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  • PS Plus Games for November Detailed

    PS Plus Games NovemberIt looks as if Sony really have their game on - as well as agreeing to only provide AAA or high quality indie titles for the free PS Plus lineup going forward, they have now revealed their free games for November, and so far there's a lot up for grabs.

    The first game announced for the PS Plus games for November was The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Whilst the original Binding of Isaac has been out for a long time, the Rebirth version has only just dropped, so being able to pick up for free, practically on launch day, is a pretty big deal.

    For those unaware, The Binding of Isaac is a loot-filled rogue-like RPG arcade game - it can be picked up for free on both PS4 and PS Vita this month.

    The next free title this month is Escape Plan, a fun arcade game that whilst looking amazing on the big screen, was lacking a little gameplay wise.

    Finally, SteamWorld Dig has been put up for free for both PS Vita and PS4. along with The Hungry Horde, a brand new PS Vita arcade indie title. Two indie arcade games have been put up for free on the PS3. This includes popular strategy title Frozen Synapse Prime and arcade shooter Luftrausers!

    Sony also have a bunch of great games planned for the next couple of months, including Injustice and inFAMOUS: Last Light

    What free PS Plus games have taken your interest this month?

  • PlayStation 4 PlayRoom Shows Next Gen Potential

    Sony has shown off a few things at this year's Tokyo Game Show, but one of the more interesting things is the PlayStation 4 PlayRoom, a fun little gimmick that shows off the capabilities of motion capture, facial recognition and other technology related to the PlayStation Eye.

    Simply put, the PlayStation 4's PlayRoom is a collection of features that showcase concepts and technologies of the PlayStation Eye, almost as if to say "We don't really have a use for it yet, but it's still a good piece of tech so come back when we have something really cool to show you."

    To be honest though, the PlayRoom is pretty cool, even if it is just a toy or a gimmick.

    Players will be able to interact with the PlayRoom by moving the controller, pressing buttons and moving themselves in front of the camera.

    The PlayRoom will then show off all kinds of cool futuristic images and interactive scenarios on-screen.

    You'll be able to do a few things such as play air hockey, or kick around small little creatures that according to the PlayRoom live inside your DualShock 4 controller. I'm sure the PlayRoom will be a blast for kids, and enough to make you go "ooh, that's pretty cool."

    Sony plan to add DLC to the PlayRoom in the future, and it will be readily available to use for free on every PlayStation 4 at launch.

  • Hitman Absolution and Other Games Available for Free for PS Plus Subscribers

    If you're a PS Plus subscriber, you'll be happy to know that this month's lineup of freebies isn't looking too bad at all. At the front line of the free games section, you'll be able to pick yourself up a completely free copy of Hitman Absolution.

    This is the newest Hitman game and would otherwise cost you a total of $19.99 if you were not on PS Plus. On top of this, the digital download version available to PS Plus subscribers also includes three of the Hitman Absolution DLC packs including the Deus Ex disguise, Deus Ex Zenith handgun, and a free discount on the digital version of Sleeeping Dogs.

    As well as other goodies, you'll be able to bag yourself a few other games for free including Bit. Trip runner- a game that would usually cost $14.99, Zen Pinball 2: Star Wars which would usually cost you $9.99, and Darkstalkers Chronicle and Machinarium for the PS Vita which would usually both cost $16.98 together.

    All together, this month's PS Plus free games offerings manages to save you over $60! Not bad at all.

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