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  • New Doom Free Update Launched


    A brand new free update for Doom has landed and it features a number of interesting new features.

    Firstly, the campaign mode for Doom now has a new scoring mode. The new scoring mode is called Arcade and it will give players score for completing levels as quickly and with as little failures as possible. In arcade mode, all items will be unlocked, so players will be able to make a choice about what to equip themselves with for the best possible outcome.

    The new update also adds new features to the SnapMap level editor. Players will now be able to use assets from the classic Doom games. Not only has ID Software opened the doors for potential Doom classic remakes, but they've released a number of classic style maps that were made from SnapMap for players to try.

    Multiplayer has been given some love too - A new game mode has been added called Possession. It's your typical infected game type where a group of marines have to fight against player-controlled Prowlers. If a marine gets killed, they'll respawn as a Prowler. The game continues until all players are converted or the time limit runs out.

    A new FFA mode has been added to multiplayer too. The new game mode is called Bloodrush - in this, players have a constantly draining meter. If they kill an enemy or get an assist, the meter will temporarily be boosted. If you die, your bar will drain quicker and the in-play bar drain will speed up as the game continues. Once the bar is drained completely, that player is out of the game. The last player standing wins.

  • First Doom DLC is Released

    doom dlc is released

    Doom has finally received its first DLC release. The new DLC pack is available for $15 and includes a number of new features such as new maps. The DLC is also available as part of the $40 season pass.

    The release did come as bit of a surprise. We’re excited to see that ID Software are still working on releasing new content for Doom, both in terms of free content patches and paid DLC.

    The newly released DLC pack includes the following:

  • New map: Cataclysm
  • New map: Offering
  • New map: Ritual
  • New weapon: UAC EMG pistol
  • New item: Kinetic Mine
  • New demon:the Harvester
  • New armor and taunts, including robotic sets and a golf club-swinging taunt
  • In most cases the new maps are locked out to those who hold the DLC pack. However, if you party up with a player that owns the DLC pack you’ll be able to play the new maps even if you do not own the DLC yourself. This gives friends an option to party up and try out the new maps without everyone being forced to pay for them.

    ID Software has a number of other plans for future DLC packs and they also plan to keep updating the game with regular free updates and content drops as well. In other news, Doom went on sale to celebrate Quakecon. The developers also recently added two new multiplayer game modes for all players for free.

    With the new DLC will you be picking up the new Doom again?

  • Doom 4 Showcased at QuakeCon

    doom 4 quakeconAt QuakeCon this month Bethesda and Id Software finally got round to showcasing the brand new Doom game. The fourth title in the franchise, simply named DOOM, will be released for the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and the PC, and is planned to run at 60FPS at a 1080P resolution.

    Around 10 minutes of gameplay footage of DOOM was shown off at QuakeCon, and within that time there was a lot to take in. It looks as if DOOM will be a very fast paced experience, offering players a great level of agility whilst holding and using weapons.

    In fact, DOOM isn't just fast paced like many run n' gun first person shooters currently available; Id software seem to have taken it to the next level. Marty Stratton, the executive producer at Id Software, stated that, "Doom is an origin game, about fast, fast paced combat. It's about amazing guns and blood and gore and gibs. It's the Doom game that we want to make and what you want to play."

    DOOM is shaping up to what sounds to be an incredibly adrenaline-pumped experience, and we'll probably see more and more of that leading up to the game's release date.

    Talking about release, it's likely DOOM will be released at some point in 2015 for the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and PC, although unfortunately release details haven't gotten any more specific than that. We'll keep you updated as more information about the upcoming Doom game is revealed.

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