Evil Controllers is now sponsoring players and clans to promote Evil Controllers!

How do you get spawnsored by Evil Controllers?

1) Create a Spawnsored.net account. Input your information, your gaming specialties and write something about yourself.

2) Find Us: Use Spawnsors search function to find Evil Controllers and hit Apply for Sponsorship.

3) Fill out our questionnaire: Be sure to tell us about your biggest gaming accomplishments, your gaming goals and to tell us about your personal gaming networks.

Once youve applied wait to see if youve been approved. (*Please allow for 5-7 business days*)

Upon approval and depending on your level of experience, Evil Controller will give you a specific level of Spawnsorship. Regardless of what level of approval you receive, if you get approved you always have a chance to build up a personal relationship with us. The more you promote Evil, the more Evil helps to promote you.

Sign up to Spawnsor.net to get started!