Microsoft used the big stage at The Game Awards to show the first look at their next-generation Xbox console, revealing the hardware as Xbox Series X.

The new console has an interesting look to it, appearing to be almost a mini-PC tower in terms of aesthetic. The console is matte black and features a rectangular look. Situated up to the controller, the Series X appears to be quite tall, with its primary vent being on the top. It’s not currently known whether or not the device will be able to be laid on its side, although we figure that to be likely.

In addition to the new console, we also got a new look at the Xbox Series X Controller. he only major changes to the design are a modular D-pad as well as a share button that’ll let players share clips of games to streaming platforms. This means that the standard trigger rumble and haptic feedback will remain. This means that the controller will almost certainly be mod-able, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it to see just what we can do with the device.

The Series X was previously known as the Xbox Scarlett and has been in development for quite some time. It’s promising to be the most powerful Xbox yet and will be launching during the Holiday 2020 season. No exact date or price has been announced for the product, but given the beefy internals being discussed, we reckon that it’ll be a pretty penny.