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  • Mass Effect Andromeda Can Be Played Early on Xbox One

    mass effect andromeda EAThanks to the EA Access program on both the Xbox One and the Origin store on the PC, EA Access subscribers will be able to play Mass Effect Andromeda a week before launch.

    It's not been confirmed yet, but it's likely that all, or if not, the majority of the title will be available during this early EA Access period. Similar to different EA Access promotions in the past, this early play time will be restricted to just 10 hours of gameplay. Players can close down their game and open it at any point to ensure they get the most out of those 10 hours.

    Once the 10 hours are up, players will be locked out of playing, but they will be able to continue their progress on the full game a week later.

    To make the deal sweeter, this promotion will apply to those that have not yet pre-ordered the game. This means that players with EA Access will be able to get a taste of the Mass Effect Andromeda experience before purchasing it. Once again, players who go through this route will be able to continue their progress after launch day if they choose to purchase the game.

    Unfortunately, the EA Access program is not currently available for the PS4 version of Mass Effect Andromeda - PlayStation owners will need to wait the extra week to play the full version, and it's unlikely that a trial version will be available.

  • What is the Future of Call of Duty?

    Call of Duty: Black OpsThe next game in the Call of Duty franchise is Advanced Warfare, a futuristic shooter in the hands of Sledgehammer games, a developer who, whilst not unfamiliar with the series, is certainly having their first shot at creating a solo Call of Duty experience.

    Advanced Warfare seems to offer a decent amount of content to make it feel fresh to COD players, but it's still going to feel like Call of Duty, which I think is what makes the franchise so popular in the first place.

    However, Advanced Warfare is only the beginning; EA still plan to churn out a new Call of Duty game every year for the foreseeable future, so what do the other Call of Duty developers have planned?

    Earlier this week, we mentioned a rumor suggesting World at War 2 may be the Call of Duty title for 2015, and that got me thinking.

    If Sledgehammer are in charge of Advanced Warfare, and Treyarch are reportedly working on a new world war two game, it would make sense that Infinity Ward are straight in the middle, working on their Modern Warfare series.

    If this is the case, then we'll have three completely separate Call of Duty experiences that could be very different from one another. Technically, we could have three separate COD franchises from the three developers, and if this is the case, I think this across-the-board approach to different settings and environments should keep all FPS players happy.

    For now though, this is just speculation. Whilst Advanced Warfare is well under development, there is no solid evidence for World at War 2, and absolutely no details have been given on Infinity Ward's next title.

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  • Six EA Games Under Development Will Be Shown at E3

    EA E3 Game Reveal

    EA has confirmed in their latest earnings report that, apart from bringing in a net revenue of $4,012 million, there are six new games planned for announced at this year's E3 event. All six games are currently under development, and no details have been given on what exactly these six games are.

    We can of course expect to hear more about FIFA World Cup 14 this year, as well as a variety of other sports games, including FIFA 15, MADDEN NFL 15, NBA 15 and NHL 15. EA may also finally give more information on the Sims 4, which has previously been announced by the video game publisher.

    EA Sports UFC has been planned for Q1 2015, so we may hear a little more about that, and EA still have plans to release a new golf title at some point in 2015. All of these titles are expected, and apart from Sims there isn't too much in this list that really gets me interested.

    However, there are a couple of other games that may make an appearance at this year's E3. The first one is Dragon Age: Inquisition - this is a title that we've seen a lot of concept art of recently, but we still haven't seen a solid vision of the game.

    The second title is of course Star Wars Battlefront. DICE already seem pretty keen to show off what they have prepared for the new Battlefront game, and I'm sure a lot of gamers around the globe can't wait to see what the Battlefield developer has done with the title.

    There's no confirmation on what six games will be shown at E3 this year, but out of these games, both Battlefront and Dragon Age: Inquisition look like safe bets.

  • EA Already Secured Rights for Titanfall 2

    titanfallTitanfall is a great game, and it has already captivated me for many hours over the weekend. However, there are always areas to improve upon, and it looks like EA and Respawn plan to do this at some point in the future.

    EA has already secured rights for a sequel in the Titanfall franchise, which means Respawn Entertainment may be getting ideas for Titanfall 2 already. Titanfall did manage to sell around 700,000 copies in it's first week, but whether or not you'd consider these numbers good for a console exclusive, there's no denying that there was a lot of hype for Titanfall, and that alone should be enough for EA and Respawn Entertainment to consider creating a second Titanfall.

    We've already suggested that a second Titanfall would come, and hopefully it will improve upon the few things the current game seems to be missing. This includes more weapon availability, new game modes, and include customizations for weapons and pilot appearance. I think it'd be great to be able to unlock gun camos or other cosmetic gear whilst leveling, and it'd certainly add an extra incentive to keep playing.

    EA are also keen on the idea of making Titanfall 2 a multi-platform title. This will mean the next Titanfall game should be available on the PlayStation 4, as well as the PC and the Xbox One.

    At this point in time though, i'd say we focus on the first Titanfall and it's upcoming planned DLC. It could be possible that this DLC will include more game modes as well as extra maps and other content.

  • Battlefield 4 Home Page Now Showing Ads

    battlefield 4 nfs adEA has done another move to make sure that players of their published games will never respect them by placing advertisements within Battlefield 4.

    Despite the title being $60, and premium and DLC content reaching upwards of $110, EA still feels like they can squeeze more money out of the title. From now on, when players start playing Battlefield 4, they will be greeted with an advertisement for the premiere of the Need for Speed movie.

    These advertisements can also be seen on the loading screen, and whilst they aren't particularly in the way of any actual game content, it has frustrated a lot of players, and I think they have good reason to be frustrated.

    For starters, Battlefield 4 has been struck with countless bugs, glitches exploits, and most annoyingly, server issues, some of which have still not been resolved today. Despite this EA keep pushing DICE to put out more DLC content instead of working on the major issues, and now these new advertisements really make it clear that EA will do anything they can to get every last penny out of their titles, even if it paints an even worse name on themselves.

    This isn't the first EA title to receive in-game advertisements, but it's certainly going to cause the most controversy. After the problems BF4 has had since launch, it really isn't a surprise.

    Let's hope that EA doesn't do anything else to ruin the games it publishes, including it's whole sports franchise range, to the brand new Titanfall.

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