Final Combat, China's TF2 Rip Off is at it Again

Chinese's Rip Off of Team Fortress 2 Surfaces Itself Again with More Plagiarism

Back in July,Kotaku reported about the Team Fortress 2 ripoff "Final Combat". Frankly, when the news got to me (the biggest TF2 fan in Arizona), my eyes began to twitch and I nearly blew a gasket due to the built up rage of hearing suchplagiarism. I was going to write a very wordy blog about how Xunlei, the Chinese company making this game, should be thrown into space and never be heard from again and how unfair it is that Valve cannot touch this game because of international copyright laws between the US and China. So I let it pass and not let it get to me. Barely anything was heard from Xunlei, except for the occasional appearance of a "new and original" character was going to appear in Final Combat like "The Firebat" (*cough*PYRO*cough*).

But once again, like an unwanted visit to the dentist, Final Combat resurfaced again. "Oh joy!" I thought, "What seemingly senseless dribble are they going to throw in the faces of of Valve fans everywhere?!" Well, I was surprised, it was a video of Troy Horton, the man behind the idea. Name sounds familiar? Well if you ever played the Tomb Raider series, he was one of the co-creators. While he is now no longer connected with Edios, he fled to China and is now spewing this TF2 clone as his own piece of work. Upon watching the video, all I can do is this:

I'm probably not the only one alone who is doing this. We TF2 fans can only hope that maybe Valve can do a tongue-in-cheek jab at Final Combat when it's release. I got an idea, have a hat for the Soldier that's like his ripoff in Final Combat, a yellow firemen hat with the description: "totally original hat".

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  • Siana Gearz

    Has anyone, anyone at all been able to confirm that this is real? What if it's just a hoax/joke set up elaborately by Valve themselves? Cause i'm as good as convinced it is. The whole presentation has parody written all over it, and elements of Valve's original artistic and direction style, including hard to copy traits, and high production value is clearly seen in animated videos.

    I mean seriously, make-up woman popping up and director shouting into the frame? A game character shooting the British guy? Seriously.

  • ray10k

    @Siana Gearz
    that is the big problem here: the only difference between a parody and a "normal" work, is that the latter takes itself seriously, while the former only pretends to.

  • W.Kissigari

    If I can level off the obvious distaste for Final Combat, I can confirm that Xumlei is trying to (whether in shame of being caught for such actions or to cover them up regardless) tweak Final Combat in several ways in order to pry the game away from "Team Fortress 2 rip off".

    While some may brand this game premautrely dispite it being in a Beta phase where it is capable of changing almost entirely (remember the intial plans for Team Fortress 2 guys?) which differing mechanics. An example, the Pyro from Team Fortress 2 is known for his airblast as much if not more so than his flames...however, not only does the Firebat lack THAT feature, but has a trait where those who are caught in the Firebat's flames are slowed down, helping solidfy this as a heavy ambushing class. Now airblast or not, you have to admit that such a tweak is not one you can expect for the Pyro any time soon!

    Yes there is still a weapon or two that if not visually (anymore) then mechanically plagarises weapons from Team Fortress 2 (the Rocket's drum is a blatant rip off of the Buff Banner, no arguements there!), but we seem to forget that there are much more weapons that are either tweaked to suit the games new mechanics (Rocket have more health but no rocket jumping, Fatman's movement speed whilst revving appears almost the same whilst not revving etc) or are absolutely different (e.g. some kind of mask for the F.Sniper to, I presume, enhance her vision whilst scoping and sniping). Yes, everyone has already jumped the bandwagon that the new giant robot vs team mode is a rip off of Saxton Hale, but is it really? I mean last I checked, the robot uses weapons and can't insta-kill almost everyone, not to mention the sheer size causes a major contrast in function...can't we just confess that Xumlei is making its own take on the Juggernaut mode and not try slamming it as a rip off?

    By all means, we should ensure that Final Combat is different from Team Fortress 2...but let's not get carried away here guys, I mean remember Monday Night Combat? It had this shit before Final Combat, and it turned out to be a different game. So, how about some encouragement for Xumlei, and less blind rage?

  • blah

    its a rip off get over urself

  • Yep

    No dude, its a rip off, sorry.

  • Indeed

    Indeed, its a rip off. Its almost released here in the Philippines.

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