• New PlayStation 4.40 Firmware adds Remote Download Features

    PlayStation 4.40 Update

    A new firmware for the PlayStation 3 has been announced to hit consoles soon and will include a few new features, as well as a few fixes for stability issues and bugs. The most interesting feature tells us that PlayStation 3 users will be able to download games straight to their PS3 store via the PlayStation network website, which means wherever you're browsing from, you'll be able to download games to your PS3 without having to touch it.

    The remote download feature will only come to the console in May 2013 though, and PlayStation will be posting a few articles explaining how to make the most out of the feature leading up to that date.

    The only other feature that has been mentioned on the blog post by Sony other than the usual system software stability fixes was the added feature to be able to use the wireless and wired headset with PS2 classics games downloaded from the PlayStation store.

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  • Vice President to Meet with Video Game Reps about Violence

    Violent Video Games

    Vice President Joe Biden and his task force will meet with video game representatives and publishers about violent video games, Reuters reports.


    Biden and his task force has held meetings with many gun advocate groups, victims of gun violence and gun owners this week.


    The task force along with Biden will use this information to give a decision about a piece of legislation banning assault rifles and the role of violent video games and movies has to do with tragedies like the Newtown, Connecticut incident.


    Biden will give a decision on what to do later this month in Congress.


    Do you think violent video games result in these tragedies?

  • Microsoft Sells 750,000 Consoles During Black Friday Sales

    Black Friday Xbox 360 Sales

    Last week, Microsoft proved that the Xbox 360 still has life left.

    A small statistical website reported that during a six-day time period the Xbox 360 sold 750,000 consoles in the United States alone. Also, Xbox 360 Gold Memberships increased 50 percent compared to Black Friday last year.

    The increase of sales saw a spike of 14 million people on Xbox Live the Sunday after Black Friday. They accumulated a total of 72 million hours of use in just one day.

    Although this wasn't completely good news, last year Microsoft set a record of 960,000 consoles sold during Black Friday sales.

    Nevertheless Microsoft says that entertainment usage was up by 43 percent on Xbox Live than last year showing hope that the Xbox 360 still has some more life before Microsoft's new console.

    Do you think the Xbox 360 has more life in it? Or is it new console season already? Comment what you think.

  • Real Life Recreation of the Greatest BF3 Stunt Ever

    Legendary Battlefield 3 Stunt Re-Created in Real Life

    So, you know of the famous Battlefield 3 multiplayer stunt? You know the one where the guy ejects from his fighter jet only to fire an rocket at an enemy aircraft, destroy it, and land right back in the cockpit of his jet? You haven't? Well, you can see it right here.

    Why am I mentioning that great piece of BF3 history? Well thanks to an article on Kotaku, apparently someone decided to remake the entire stunt in real life with an exception to the $100 million Dollar Russian and US Air Force fighter jets. They instead used some really nice computer made substitutes that were ripped right from the game. Everything else was made in real life, the movements, the jump, even the anti-aircraft shoulder missile launcher (missile not included that was also computer generated). If you haven't checked it out, head on over to the link above to see how dedicated some people are to recreating something epic in real life.


  • Uncharted Movie Back on Track for 2013

    A New Director and a New Script Welcome the Approval From the Fans of Naughty Dog's Flagship Uncharted Series.

    by guest writer Ryan Keeler

    The people have spoken and Sony and Columbia Pictures have listened! After announcement earlier this year that director, David O. Russell, was developing the script for the movie adaptation of the critically acclaimed, PS3 hit, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, blogs erupted with fan comments. Die-hard fans of this video game franchise all knew the potential of Nathan Drake’s character on the big screen, drawing strong comparisons to Indiana Jones and Lara Croft. After leaks of the direction Russell wanted to go with his Uncharted script, Nathan Drake fans and creators voiced their disproval, virtually sending Russell and his script packing and bringing director, Neil Burger, in do the job correctly.

    The success and popularity of the Uncharted video game series, quite possibly makes Nathan Drake one of the most popular characters of Playstation 3 ever. With Naughty Dog's November 1st release of Uncharted's third installment, Drake's Deception, its concept and fan base is at an all time high. That being said, the demand for more Nathan Drake is apparent, and the obvious next move is a big screen adaptation. Sony and Columbia Pictures agreed and hired David O. Russell to direct. With Russell just off an Academy Award nomination for his work on The Fighter last year, Sony felt like they nabbed the director that could successfully transition Drake from the small screen to the big screen. What Sony didn't know was that Russell wanted to go completely away from the video game's story and bring his favorite actor to work with, Mark Whalberg, along for the ride. To quickly express how disastrous these two decisions would be to the franchise, let's recap how Russell's vision really could affect the Uncharted movie:

    1. Russell had the idea of writing a script that made Uncharted more of a family piece than an action/adventure film. He wanted to create Drake as a member of a family of antique traders and bring in strong roles to play his father and uncle. Rumor had it that, Russell had contacted Robert Deniro and Joe Pesci to play his father and uncle respectively, which at first glance sounds amazing! But looking more into it, a Scorsese reunion of this dynamic duo would take away tremendously from what this movie is really meant to be, a new franchise about an “ordinary guy” with a thirst for treasure hunting and adventure.

    2. Russell was dead set on casting Mark Whalberg as Nathan Drake. With past success in movies such as Three Kings, The Fighter, and I Heart Huckabees, Russell's rapport with Whalberg is unprecedented and made his dedication to him warranted. But bringing a video game character to life on the big screen is difficult, and everyone remembers (and probably is trying to forget) Mr. Whalberg's first attempt at this with the big budget flop, Max Payne.

    Naughty Dog and fans worldwide, voiced their opinions and Sony was forced to listen. It was clear that Russell's vision wasn't what the world wanted for this franchise, brining forth the decision to introduce Neil Burger to take the reigns. Burger doesn't have as many films under his belt as Russell, but he has success in writing and directing, and is known for his most recent work with Edward Norton in The Illusionist and Bradley Cooper in Limitless. Most importantly, Burger wants to stay true to the Uncharted story line that progresses through the three video games. When the people of Naughty Dog created Nathan Drake, they had a vision of an “ordinary guy” that people could relate to. They used such actors as Jonny Knoxville, Harrison Ford and Bruce Willis, and took their best attributes to create Drake. Dressing him in a shirt and jeans, and giving him a strong personality with hints of sarcasm, makes for a new classic, adventure movie character that fans will fill theatre seats for. Burger has stressed wanting to make an adaptation that compares to the Indiana Jones character, a character in which the movies has lacked for some time now.

    With Naughty Dog giving two thumbs up of approval on the new script's direction, Burger has the difficult task of casting an actor that not only will appease the video game's fans, but can also attract the movie-goers that don't even know who Nathan Drake is. At the top of the fan's list sits Nathan Fillion, known for his work on Castle, Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series'. His Firefly movie adaptation, Serenity, has also made him a Comic-Con God and an easy front-runner to bring Nathan Drake to life. When asked about the possibilities of this challenge, Fillion said:

    "I am certainly still interested in playing Nathan Drake. I think every actor I know wants [his] action-adventure hero, [his] Indiana Jones. That would be a good one for me, I think. What I don't want is people pressuring that poor man [director Neil Burger] and souring him on the actual idea. If we could somehow just… do you remember the movie Inception? I think that's what we need to do. We need to let him land on the idea on his own."

    Can Fillion successfully create a character that the world can relate to? The movie's desperately needs an everyday guy, turned adventurer/treasure hunter that can compare to the likes of Indiana Jones. We finally have the medium and story with the Uncharted concept, the director in Burger that wants to stay true to this story, and possibly the actor in Fillion that is passionate about the character. Let's just hope he can replicate what an unknown actor at the time, Harrison Ford, did for movies, in creating the pop-icon the world has been thirsty for since The Last Crusade came out in 1989.


  • An Angry Birds Official Store Opens up in China

    Roxio Makes an Official Store in China to Stop Bootlegging

    Angry Birds is popular. When I mean popular, I mean it probably toppled over Tetris when it came to casual gaming that everyone can enjoy. You know you are popular when bootlegged merchandise of your game is availableall across the world by the way of China. Of course, bootlegging can get out of hand and most companies can't do much to stop it. However, Roxio, creator of Angry Birds, thinks differently.

    Roxio decided that in order to stop the vast amounts of bootleg Angry Birds merchandise and stores in parts of China, they have to hit them where it hurts, their wallets. So, the company decided to put up an official store dedicated to the game that stole more hours of our lives than a Tony Danza marathon.According to a report on BetaBeat, the store will combat the bootleg market by undercutting the bootleggers by offering official merchandise at a lower price. So why pay 150 yuan for a crudily made green pig plush toy, when you can get an official, better-made green pig plush toy for 100 yuan?

    I do wonder if there's more to it than just combating bootlegging. From a business standpoint, China could be a guinea pig for beta-testing a line of Angry Birds stores that could soon be appearing soon in your local mall. Imagine that, an Angry Birds store sandwiched between a Wienerschnitzel and a Baby Gap.


    How long do you think it'll be before such a store opens in the U.S.?

  • Batman: Arkham Citys Release Stirs Talk of new Feature Film

    Anticipation Levels for The Dark Knight Rises Are Now at an All Time High for the 2012 Release

    By Ryan Keeler

    With Rocksteady Studios October 18th release of Batman: Arkham City, their sequel to the 2009 hit video game Batman: Arkham Asylum, the anticipation level for Christopher Nolans 3rd and final movie, The Dark Knight Rises, is starting to cause a lot of chatter on the web. With it being over three years since Nolan broke box office records with his second Batman installment, The Dark Knight, fans are starting to get a bit antsy for Julys 2012 release. The Dark Knight not only opened with a $158 million opening weekend, it went on to gross over $1 billion worldwide, putting the film in the top 10 of all time box office worldwide gross. With that being said, and an estimated $250 million budget, the pressure is on for Nolan to produce with his final feature on the caped crusader.

    Nolan decided to take time away from his 3rd installment to work on Inception, which proved to be a box office smash. His break from his Batman project could, however, prove to be a bit costly. Since Dark Knights release, there has been a comic movie craze in the last three years with takes on characters ranging from Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Green Lantern, and Thor. And now with the world being hyped for the new Avengers movie along with a new Superman reboot, the competition level for the Batman film could be very fierce. RockSteadys video games will indeed help. Arkham City has many of the famous characters playing a role in the new game, with the Joker playing the main protagonist along with help from Two Face, Poison Ivy and The Riddler. Options to play as Robin and Catwoman are featured in this release, along with a new and interesting storyline of Bane as an ally for Batman. Those three characters will help strike interest in the movie alone with confirmations of Bane and Catwoman to make their trilogy introductions as well as a rumor of a Robin plotline.

    Photos, videos, and spoiler alerts are littered throughout the web on the new-featured film, but any concrete word on the plot is still top secret. During an interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who has been cast to play police officer John Blake) the question arose of the rumor of his character becoming Robin by the films end. You know I cant have this conversation, man. Adding that Christopher Nolan was in fact crazy and that the whole cast was sworn to secrecy. For a movie with so many secrets surrounding it, the filming in Pittsburgh has been accessible by much of the public. With a simple Google search, photos of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Tom Hardy as Bane, and videos of Bane speaking to the Gotham crowd at Heinz field and a Batwing chase scene surface. All proving that the publics interest is still there after a three-year hiatus and with one year still to go until the films release.

    Nolan tripled his box office numbers from Batman Begins to The Dark Knight. The expectation level can only be through the roof from Warner Brothers and all the fans that will be forming lines out theatres doors for this one. I for one stay optimistic that Nolan will conclude this trilogy with fans begging for more and making us all forget that it has been a very long four years since the world was introduced to not only one of the best Batman films, but arguably one of the best comic book/action films of all time.


  • Ubisoft-France ends a war with a three-story Enzio

    Ubisoft-France uses a three-story Enzio to end a "war" with a local French bank.

    Back in May, a female staff member at Ubisoft France's office took a number of yellow post-it notes and made a Space Invader on her window. Across the street, a staff member at BNP Paribas(a local French bank) saw it and "fired back" by making one of his own. Then she made another, and he made another in response. And thus the great Ubisoft-BNP Paribas post-it war of 2011. Soon the French media caught wind of the war and began day-to-day coverage of the clash between the two companies.

    Ubisoft-France noted that the war was going on for so long they needed to bring a stop to it. They thought they would run out of windows soon and needed to find a way to coup-de-grace BNP Paribas. On August 19th, 2011 they ended the struggling war with the most accurately madeEnzio from Assassin's Creed made entire of different colored post-it notes.

    Many post it notes gave their lives in this struggling war, but there could be only one victor in the end. Now Ubisoft can get back to making another installment in Raving Rabbids so we can all laugh this war behind us.

  • Battleship: The Movie

    We can all remember family game nights, and one of the staple games for these occasions in my family was Battleship. It is a game that has been played by a huge part of the population and has been enjoyed for decades. The game has gone through many changes over the years, with the addition of built in sound effects, light up boards, and new game rules. This year however the game is taking on a form it has not previously extended into.

    The teaser trailer for a Battleship movie features Liam Neeson, Taylor Kitsch, and Rihanna, and the movie is due to be released in 2012. This debuts a new twist on the classic board game. The movie will not follow the traditional game play, but the concept of naval warfare is the central theme of the movie.

    The trailer denotes that naval battleships will be fighting against a threat that is literally not of this earth. They locate an unidentified ship floating in the water, which it is later exposed to be an alien vessel ready to wage war. The special effects are impressive in the trailer, and you can expect that the movie is full of impressive visual moments.

    We will keep our ears open for new information regarding this game inspired movie, and the minute we hear something you will know. This has inspired me to dust off my version of Battleship, pull it out of the closet, and replay one of the most popular board games in America. View the movie trailer here, and pull out your copy of the classic board game while you do.

  • Record Breaking Harry Potter Weekend

    The eighth and final Harry Potter movie made box office history over its opening weekend, raking in a whopping $168 million. It marks the end of a decade of Harry Potter films that have captivated audiences all over the world, and seeing it end is a bit nostalgic. The most recent opening shattered previous records for ticket sales, and even nudged ahead of the coveted Batman film The Dark Knight, which only brought in $158 million.

    This is a tremendous feat for a movie in an opening weekend, but the fact that it is Harry Potter is not surprising at all. The series has been a staple of many peoples childhood, and as it finally comes to a close, the hype has been unbelievable. I was not one of those who battled my way into an opening night showing, but a vast number of people showed up for Harry Potter opening festivities all over the world.

    Theaters are also showing the movie in 3D which adds to tickets sales, but more so the allure of JK Rowlings fantasy world. As far as movies go, the aesthetics of Harry Potter are perfect for 3D, and this final movie is no exception.

    The record breaking weekend, nostalgic end to the series, and the amazing cinematography make this the most exciting movie release in recent memory, and Harry Potter has taken the world by storm one last time!

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