octodad ps4Octodad: Deadliest Catch may look like a bit of a laugh, but it should be taken very seriously - it has sold incredibly well on the PC since it's release, and since then it has gained a lot of praise across the internet for being a zany and original title that offers laughs for anybody playing.

So far, it has been limited to the PC, but Octodad: Deadliest Catch has now been confirmed to be releasing on PlayStation 4 on April 23rd in Europe, and on April 22nd in North America. The North American version will cost just $14.99, although PS Plus subscribers will be able to get 20 percent off of the game if they buy it before the 29th of April.

Phil Tibitoski, the president of Young Horses, the development studio behind Octodad has stated that the PlayStation version will see a few enhancements over the original version launched on PC in January.

Tibitoski wrote on the PlayStation blog that "The latter third of the game in particular has gone through some radical changes, with added challenges like deck swabbing, jig dancing, and some new disguises to wear."

If that's not enough of a change for you, a new co-op mode will be added that will allow for up to four players to take control of one Octodad leg each, which is sure to ensure lots of hilarity. This mode will let players use the PlayStation Move controller to interact with the game.