respond to the negative press or what new reveals they might have to settle consumer worries.

  • Sony already has Almost 50 Confirmed PlayStation 4 titles

    Thanks to Reddit user IceBreak, we now have a huge confirmed list of all of the titles available to the PlayStation 4 at launch. Some will be ported over from PC, others will be available on other platforms such as the Xbox One or older generation consoles, and some will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

    Luckily, IceBreak listed them in a format that's easy to tell what's what, and we've made it even easier so you can check what exclusives the PS4 has, as well as what other titles will be coming at a glance.

    Console Exclusives:
    Super Stardust (Untitled)
    inFAMOUS: Second Son
    Killzone: Shadow Fall
    Doki-Doki Universe [Free-to-Play]
    Destiny of Spirits

    PC Ports:
    DC Universe Online [Free-to-Play]
    Blacklight: Retribution [Free-to-Play]
    Carmageddon: Reincarnation
    Planetside 2 [Free-to-Play]
    Primal Carnage: Genesis
    War Thunder: Ground Forces [Free-to-Play]
    Warframe [Free-to-Play]
    Diablo III

    All the rest:
    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
    Basement Crawl
    Battlefield 4
    Call of Duty: Ghosts
    Cyberpunk 2077
    DC Universe Online [Free-to-Play]
    Deep Down
    Destiny of Spirits
    Dying Light
    EA Sports UFC
    The Evil Within
    FIFA 14
    Final Fantasy (Untitled)
    Lords of the Fallen
    Madden NFL 25
    NBA 2K14
    NBA Live 14
    Need for Speed Rivals
    The Pinball Arcade
    Primal Carnage: Genesis
    Rocketbirds 2: Evolution
    Shadow Warrior
    Silent Enemy
    Skylanders Swap Force
    Sniper Elite 3
    Super Motherload
    Tiny Brains
    The Walking Dead: Season 2
    Watch Dogs
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    The Witness
    Wolfenstein: The New Order

    That, right there is one huge list, and this is something that has really pushed me to want to buy the PlayStation 4. We're bound to see more about the above titles at E3, as well as some new titles we haven't yet heard of. You’ll see a trend we haven’t seen on the current generation as well, and that is in the form of free-to-play games.

    Whilst all of them have been ported over from the PC, it does show that the next generation may have time and the space for developers to create free-to-play games for both consoles and the PC. Thanks again to IceBreak for the huge list.

    Out of this huge list, what games are you most looking forward to?

  • E3 Press Release - One Last Look at a Fan-Made Concept art

    Whilst the Sony E3 press release, a place where we'll see the PlayStation 4 in all its glory for the first time is only just later today, we thought it'd be worth looking at a fan made concept design of the PlayStation 4. The Reddit user took lots of screens of the teaser video to help piece together what he thinks the PlayStation 4 may end up looking like.

    The Reddit user went onto describing his design, saying that "I rendered these a few weeks ago but didn't have the time to post these until now. Was finishing my bachelor in Graphic Design."

    The Reddit user got inspiration from Albino-Zebra's rendering and decided to have a shot at himself for the PlayStation 4.

    He then took inspiration from other renders and the teaser video to make his own, using plenty of ideas to fuel his imagination.

    Overall, the design looks like a more squared out version of the PlayStation 3, with a nice strip of cobalt blue going through the middle of the design.

    The end result can be seen on the Reddit page shown within the image.

  • Xbox One Will "Kill Sony at E3"

    The above words aren't my own, but are instead the words of Craig Davidson, the head of global marketing at Microsoft. He believes that at this year's E3, Microsoft will put up a show capable of kicking Sony and their PlayStation 4 in the dust...already.

    However, after Microsoft disappointed gamers by revealing a huge amount of sports, sports, sports and TV on the Xbox One, there is no doubt that many gamers are looking to the PlayStation 4 instead.

    Perhaps Microsoft can woo the crowd at E3, but with the non-gaming related media content, pay-to-play second hand gaming, worse hardware than the PS4 and bundled Kinect 2.0 sensor that will only raise the cost of the overall price, Microsoft have dug themselves a hole that's going to be very hard to get out of.

    There's no doubt that both Sony and Microsoft will be trying to get the most attention at E3, but to be honest, right now it's much too hard to work out who will come out on top at the end of this year, if anyone.

    What console do you think you'll prefer? The Xbox One or PlayStation 4?

  • Lords of the Fallen Action RPG Revealed for PlayStation 4

    Any news of new IP these days in the gaming industry is always good news, and when it sounds like a good IP, it's even better. Lord of the Fallen, a new Action RPG currently being developed by CI games certainly sounds like something news worthy, and it is scheduled to hit the PlayStation 4.

    The game has been stated as being a hardcore action RPG with advanced combat systems and robust skill trees.

    The game will take place in a fantasy world in a time where the Gods have failed mankind. Players will control a human named Harkyn as he sets out on a quest to stop the Gods from destroying mankind. The game is being designed to make sure that players find it meaningful to travel across the whole world, and as they do, they will be greeted with many different challenges.

    "Our team is building Lords of the Fallen specifically for players who enjoy taking on huge challenges, where the odds are stacked against them," said Tomasz Gop, executive producer, CI Games. From the very beginning, Lords of the Fallen will intrigue and satisfy players' hunger to explore each corner of a brand new world, freely customize and build their own character and take down some of the most epic enemies ever seen."

    More will be shown about Lords of the Fallen at this year's E3, where gamers will get the chance to play playable demos of the game.

  • Take Two Games has new IP Planned for Next Gen

    Take Two has become the publisher to be this year, with titles like Borderlands 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Bioshock Infinite on their roster, and the much awaited Grand Theft Auto V later this year, there’s no questioning Take Two's CEO Strauss Zelnick when he stated that "Fiscal 2014 promises to be one of our best years ever."

    The publisher/developer isn't going to stop here though, and Zelnick has said that a lot of great games are in the pipeline for next generation consoles, including brand new IP.

    "We also have an extraordinary pipeline of titles in development for next-generation platforms, including groundbreaking new intellectual property and releases from our proven franchises," Zelnick stated.

    Currently there's no real rumors about what games will hit and what games are currently ‘in the pipeline' but there's no doubt in saying that there'll be some good games coming soon. Perhaps we'll finally see Agent hit the PlayStation 4, a game that made a Sony E3 press conference years ago but never actually had a release date.

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