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  • Driveclub Now Has Private Lobbies

    driveclub private lobbies

    Driveclub has been available for a good few months now but despite this there have been a couple of long requested features that have not been in the game for all of that time. One of the most requested features for Driveclub was a private lobby system - with private lobbies, players are able to set up their own races between friends and invited players, instead of being forced to use the game's matchmaking system.

    We have good news for you today - Evolution Studios has released a new update for Driveclub and it includes the long wanted private lobby system. Not only do private lobbies give you a better spot to play with or against your friends, but there are plenty of options to make races more customizable. On Evolution Studios' Facebook page, a post was written, explaining that the new private lobbies will allow players to pick between "a wide variety of customizable options and modifiers for things like grid position, penalties, vehicle collisions, drafting, gear changes, camera perspective, and more."

    The new update includes some other features on top of the private lobby system. Firstly, Evolution Studios has upped the club level cap to 55 from 50. The ELITE Driver levels have also gone to 80 from 76. Finally, a braking assist has been added to help novice drivers learn the braking for tracks easier.

    These are the only main changes to the latest Driveclub update, but along with it Evolution Studios did mention that new content and new vehicles will be added in the future.

  • Driveclub Bikes Is Coming

    driveclub bikes

    A brand new expansion for Driveclub has been revealed this week, and whilst information on the expansion is very minimal, we can still make an accurate guess on exactly what we may expect from the expansion.

    As the title suggests, the new upcoming Driveclub expansion is called Driveclub Bikes. The Driveclub expansion will give players the ability to drive a number of bikes, which is a class of vehicle that was not available in the original version of Driveclub.

    It's expected that more details will be unveiled within the next few days at the Paris Games Week, but for now we're stuck with very little information about exactly what Driveclub Bikes will be. Whilst a new content rating for Driveclub Bikes has appeared online, it's still hard to say whether the content will be a standalone game, an expansion for Driveclub or just extra DLC.

    Whilst a full standalone game is unlikely, it would be strange for a content rating to be made for a small piece of DLC. For this reason, it would make sense that Driveclub Bikes could be considered an expansion of some kind, even if it isn't a standalone expansion.

    Make sure to check back here over the following 7 days - Evolution Studios is at Paris Games Week and it's likely we'll hear more about Driveclub Bikes from them this week. For now though, all we can do is speculate. Let's just hope that the new content is great for new and old Driveclub fans alike.

  • New Driveclub Patch Makes Game Gorgeously Perfect

    driveclub patch

    After over a year of delays, and then weeks of issues at launch, Driveclub has now almost reached a perfect state, and the game is looking absolutely gorgeous, just like we had all hoped it to be.

    Whilst previous patches had dealt with many issues in regards to game performance, server functionality and other boring technical issues, the last few patches in Driveclub have made some significant changes to the game, and finally the title is in a state that every is really learning to enjoy.

    Even though Evolution Studios, the developers behind Driveclub, gave away free content to say sorry for the launch problems, the new 1.09 and 1.08 patch is probably the best gift players of the game could get. In patch 1.09, a huge amount of server and in-game performance issues were worked on, and it's now at a point where everything seems to be working in good order.

    In patch 1.08, a brand new weather system was added to Driveclub. From snow to rain, Driveclub now looks even more amazingly detailed, and along with the variety of fixes in patch 1.08 and 1.09, there has been no better time to go and try out Driveclub.

    If you haven't played the game since launch, be warned that there is now a total of 2.5GB of updates to get through before you can play.

    Now that Driveclub is nice and stable, Evolution Studios have plans to work on tweaking gameplay and adding new content in the following year, and I can't wait to see what they have in store for us.

  • Free DriveClub DLC to Say Sorry to Players

    free driveclub dlcIf you've been keeping an eye on the progress of Driveclub recently, you'll be aware that the game has had some issues since it's launch. Since the game was released via the PlayStation Network, players have been complaining about the server problems that have prohibited any sort of online play, something that the game heavily relies on.

    The servers are pretty much all fixed now, but Evolution Studios understands that it was a big inconvenience for many players, and to say sorry they will be offering two premium DLC packs, previously planned for release this month, as a free content pack that any player can download.

    The official statement from Evolution Studios said, "We know you have all been extremely patient and understandably frustrated during Driveclub's launch, and to show our appreciation for the support during this challenging time, we will be offering the premium DLC packs for November."

    The two premium DLC packs planned for November are the Ignition Expansion pack and the Photo-Finish Tour Pack, and will add five new cars, 10 new trophies, 22 tour events and 10 livery items for both offline and online play.

    To make sure season pass holder's aren't missing out, Evolution Studios will be expanding the Season Pass to include four extra premium packs planned next year.

    It's great to see that Driveclub are offering up some free content to say thank you - they certainly don't have to do this, but seeing as they are shows that they are trying to keep the players happy, especially when issues like server problems are affecting gameplay.

  • DriveClub Launch Issues Now Mostly Fixed

    driveclub launch lagDriveClub was under development for much longer than planned, but despite this, the launch was plagued with a variety of issues, mainly relating to the network performance, giving some players no chance of even downloading and playing the game.

    Luckily, Evolution Studios have been working round the clock to ensure that the server performance is at it's best as quickly as possible.

    There are still some server performance issues at the time of writing, but most of the launch lag has dissipated. Evolution Studios have managed to do a pretty good job at keeping things under control, especially considering the game debuted as a free title for PSN players, which probably drove the download count to thousands more than Evolution Studios initially anticipated.

    Launch server issues are certainly not new, and even developers like Rockstar and Infinity Ward often have server performance problems on the new launch of a game, typically because the huge influx of players simply causes the servers to come crashing down.

    Hopefully it will be plain sailing for DriveClub and it's players going forward. I haven't yet played the game, but I can't wait to get stuck in and give it a go for myself.

    DriveClub released on October 7th however it's rocky start led to many players waiting a week before being able to get online. We're still waiting on news about sales results to hear whether Evolution Studios' "free-for-PSN" pricing model has paid off or not.

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