Homefront: The Revolution

  • Sony May Be Looking Into Buying Crytek

    Sony Buys CrytekA lot of information has hit the world recently regarding Crytek's current financial struggles, and whilst it's clear that they're in the rough right now, details surrounding their fate in the future are very cloudy.

    It could be possible that a company or a group of companies decide to buy out Crytek's assets, in a similar fashion to the THQ buyout in 2012. However, it would be unexpected for a company like Sony to come along and outright buy Crytek and all of it's worth.

    Surprisingly though, a well-renowned insider by the name of Tidux has suggested that Sony may actually be considering purchasing Crytek in the near future.

    Tidux made it very clear that what he's heard is just a rumor, but Sony are reportedly looking in to buying Crytek at this point, and assessing whether making such a move would bring in profit for them.

    Personally, I believe it's very possible that Sony are considering to buy Crytek, but I would be surprised if they actually followed through with it. We'll have to keep our eyes and ears peeled. It's likely something will happen to Crytek, but right now nobody really knows what that is.

    If Sony does buy Crytek, they'll have access to a few different franchise names including Crysis, Homefront, and maybe even Ryse, despite the fact that the only current game from the IP is an Xbox exclusive.

  • Ryse 2 Cancelled Due to Crytek Financial Struggle

    ryse 2 cancelledI was surprised to hear that a second Ryse title was ever even planned in the first place, but it turns out that Ryse 2, the sequel to the first Xbox One exclusive by Crytek will most likely be canned, due to various financial issues Crytek is currently dealing with.

    Rumors about Crytek's financial struggle have been spreading for a few months now, and it seems all we hear from the company today are in regards to their inability to pay the bills.

    However, the true cause behind the alleged cancellation of Ryse 2 simply comes down to a disagreement between Crytek and Microsoft. It seems Microsoft was happy to fund the cost for a Ryse sequel, but only if Crytek gave the full rights to the IP to Microsoft.

    Despite lots of talk about Crytek's bad financial position, it seems they are still going full steam ahead with their latest announced title, Homefront: The Revolution. However, it's possible the new Homefront game may never make it to retail either, as many developers working for Crytek are complaining about lack of pay, and many have left various Crytek studios across the world due to these issues.

    It's likely Crytek won't have a very bright future ahead of them unless they can somehow recuperate their current financial losses. I'm not too bothered about a lack of a Ryse sequel, but it would be nice to see Homefront: The Revolution make it to reality.

  • Gameplay for Homefront The Revolution Shown

    homefront the revolutionCrytek are best known for the Crysis series, along with their very powerful range of game engines by the name of CryENGINE, which have allowed developers to reach beautiful graphic standards incredibly easily, but recently Crytek have been working on a brand new project.

    The project in question is called Homefront: The Revolution, and it follows in the footsteps of the first Homefront title that was published by THQ. Crytek recently bought the rights for Homefront after THQ went bankrupt, so this new Homefront title could be considered a sequel, despite being under a new name.

    Homefront: The Revolution is set in a world set after a fictional invasion of the United States by North Korea, and it gives players the control of survivors who are still putting up a fight against the North Korean forces.

    Like everything by Crytek, Homefront: The Revolution looks pretty decent graphically-wise, but so far I can't get an idea about the gameplay. The gameplay shown so far looks quite scripted, so it will be interesting to see how the full game plays like when it is released.

    Speaking of release dates, so far nothing is known, but we'll probably see it late this year, or early next year. A PS4 and Xbox One release is definite, and an old gen version could well be possible, although all of this is just speculation on my part. We'll let you know as more information comes in about Homefront: The Revolution.

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