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  • OpTic Pick Up Old CLG Halo Roster


    Out of nowhere, OpTic Gaming has signed on the old CLG Halo roster to bag themselves a star player team for future Halo events.

    The CLG organization previously saw a lot of great results with their Halo team, especially during the Halo 5 eSports era. Their best accomplishments included a win at Halo World Champions and a win at season 1 of the HCS Pro League. It's no doubt then that OpTic Gaming had taken an interest in picking the team up.

    If you're a fan of the CLG organization, this may be disappointing news for you, but if you're a fan of the Halo team that was representing CLG, then this change in the Halo scene should only mean good things. The entire team has been transferred over - SnakeBite, Lethul, Royal 2 and Frosty are all going to be a part of the same team still, just from now on they'll be donning OpTic jerseys.

    Because of the rules set out by the Halo Pro League, this acquisition will also mean that OpTic will take CLG's spot in season 2 of the Halo Pro League. It may finally be time to see OpTic make a name for themselves in the Halo world again.

    This kind of roster sniping move has been before in eSports, but it seems to be becoming particularly popular in the Halo scene. Picking up a team just before an upcoming event and taking the league spot is perhaps somewhat unethical, but it should remain clear that it was the players that earned the spot and certainly the organization, so it makes sense that the spot should go wherever the players go.

  • CLG Wins Halo World Championship and Takes Home $1 Million

    CLG takes HWC Win

    After a beautiful display of games over the course of last week, CLG has managed to take home the cup for the Halo World Championship and have bagged themselves the biggest single cash prize in all of FPS eSports history. In fact, CLG's $1 million win over Team Allegiance has set them to be the first team outside of Dota 2 to win $1 million in a single event.

    Even eSports titles like League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive haven't seen prize pools as large as the HWC and as you can imagine CLG are pretty chuffed about their win. In the grand finals, CLG (Or Counterlogic Gaming) went against Allegiance and CLG absolutely crushed the competition.

    The first game was Capture The Flag on Coliseum, which ended in a tie with CLG's Frosty taking one flag and Allegiance's eL toWin's taking another. Because of the tie, the first game was replayed and this time CLG crushed Allegiance with a 3-0 scoreline. SnakeBite managed to capture 2 flags whilst Royal 2 captured another just to add salt to the wound.

    Game 2 was Team Slayer on The Rig and CLG beat Allegiance black and blue. CLG's Royal 2 lead the game with 17 kills, just 5 kills away from the entire score of the enemy team.

    By game 3 it was clear that CLG had built up an insane momentum and Allegiance had lost the will to play it out. Game 3 was Strongholds on Plaza and CLG took an 100 score against Allegiance's 15.

    As you may have expected by this point, game 4 saw CLG take the win with Capture The Flag on Fathom 2ith a 2-1 score. Game 4 closed it out and CLG took the win for the entire series.

  • Halo World Championship Final 16 Announced

    The final 16 teams qualified for the Halo World Championship have been announced in a recent post over on the Xbox news website. The final 16 includes eight teams from North America, four teams from Europe/Africa, two teams from Australia/New Zealand, one team from Latin America and one team from Asia.

    Check out the image above to see the 16 qualified teams, or alternatively take a look at the list provided below.

    North America
    + Team Allegiance
    + Counter Logic Gaming
    + Evil Geniuses
    + Team Liquid
    + Noble eSports
    + Renegades
    + Triggers Pound
    + Denial eSports

    EMEA (Europe, Africa, Middle East)
    + Epsilon eSports
    + FabE
    + exceL
    + Team Infused

    + Team Immunity
    + Team Exile5

    + Skyfire

    Latin America
    + Chosen Squad

    In other news, it has been revealed that the REQ bundles in Halo 5 have managed to push the total prize pool for the Halo World Championship to $2.5 million. This means that the prize pool awarded to the first place team will be $1 million.

    According to Xbox, the $1 million first place prize is the biggest in console eSports history and additionally this $1 million first place prize is as big as the initial prize pool was before the REQ pack microtransactions helped add an extra $1.5 million. The prize pool has now been locked in so it will not budge any more past the current $2.5 million.

    Will you be tuning in to any of the upcoming Halo World Championship games on Twitch? We're super excited to see how well each of the teams perform.

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