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  • OpTic Take Halo World Championship Win

    optic world championshipOpTic gaming has managed to hit their second consecutive Halo World Championship win this month after they faced up against EnVyUs in the grand finals.

    OpTic has been dominating the Halo scene recently. Unfortunately, they didn't quite perform as well as they may have liked to throughout the majority of the Halo World Championship. EnVyUs, on the other hand, looked as if they had the entire championship in the bag.

    Even though they had performed incredibly well during the tournament, we weren't ruling out the nV grand final win. In fact, to begin with, EnVyUs had won 12 games in a row. By the time EnVyUs had reached the finals, they had only lost a total of two games. With the two teams facing off in the finals, it looked as if EnVyUs could have easily taken the game from OpTic's grasp after the incredible performance from EnVyUs earlier in the tournament.

    Things took a turn for the worst on EnVyUs's side, however. While EnVyUs scored a quick 2-0 lead in the first game, which was CTF, OpTic managed to pull it back to score themselves a first win with a 3-2 scoreline.

    The next game was Slayer. It was also incredibly close, but OpTic took the win 50 kills to 44. nV took a huge lead over OpTic in game three, but OpTic pulled it back with a 100-65 scoreline in Strongholds.

    With game 4 on the way, things were now looking in OpTic's favor. It was a tight race, but game 4 CTF saw OpTic pull out a 1-0 victory.

    As a result, OpTic gaming are now two time Halo World champions and they happily took home the $500,000 first place prize. Team EnVyUs, on the other hand, took home $200,000 which is still something to write home about.



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    OpTic has built a large fan base across multiple channels. OpTic montages and commentaries are anticipated weekly, in addition to numerous shows/series on With the future in mind, OpTic is excited about new opportunities and revolutionizing the gaming industry! When it comes to strategic gameplay OpTic was one of the few teams that remained committed to sniper game play, despite the overall dominance of automatic weapons. H3CZ, TUMORS, and CoRoSiV3 continued to develop OpTic Gaming into the team you know today. Today, OpTic has grown into one of the most well-known gaming teams. With top snipers, a competitive team, European based players, ProSim team and more, OpTic continues to function as a well rounded gaming organization.

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