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  • Battlefield 1 To Get 5v5 Incursions Mode

    battlefield 1 incursions modeBattlefield 1 is getting a brand new game mode that'll limit team size and put emphasis on team play within a much smaller squad.

    The new game mode is called Incursions and it will feature a 10-player limit, with 5 players per team. While the player limit has been limited severely in the Incursions mode, it will still feature maps and vehicles that are used in other game modes.

    To begin with, Incursions will go into a closed alpha state. During this time, players can register their interest to try the game mode and help to build the experience for the community. Afterwards, the game will be pushed out to live servers on all platforms that support Battlefield 1.

    To begin with, the game mode will be limited to the PC during alpha phase. During this time, gameplay mechanics could be adjusted drastically. For now, though, DICE's vision for Incursions is to create a strategy-focused game mode with a highly competitive skill curve.

    "Your choice in kit plays a critical role in the success of your squad, while every destroyed piece of environment can shift the entire momentum of the battle. Only the sharpest strategic teams will rise to the top of the competition. Every move and every bullet become the difference between victory and defeat. Scoring has been overhauled to create opportunities for dramatic comebacks and nail-biting upsets."

    DICE announced the new game mode at Gamescom and also published a video showcasing the game mode. The new trailer is available to view on their Youtube channel.

  • Tekken 7 Will Get Tekken Bowl Mode DLC

    tekken 7 bowl mode dlcTekken Bowl has been a returning mini game in the Tekken franchise ever since it made an appearance in Tekken Tag Tournament. It has now been confirmed to be making a return as a DLC for Tekken 7.

    The new DLC for Tekken 7 will be called Ultimate Tekken Bowl, and it'll feature the same game mechanics that were featured in previous Tekken Bowl mini games.

    The new Ultimate Tekken Bowl will arrive on Xbox One, PC, and PS4 in August. The new mini game will be bundled in the same DLC as a brand new costume pack. Currently, the price tag and exact release day for each platform haven't been unveiled.

    The new announcement was made via a brand new trailer for the game mode in Tekken 7. The trailer starts by Katsuhiro Harada making his way to a bowling alley in real life. Afterward, Harada scores a strike on two lanes while throwing two bowling balls at once.

    The trailer then transitions into gameplay footage of the bowling alley in Tekken 7.

    Tekken 7 originally launched in Japan in March 2015, but it wasn't until June 2, 2017, that it was released worldwide for Windows, Xbox One, and PS4.

    Have you played the new Tekken yet? It's been receiving very good reviews from critics and players across the board. This new bowling mini game mode is sure to keep things even more interesting for anybody coming to the franchise for the first time.

  • Various Destiny Game Modes Revealed

    various destinyOne of the biggest news outlets for brand new Destiny information, More Console, has just released a video that gives information on the various game modes that we will be able to play when Destiny is released.

    The first game mode that was revealed is Patrol, and in this mode players will be able to play through the various missions available in Destiny and explore the world at a pace and direction they see fit.

    The second mode has been named Bounty - this offers a little bit of a different experience from the typical free roam Patrol mode, and places players into a MMO dungeon-like instance that gives players the chance to find rare and valuable gear.

    The next game mode is called Strike, and this has been designed to work as a matchmaking system for players who want to jump into the action as quickly as possible. Most Strike games last around 15 to 30 minutes, and are designed for three player squads.

    Finally, the last announced game mode is Faction Wars. This is some kind of multiplayer experience that allows players to challenge other factions. Details on this are quite slim at this point, and it's unclear whether this mode will actually offer PVP content, or whether it relies on a competitive scoring system.

    Once in-game, you'll be able to switch between the various game modes by using the Director, a special immersive system designed to work as a menu navigation tool.

    Destiny will be released for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3 on September 9th.

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