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  • CEO 2017 Game Lineup Revealed

    CEO 2017 gamesThe game lineup for the next major fighting game event has been revealed.

    CEO 2017 has now published information about what games they will be hosting tournaments for, along with other important details on event dates and attendance.

    There's no doubt that CEO is one of the tournaments the fighting game community loves the most, so if you're interested in some epic matches to tune into, or are interested in attending the event yourself, pay close attention to the information provided below.

    It's now been confirmed that CEO 2017 will have a total of 11 different fighting games. First things first, both Smash Bros Melee and Smash Bros Wii U will be making an appearance. Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 will of course be making a show. Unfortunately Mortal Kombat XL will not be on the agenda for CEO 2017, but there are a number of other games that will take it's place.

    This includes both Injustice 2 and Killer Instinct as well as the following: The King of Fighters XIV, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator and Pokken Tournament.

    As for the dates and location, CEO 2017 will start on June 16th and the final day will be on June 18th. The event will take place at the Wyndham Orlando Resort.

    Will you be interested in taking part in CEO 2017? Which of the eleven games takes your interest the most?

  • Could There Be a Killer Instinct Mortal Kombat Crossover?

    Mortal Kombat Killer Instinct

    If you try to pair fighting games, Tekken and Street Fighter go quite well together, and this has lead to crossovers in the past. For Mortal Kombat, the best pairing would definitely have to be Killer Instinct. Both games offer a slightly more brutal approach to fighting, and according to Ed Boon, the idea of a Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat crossover would be a good idea.

    On Twitter, Ed Boon mentioned 'I loves me some KI but a crossover would have to be Xbox exclusive.'

    Funnily enough, Phil Spencer later tweeted in reply to state that he 'loves' the idea too. Well, right there we have the two men that could make a real crossover happen, and they both agree on the idea.

    Whether or not this was a little marketing ploy by both Netherrealm and Xbox is hard to say, but we wouldn't be surprised if a Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat crossover title was now in the works. Because Killer Instinct is Xbox exclusive, the crossover would also have to be Xbox exclusive, which is a bit of a shame because Mortal Kombat has always been available on multiple platforms.

    With that being said, with Xbox's recent adoption of Windows 10, it's likely that a future crossover would also be available on Windows 10 PCs. Unfortunately we doubt we'd ever see the game reach PlayStation and that's if it ever did come to light at all anyway.

  • The Arbiter is Coming to Killer Instinct

    arbiter in killer instinct

    If you're a fan of the Halo franchise, you may want to check this out.

    It turns out that the new Killer Instinct season will be getting some new fighters, one of which will be a familiar face for anybody that has played Halo 2 or Halo 3. It has been revealed that the Arbiter, an Elite that has allied with the Master Chief will be playable as a guest fighter in Killer Instinct season 3.

    Alongside the addition of the Arbiter, Kim Wu will also be making a return to Killer Instinct. Kim Wu wields nun-chucks and also has a special dragon power. Kim Wu has been in Killer Instinct since 1996 so it's good to see the fighter making a return.

    Season 3 of Killer Instinct will also introduce three more characters to the fighter lineup. The three new characters have been confirmed as Tusk, Gargos and Rash. Rash is a character from a well known classic 2D game called Battletoads - it's odd to see Rash as a 3D character but we can't wait to see how well he can put up a fight against the other upcoming fighters.

    We're most excited about the Arbiter in Killer Instinct season 3. The trailer seems to suggest that the Arbiter's main weapon will be the Energy Sword, although we wouldn't be surprised if he has a few other tricks up his sleeve as well. The Arbiter is the second guest character in a fighting game. In Dead or Alive 4, a Spartan named Nicole was introduced as a guest.

  • New Killer Instinct Season 2 gets Aganos Next Week

    killer instinct season 2 aganosMicrosoft have just revealed a brand new trailer, showing off a new character planned for season 2 of Killer Instinct on the Xbox One. The character, named Aganos, is a war golem who pretty much dwarves every other fighter in the franchise.

    As you can imagine, a lot of Aganos' move set is based around elemental attacks that use rocks and stones to his advantage. For example, Aganos can force stone to rise from the ground before picking up the forged stone and using it as a weapon to club his opponents with.

    In lore, Aganos is set out on a mission to destroy Kan-Ra, who also made an appearance in season 2 of Killer Instinct. Kan-Ra is a character inspired by an ancient egyptian mummy, and I think his skill set will be a very interesting match up against Aganos.

    Right at the end of the trailer, a teaser for yet another character was noticed. It seems clear that the next character for Killer Instinct on the Xbox One will be Onryo, a ghost of Japanese origin. Onryo wields a large pole arm or lance as a primary weapon.

    I'm honestly a lot more excited about Aganos, which is great because he will be available to everybody who owns the Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct on the 27th of February. Those who own the Combo Breaker Edition will be able to play Aganos on March 5th, just shy of one week after his debut on the latest version of Killer Instinct.

  • Maya Coming to Killer Instinct Season 2

    killer instinct mayaThe latest Killer Instinct title for Xbox One has taken quite an odd approach to free-to-play, and in my opinion it has worked quite well. By featuring a rotation system similar to that found in popular MOBA League of Legends, players can get a taste of all the characters in Killer Instinct, and splash out on the game if they feel a certain attachment to a character they have had the chance to play.

    To keep things interesting though, Iron Galaxy Studios have planned to throw in more characters into the roster, and once season 2 kicks off, Killer Instinct will see it's first set of new characters.

    Probably the most interesting addition to season 2 will be Maya, a character that has only been seen in one other game in the franchise, Killer Instinct 2, back in 1996. Maya is an Amazonian warrior who banished the evil dark lord Gargos to become the queen of Amazonia.

    The second character announced for season 2 was thought by many to be Cinder, a fire based fighter, but this latest announcement confirms that Maya will be introduced to the game instead.

    Earlier in the year, TJ Combo, a very popular ex-boxer character from the Killer Instinct franchise was also confirmed to be making it into the roster once season 2 starts.

    Both characters will be purchasable as DLC content, however their release date, along with season 2, has currently not been revealed. However, we expect Killer Instinct season 2 to be released fairly soon.

  • Jail System Added to Stop Quitters in Killer Instinct

    killer instinct quitters jail

    One of the most frustrating things I've come across in matchmaking for beat'em ups is the terrible behavior some players use when trying to avoid ruining their perfect win/loss ratio. One of these tactics involves turning the console off at the socket when they smell the scent of defeat, and another one simply involves quitting to the dashboard or home screen.

    When you're an innocent player trying to slowly make his way up the ranks, this can be an incredibly common and frustrating sight. Luckily though, Killer Instinct developers will be putting a system into their free to play Xbox One game to stop quitters and allow fairer gameplay.

    The new jail system will automatically but players who have quit percentages higher than 15% into the "jail pool." That allows the player to get the occasional power cut or other problem go by unharmed, but will punish those who repeatedly abuse the game by quitting when near defeat.

    Once you're in the jail pool, you'll be there for 24 hours, and to make it worse, you'll only ever be able to play against other jailed players, so if you do get sent there, be prepared to get a taste of your own medicine.

    Once out of the jail, offenders will keep their quit percentage, and if they fail to stop quitting, each trip to the jail will result in an increased 24 hour penalty. So the first visit will be 24 hours, the second will be 48 hours, and so on.

    Players will have to play in the jail system to bring their quit percentage below 15% - as soon as it hits 15% again, they will go straight back to jail.

  • Upcoming Killer Instinct DLC Includes New Character

    Killer instinct Spinal

    If you haven't quite found the perfect character for your preferences in Killer Instinct, you may want to check out the new DLC that will be arriving to the game.

    The new DLC includes Spinal, a character that has been around since the origins of Killer Instinct, and, like the rest of the game's current character roster, he has undergone massive changes to his appearance.

    It's still easy to tell it's Spinal though, but the graphics upgrade given to him certainly makes him look like a badass. Spinal can be purchased for $5 as a DLC addition. It's unclear at this point whether it will be included in the $40 Ultra Edition that originally came with the first eight characters, accessory packs, costumes and the original Killer Instinct as an arcade game, but it's likely that you will have to throw out another 5 bucks for Spinal.

    No details have been given on when the Spinal DLC will be available yet, but it's probably going to reach Xbox One before the end of January, along with a new patch that should hopefully address more balancing issues, tweak up ranked play a little, and add a new character to the free character rotation system.

    Hopefully Spinal will eventually be available for a week in the free character rotation system, but there is a possibility that he will disclosed from this because he counts as DLC content.

  • New Killer Instinct Patch Introduces New Free Character

    As Killer Instinct is a free to play game, there are certain elements that are "locked down" for every user until they splash out on cash. One of the biggest things that is limited for the basic player is the available character roster. In fact, only one character is available for play at one time, and the others must be purchased permanently before they can be played.

    New Character Killer Instinct

    Before you shout about how money-grabbing this screwy tactic is looking to be, one thing that makes it more reasonable is that the character that is available for free changes regularly, thanks to the rotation system that works similarly to the weekly system found in League of Legends.


    This means that players will always have a chance to try each and every character, but they'll have to put in money to purchase a character that they enjoyed playing with.


    Right now, Jago has been replaced with Sabrewulf. On top of this, some character balancing has been put into place, and some bug fixes and menu changes have been added with the latest patch.


    The store has been fine tuned to make browsing through it more easy on the eye, and the annoying bug that forced players to put their controller in USB slot 1 has also been resolved.


    If you're still not happy with the whole "one character at a time" thing, there are packages that give players access to all eight characters, and it costs roughly the same price as a full retail game.


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