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  • New Game Fortnite Now Available In Early Access

    fortnite in early accessFortnite is a brand new IP by Epic Games and it has finally arrived on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

    Fortnite has been in the eyes of the media for a good few years now, and it's been in development for even longer than that. Today, Fortnite has finally made it to early access and can be picked up on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

    The development studio responsible for Fortnite is responsible for both Gears of War and Unreal Tournament. Fortnite takes things in a different direction. There are less blood and gore, and more room for creativity.

    In Fortnite, players must team up to build structures that can defend themselves against an oncoming onslaught of enemies. As the game continues, the enemies become more aggressive and powerful. As a result, players must put in more effort to improve their defenses.

    To get into early access, you'll have to pick up Fortnite for $40 on either Xbox One, PS4, or PC.

    There are more expensive versions of the game if you feel like supporting the team behind it. The $60 deluxe version includes better weapons, XP boosts, and a number of other digital items.

    The super deluxe $90 version includes everything the deluxe version does, as well as more weapons and boosts. Finally, the $150 version includes everything the other packs include and even more digital items.

    What are your thoughts on Fortnite? Is it the kind of game that you'd be interested in?

  • Paragon Finally Gets Open Beta Dates Locked In

    paragon open beta

    If you didn't want to pay upfront for Paragon there wasn't much of a chance you would have been able to get into the recent closed beta. The Epic Games team has planned an open beta for all players, however, and it looks as if we're finally getting details on exactly when the open beta will pan out.

    The upcoming open beta will start on April 28 and will run until May 1. This upcoming four day Paragon weekend will be the first phase for the open beta, whilst a second phase will spark up open beta play a week later and will continue till May 8. Servers will open up on both April 28 and May 5 at 9AM Pacific Time.

    If you already signed up for beta access in the past, chances are that you should be able to play during the first phase, although it's not absolutely guaranteed. Epic Games mentioned in their press release that, The first stress test will include invites for the first 500,000 people who signed up for the beta only.

    If you haven't signed up yet, you still can by heading to the Paragon website. If you sign up for the beta before the end of the first phase on May 1, then you'll be able to play. Epic Games confirmed that the second phase will include invites for anyone who signs up before May 1. This should include the initial 500,00 players as well.

  • New Game by Epic Revealed

    epic games paragon

    After giving up Gears of War to Coalition Games, Epic Games has finally announced their new title, which will also be a shooter game. The new title by Epic Games has been titled Paragon and it will feature, well, we don't know, besides from guns.

    Paragon is definitely going to be a shooter of some sorts but so far we know very little about the title. We aren't sure whether Paragon will be a third person shooter, a first person or a mixture of the two. Carrying on from this, we're unsure whether Epic Games will adopt the same cover based system used in Gears of War or whether they'll scrap that entirely in Paragon.

    If you visit the Paragon website you can gather a couple of pieces of information - it seems like more information will be revealed over the following weeks as well. Paragon seems to have a number of different "characters," which will mostly all be playable. On top of this, there will be a number of unlockable items in Paragon, according to the official website for the game.

    It's likely we will hear a lot more about Paragon in the next few weeks - the game has a PC release date for "early 2016." So far no news on whether Paragon will be coming to console but let's hope it does. In other news, Epic Games has also been working on a new Unreal Tournament game as well as Fortnite - a game that has been described as a mixture of Minecraft and tower defense.

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