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  • New Horizon Zero Dawn Patch, Details Inside

    horizon zero dawn patchA brand new patch has been pushed out for Horizon Zero Dawn on the PlayStation 4. Patch 1.10 should now be live. The new patch fixes a number of major bugs and gameplay progression issues. A few quality of life features have been added in the latest patch as well.

    In the new patch, players will be able to buy multiple items at once from merchants by holding the X button on their control. The X-axis controls can also now be inverted via the in-game settings menu.

    Some small changes have been made to the way items drop in Horizon Zero Dawn. The costs of items have been adjusted to reflect this game as well. These small changes all add up to make an overall tweak to the in-game item economy.

    Some adjustments have been made to humanoid AI within Horizon Zero AI, although we're not yet sure what exactly has changed here.

    If you've had any issues with progressing through the Horizon Zero Dawn campaign, you'll be relieved to hear that many progression issues have now been fixed in the latest patch. In the patch notes, it was mentioned that if you have any progression issues while playing Horizon Zero Dawn, you should perform a manual reload by loading a recent quicksave or manual save.

    While this patch hasn't done anything to change gameplay, it's great to see that Guerrilla Games are working hard to iron out all of the bugs that got past them before the game went gold. Let us know if you're still having any progression issues after the new 1.10 patch.

  • Guerrilla Games Has Announced Horizon

    guerrilla games horizon

    After months of keeping quiet, Guerrilla Games has opened up at E3 about their latest new game, named Horizon. To announce the game, Guerrilla Games has released a trailer to go alongside the announcement.

    In the trailer, a woman is seen walking through a cave, filled with cave paintings as a narrator tells the story of humanity and it's growth before it's eventual decline. Horizon will be set 1000 years ahead of the present day and will focus on a world where human civilization has collapsed and the world has been overrun by giant robotic creatures.

    A while ago, Guerrilla Games talked about their ambitions to create a game with giant killer robot dinosaurs and Horizon is clearly the game they were mentioning. The idea of giant killer robot dinosaurs sounds a little over the top, but Horizon actually seems like it could have a lot of potential, both in the gameplay and the story front.

    Horizon will be Guerrilla Game's first attempt at a role playing game - in their past the only experience they've had has been with shooters, specifically the Killzone franchise. It'll certainly be interesting to see how well they can create a game in a completely different genre.

    In Horizon, players will be able to use a variety of different methods to kill enemies, but the main concept is that players will be equipped with caveman style weaponry, or in other terms, very basic, uncivilized equipment, and they will be going up against futuristic style robots. Horizon has certainly peaked my interest - I can't wait to hear more about it.

  • Guerrilla Games New IP Could Be Open World RPG

    guerrilla Games new IPLast week, details were revealed about Guerrilla Games plans to develop a brand new IP for the PlayStation 4, however at the time we had absolutely no idea what kind of game the development studio would be working on.

    One week later, we're still not any better off in terms of official information for Guerrilla Games new IP, but some rumors have started to come in, and some of them sound quite exciting. According to an "insider," Guerrilla Games will be developing a brand new open world RPG title, which is comparable to 'the scope of Witcher 3', most likely in reference to the size of the open world.

    According to the same insider, Guerrilla Games will be making an official reveal for their new IP at this year's E3 expo, so we don't really have too much longer to find out the truth.

    If Guerrilla Games are making an open world RPG, it would be very interesting to see just how well they create such an experience, as their studio has a large portion of experience in first person shooter games, and not much proof of experience for any other type of game.

    Perhaps we can expect to see an RPG experience from Guerrilla Games similar to that of Destiny or Borderlands. However, a lot of developers are taking new routes, so it wouldn't be entirely out of the question to see something completely free from shooter mechanics and gameplay.

    We'll keep you updated as more news comes in on this.

  • New Video Shows Different Approaches to Killzone Shadow Fall Combat

    A new gameplay video by Guerrilla Games suggests that Killzone Shadow Fall combat system may end up being just a little bit more dynamic than most shooters. The video has been aptly named 'Killzone Shadow Fall 4 different ways to play' and gives us an in-depth look into the different gameplay mechanics that allow us to choose the way we approach each encounter in both campaign and against other players.

    In most typical situations, you'll be able choose between dealing with a situation nice and quietly, or by charging head first into combat.

    However, there is a little more depth to the system - There's no two strict paths to take, and you can always mix your play style up by incorporating both a stealthy approach and a gun's blazing tactic.

    The 15 minute video goes into a lot more detail and describes the various environments you'll be able to play through, and Guerrilla games says that they are trying hard to make sure that there are always different ways to complete a mission in the campaign.

    Hopefully this will add a bit more of a tactical element to the game, making it a requirement to think through situations and work out a plan of action before progressing through a mission.

    Killzone Shadow Fall will be available upon launch of the PlayStation 4 and like previous games in the franchise, it will exclusive to Sony. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on the new Killzone, it seems the more we know about it, the more interesting it becomes.

  • Killzone Shadow Fall Digital File Size is Huge

    The next generation of consoles is opening up opportunities for gamers to go digital and never put a disc in their PlayStation 4 or Xbox One again, but there is one very big problem that is getting in the way of a fully digital gaming experience.

    This problem comes down to hard drive space, and new information from Killzone's Guerrilla Games proves this with hard evidence.

    According to Guerrilla Games, the development team behind the next gen Killzone game, the Killzone Shadow Fall digital file size is a total of 39.7GB. Firstly, this is a huge amount of space as it is, and would take up close to 10% of the PlayStation 4's 500GB hard drive. Secondly, before Guerrilla Games worked on compressing the file content, the Killzone Shadow Fall digital file size was a massive 290GB.

    In a few years' time once the new console generation matures a little, games will only get bigger and better, so it could even be possible that just one game could take up as much as 20% of the PS4's or Xbox One's total hard drive space.

    This would completely ruin the idea of a digital gaming experience because you'd only be able to have between 5 and 10 games on your console's hard drive before having to uninstall one and wait a dozen hours for your next game to download.

    If Sony and Microsoft are serious about their new digital content approach, they will really need to up the size of the hard drives to match the increasing size in game data.

  • Killzone Shadowfall 8 minute gameplay Video Shows Full Match

    Despite seeing in-game footage of Killzone Shadowfall's multiplayer last time, we only saw snippets, and because of that, we had no idea about what the game feels like when playing. Luckily though, Guerrilla Games, the developers behind the Killzone series have allowed players to play and record right off the floors of PAX Prime, and a video showing 8 full minutes of a multiplayer game have been put on Youtube.

    The video is quite shaky and there is a lot of background noise so it isn't the best thing to watch, but it does give insight into what the Killzone multiplayer will feel and play like.

    The first thing to note was that the graphics were extremely pretty, and with all the graphics, detailing and lighting effects, it was surprisingly a little overwhelming and proved hard to spot enemies at a distance.

    Hopefully you'll be able to get used to the screen glares and other effects, because the multiplayer does look to be quite enjoyable.

    I wouldn't say the multiplayer is or will be as played or enjoyable as Battlefield 4 or COD Ghosts, and that is mainly because both the developers behind BF4 and COD put a lot of their time into focusing on the multiplayer aspect.

    Guerrilla games have started to work on a multiplayer game mode, but it still feels fresh in the series and doesn't have a unique shine to it to make it stand out.

    Because of this, my advice would be to buy Killzone Shadowfall only if you're looking forward to a spectacular single player experience- the multiplayer could be great, but don't get your hopes up for an entirely multiplayer experience from Killzone Shadowfall.

  • Customizable Weapons will be Possible in Killzone: Shadow Fall

    Guerrilla Games has recently confirmed that you will be able to customize your own personal weapons in the upcoming Killzone: Shadow Fall.

    This will mark the reintroduction of weapon attachments to the Killzone series, and players will be able to add custom attachments to weapons like the Helghast StA-55 assault rifle and the StA-52 rifle.

    Roy Postma, Killzone: Shadow Fall's art director has said a few things on the subject, and discussed the inclusion of an attachment system.

    "It's still the same work horse of the Helghast, doing the same thing: a high fire rate with a big magazine in a nice, compact package. It's the perfect all-round weapon if you don't require high accuracy. So there are no new surprises on the weapon in terms of functionality. The biggest functional change, and one that is not limited to the StA-55, is the reintroduction of attachments. We can switch out various sights and optics, secondary weapon attachments, grips, flashlights, silencers – you name it. This makes the StA-55 even more versatile, but it did require us to go over some functional and cosmetic changes to be able to make them all fit on the weapon in an appealing and functional manner."

    Whilst having the ability to customize weapons with attachments in first person shooters is far from new, it could open up a lot of windows for creativity in Killzone: Shadow Fall and I really hope that Guerrilla Games does a good job at implementing it into the new game.

    Killzone: Shadow Fall is currently scheduled for a 2013 quarter 4 release for the PlayStation 4.

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