Evil Controllers is now an offical sponsor of NJ Halo

We at Evil Controllers welcome NJ Halo as sponsored by us!

I would like to welcome NJ Halo to the Evil family, we will be working together to bring all gamers of all ages a great place to go to play the games that they love, and a chance to win some cash and prizes. NJ Halo will be holding the 1st but not the last Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 tournament. All the winning teams at the NJ Halos event on November 21, 2009 will also receive products form Evil Controllers . So get there and get ready to be a part of this great experience, we know we will.

This event will take place at, 87, Route 17N, Maywood, New Jersey, 07607

Here is a list of games that will be available for competing,

Halo 3

Gears of War 2

Madden 10

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2


119 thoughts on “Evil Controllers is now an offical sponsor of NJ Halo”

  • xbox 360 gt xNI MARiN3x
    xbox 360 gt xNI MARiN3x January 2, 2010 at 9:23 am

    Can u please sponsor our clan on call of duty modern warfare

  • xbox 360 gamertag xNI MARiN3x
    xbox 360 gamertag xNI MARiN3x January 2, 2010 at 10:56 am

    Can u please send me a email on [email protected] saying if you could sponsor me and my clan members

  • x4o8x PsYcHoTiC

    If you can, can you guys sponsor my gamebattles Team ladder. Our record is 26-4 my email is [email protected] Xbox gt x4o8x PsYcHoTiC. If you sponsor us we'll try and make your website look populer.

  • Moises

    hey i been sponsor by u guys before so please sponsor our clan my gt is MoSt x CrAzY AND my Email is [email protected]

  • Tyler Young

    whats up i was looking for sponsors and came over you guys my clans are top notch my singles record is 30-6 and my dubs is 24-3 so let me know if youll sponsor me.message my email


    hey im real good i want to know if there is away that i can get sponserd in mw2. I will represent these mods real good i will drop a donut on anyone
    my gt in xbox is xFTxTATICS

  • x JuK3d o

    i was wondering if you could sponsor our team our record is 39-3 and rising please sponsor us we will be playing in tournaments and be in playoffs for gamebattles team ladder thank you

  • IcoN

    Can You Sponsor Our GB Team On Modern Warfare 2 we are 30-2 ranked 20th on the winter ladder......XbL:AlmightyIcon

  • White Kimbo

    If you guys are looking to sponsor top madden 10 players then hit me up. Its me and 2 other guys. my 2 other guys were sponsored by you before but i guess you guys lost contact. We all play on and we are all TOP 20 players and soon to be TOP 10 out of close to 3000 kids. Our crew is xRFx (xRoyal Flushx) and we have been top guys in madden for a while. We wanna be sponsored for tournaments to get both yours and our names out there. Hit me up if u have any more questions. thanks.

  • dominic

    Can u sponsor my dubz clan on cod4 we can go pro and we know it

  • cody

    Can you guys sponsor our clan we are good and the clan name is Kpuc we are really good. Me and the leader are high up in the leader board on cod 5 (i had to make a new account though). THe leader it rand 9 thousand in the world and on my new account i made im pretty badly ranked but getting back up to the lower numbers. So if you looking to sponsor a clan we are the one. Thank you.

  • epik dzn

    hello im apart of epik dzn we are a graphics design team of a few people who are looking to get sponsors and such and i had a friend refer me to you so i thought i give you a shot. please think about it here is a link to my site

    it would be amazing if you could sponsor epik dzn becuase a few reasons
    1. we sponsor around 15 serious gamers rite now
    2.we are a growing graphics design team
    3. and we have a few incredible people on some of our teams!!!

  • dylan R

    hey, our clan name is PuRe Gaming (QSK), QSK stands for quick scope kings. We have been looking for a sponsor and you were out first decision. the reason we came to you is because our old clan, (xRRx) was sponsored in the later days. so we thought we'd go back to basic's. so email if you would like to sponsor the PuRe Gaming Society. Email the clan at [email protected] Thanks.

  • Luanne Kothari

    Your blog is awesome! I found it on Yahoo searching for new xbox hardware and couldn

  • Jake Wade

    Sponser us pls our team was 2nd in cod (eu) ladder then we disbanded but me and my mates that r serious gamers making new clan get top 5 / GT I JusT eRaZee

  • GT K1D 5hAq

    Sponsor my team we take the game serious and we play very hard we are on Gamebattles

  • x814x W4LT3RS

    hey my gb teams has been lookin for a sponsor. we play hard on gb and pubs. we are 4-0 and went 39-6 last season. and were all still together. were only 4-0 because of school sports.mw2. x814x W4LT3RS

  • XxTurboxNINJAX

    what do we have to do to get sponsored by Evil Controlers

  • cory emond

    hey guys i would like to know if you can sponsor either my halo or call of duty team we just dropped our other sponsor for another one and they declined us so can u help us out plz

  • Josh <--------- My youtube

  • Shawn

    I am currently the leader of a clan trying to get sponsored. I have been using Evil products for a while now and I was hoping that you would sponsor me.

  • shaun

    can u plz sponsor my clan it is a public clan on cod5 our record is 15-0 and just about 3 days ago

  • xbox live gamertag-Versuh7ile
    xbox live gamertag-Versuh7ile February 19, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    looking for a sponsor i have a friend with an evil controllers mod works awesome! fast as hell wondering if u wude sponsor my gears team or just me i have big hopes please dont let me down email me or message my gamertag thanks so much

  • Ryan W

    GT: DrSupremeTacos. I do work baby. quickscope king rockin face in some MW2 with my clan hit us up

  • brandon-lee

    im the leader of UnB so im here to ask if you could sponsor me and my clan we a quick scoping clan i have been telled by many people tht ur good at sponsor in clans so tht why i came onto your web page we are very at quick scoping if u wanna see us play thn add me on StaTiiCz UnB or just send me a email
    plz get back to me

    if you cant sponsor us plz help me find some1 who can
    we special need help making a website

  • troy

    hey im the leader of a small clan which is wanting to get sponsered we are strictly halo 3 and have exspirence with your product and absolutely love and we want to promote ypur product contact me thru my myspace to let me kno [email protected] if u r looking to sponser a halo team we the higher up members r willing to put 10-20 a week on playing halo and always promoteing your product

  • xl PRO lx Gamer

    we need to b sponsered by ur team because we buy ur products and go to compattetions without a sponser.....

  • dakota talbott

    My team is looking for a sponsorship. our last team went 29-1 then we remade we are currently making the new team and we will be starting our matches on Gamebattles here in the next two days. just about everyone on the team has been sponsored before. If you guys could email me back or even call me that would be great my number is 1816-238-0921. my email is also once again [email protected]

  • EATmyFISHstx69

    Hey can u invite me to game and check me out and see if u can sponsor me?

  • Bones xbullets
    Bones xbullets March 3, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    i was wondering if i could get a sponser

  • joe

    will u sponcer my team in bfbc 2 we r 1st on the ladder and we r really good

  • shaun

    can you please sponsor my clan where on gb my email is [email protected] and gt is RnH x CarbiiNeZ we would loved to get sponsored

  • Nate

    Hey i have a dubz team on waw we are 17-2 we are looking for a sponsership. we dont want free modz just discounted. message me at my email if we can get sponsered. [email protected] thank you for your time.

  • Jordan

    Hello my name is Jordan and can you guys sponsor me my email is [email protected] and just in case my youtube channel is MrLillowe10

  • DarE Guardian

    Dear Evil Controllers,
    I am writing this today in regard for a sponsorship opportunity for me and my clan. Team Predator. we are a highly experienced, high gamebattles ranking team and knows what we are doing in every match we play. Our clan specialises in SnD and Headquarters. I personally have advertised your controllers to four of my friends and they have purchased at least three if not more of your Universal Controllers. I am highly anticipated on advertising for you guys' products in exchange for an sponsorship. We will do our vry best to advertise your products in every match we play in. Thank You.
    To Whom It May Concern. Sincerly yours, DarE Guardian-Xbox Live.

  • Cory

    Gamertag: I Ex1Le 1 come my team see if we got what your looking for

  • Levi

    looking for a sponsorship for Modern warfare 2 wondering if you guys would sponsor me. pretty good in search and sestroy average is 10 kills a game

  • Anon007

    Y do u guys sell ur products so exspensive?

  • Tim KIng

    Hey i'm not realy into the Halo 3 Madden or GoW, but MW2 is my life i am a legit Tenth Prestige level 70 (i modded my leaderboard). I Made a shitty button rapiid fire and im looking for a step up in my gaming experiance. I am also looking for a sponscership with you clan for xbox 360 MW2 send me a friend request on xbox 360 to (Tinkle Thinkle

    Tim King 13 years old

  • Jordan

    Hello my name is Jordan and i would love to get sponsored by you guys (Evil Controllers).You guys are my only hope so please can you sponsor me. I am a amazing quick scoper and my gamertag is :Lil Fusionz

  • BsG Prodgy

    Hey, can you sponsor my modding clan. We mod MW2 10th prestige and unlock all. We do basically all the mods and we would like to get big. Please sponsor us.

    -BsG Prodigy

  • DYlan

    Hey my gb team is ranked 40th in the world we would like a sponsor if u guys will sponsor us it would be great thanks

  • Jake

    Hey Evil Controllers,

    Me and my friend are amazing in doubles so we were looking for a sponsor, so we turned to you guys. My friend and I both have your evil sticks and there great. I guarantee you will not be disappointed because we rarely lose. I think are record in the last month was 21-2. We are great at quick scope battles/ no scope. One of are losses was to a team that had aim bots. My GT is xEleCtRiiiFiEDx and you can message me at any time. NOTE: We mainly play Modern Warfare 2 and World at War.

  • Julian

    What do I got to do for a sponsership in modern warfare 2.
    I got some good gameplay if you're interested in seeing
    I decent I ain't gonna say the best because I know
    there's better players out there than me and I go into random
    games and pull off big scores. I've gotten 4 tactical nukes back-to-back.
    So can you sponser me just hit me up or check out my YouTube page
    my gamertag is delacruzjulian

  • someone

    u guys are loser and need to get a life what nerds who spends time on this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • .

    Agreed, I can't believe I'm still sitting here reading this crap. I just can't get over the fact that people are blogging for a sponsor in video games.....Man I wish i had the last 90 seconds of my life back!

    I'm going back to my Call of Duty tournament.....I'm 86-1, I lost to an all star team of aim bots

  • iiTz Green Haze
    iiTz Green Haze March 26, 2010 at 5:53 am

    can u please send me an email at [email protected] to see if i can get sponsored 4 using your product.
    my best record is 56-2

  • Coric

    We looking for really good sponsors for our team we just remade from 37-3 so we can start fresh for spring season.Thanks

  • Kenny Murphy Tuggle

    Can you please sponsor my team for MW2. We are 147-47. We are going to playoffs this season for spring seasin. TeaM noV

  • Dennis Cerrato
    Dennis Cerrato April 3, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    yo can u guys sponsor my clan were TACO and we have pretty amazing players in it. Message back if interested xSlikshotx

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