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  • Resident Evil 7 Demo Now Free for All


    PS4 owners have been getting a lot of exclusive sneak peaks at Resident Evil 7 recently, and a new update on the PSN store suggests that they'll be getting even more Resident Evil 7 first looks soon.

    In a new PlayStation blog post, Capcom's social media specialist Kellen Haney wrote the following,

    "Hello again PlayStation fans! Lots of you are familiar with what we've shown of Resident Evil 7 so far, from the first phone ring of the reveal trailer to the desperation of a mysterious woman on a frantic escape from a derelict mansion. Now we're back with an exciting and disturbing new trailer, news about the RE7 Teaser: Beginning Hour demo, and more!"

    The biggest news to hit from the new blog post is that the Resident Evil 7 demo has been updated with new content and it will now be available to all PlayStation 4 owners, even those that do not have a PS Plus subscription. Here's what Haney had to say about it:

    "We've just announced a new update for the demo, the Twilight version update, which expands on what you can do and explore. The update will be available starting tomorrow, September 15th. That's not all - this demo will be available for every PlayStation 4 user, meaning that PlayStation Plus is no longer required to gain access to the plantation house and dig into the mansion's mysteries. Now is your chance to investigate on your own, as both newcomers and veterans of Beginning Hour will be able to see what's changed in the run-down rooms and decrepit corridors."

    It seems as if Capcom are really pushing to make Resident Evil 7 the game that brings the franchise back into the spotlight again. From what we've seen so far it's certainly looking like it could be an excellent title.

  • September PlayStation Plus Lineup Revealed


    The next free games for the September PlayStation Plus lineup have been revealed by Sony. There's a lot to get excited about this month.

    First up on the PlayStation 4 is Lords of the Fallen, which is a game that has been heavily inspired by the Dark Souls franchise. If you'd like a brutally challenging melee combat system then Lords of the Fallen is worth picking up for free this month.

    The next game available on PlayStation 4 is Journey. Many of you may know Journey to be one of those timeless classics that absolutely everybody should play. Journey is an indie game with an impressive set of 2D graphics and a beautifully displayed story. Journey can also be picked up for free on the PlayStation 3 this month.

    The next game for the PlayStation 3 is Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. There was a time where the Prince of Persia action games were a big deal, so if you're looking for some classic 3D platformer action, then The Forgotten Sands is where it's at.

    Datura is a first person adventure game with an eerily mysterious backstory and it has also made it's way to the September PlayStation Plus lineup on the PS3.

    Badland is an award winning platformer game that originally got released on mobile, but has since moved to plenty of other platforms. Badland can be picked up on PS Vita, PS4 and PS3 this month.

    Finally, Amnesia: Memories is available on the PS Vita this month.

  • Sony Lists Christmas Deal Game Discounts

    sony assassins creed syndicate

    Sony is listing a new deal every day leading up to Christmas day as part of the "12 Deals of Christmas" holiday promotion. The holiday promotion started on November 30, alongside a "Games Under 15 Euro for Christmas" promotion for PS3 and PS Vita titles.

    The 12 games for Christmas deals only last 48 hours after their announcement so you'll have to be quick to snatch up the best deals. On November 30, the promotion started with a discount to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which was listed on the PlayStation Store for 34.99 instead of 69.99, essentially taking 50% off of it's digital price. The same 50% discount was available for the PS3 version too.

    A number of great deals have been posted over the last couple of weeks but we're now onto deal 7 of the 12 days of Christmas and it lists Assassin's' Creed Syndicate (The new one!) at a discount. The base price of Syndicate is 69.99 but it can now be picked up for 49.99 for two days. The season pass has also had a discount and now sits at 19.99 instead of 29.99. If you want to save even more, you can purchase the Gold edition, which has a huge $45 discount. Usually at 99.99, it can now be picked up for 54.99 for the next 48 hours.

    Make sure to keep an eye on the Sony blog to see more Christmas deals as they are posted.

  • Could Rocket League Be Coming to Xbox One?

    rocket league xbox one

    As it currently stands, Rocket League is only available on PlayStation 4 and PC. It would be easy to assume that Rocket League is a PS4 and PC exclusive kind of deal because of this, but surprisingly the game does not have any exclusivity deals whatsoever. Because the development team of Rocket League is quite small, they just haven't had the time or resources to push out the game to any other platforms just yet.

    Thankfully, the Rocket League developers do have plans to move the game to new consoles, and yes, that does mean that the game could come to Xbox One.

    Nothing has been confirmed just yet, but one of the Rocket League developers did recently mention that they do have plans to release their game to other platforms, in addition to the PlayStation 4 and the PC.

    When asked whether Rocket League would come to Xbox One, a developer of the game chuckled a little and then made the following statement.

    "I can't say. We're looking at all kinds of platforms and there may be some announcements coming up at some point-hopefully before the end of the year-but I can't confirm that."

    What that says is the Rocket League team definitely have plans to get the Xbox One port out there, and they are probably already working on it, but they can't quite say anything about it just yet.

    So there we have it, hopefully by the end of this year we will hear something about an Xbox One release for Rocket League.

  • PlayStation Reveals Open PSN eSports LEAGUE Platform

    psn esports league

    Recently, the eSports industry has grown at a huge rate. We're seeing new companies get involved in eSports from all over the world. This week, Sony announced a brand new eSports platform for PlayStation Plus users that will offer everyday players the chance to earn real money by playing the games they love.

    The new eSports platform for PlayStation Plus users is called LEAGUE, and it will be hosted on a seasonal basis. Each season, different rewards will be available for players across some of the main PlayStation 4 games.

    As it currently stands, there are championships underway for Battlefield Hardline, Ultra Street Fighter IV and FIFA 16. As things are only just getting underway, the reward system is little confusing, but it looks as if there will be a small monthly prize pool for each game - each first place prize will consist of around 150 euros. Other rewards all add up to the cumulative rewards pool of 20,000 euros.

    To begin with it looks like all championships will be free to enter, but in the future, some  championships could have entry fees. The entry fees could be used to help Sony support their new eSports platform and also to help them increase the prize pool of championships with entry fees.

    It's great to see that Sony are opening up an opportunity for gamers to earn money from playing their favorite games. Hopefully this new eSports platform will open up a lot of potential for the future.

  • Limited Edition Gold PlayStation 4 Bundle Announced

    taco bell ps4

    Sony has recently announced a brand new limited edition PlayStation 4 bundle that will feature a gold colored console and DualShock 4 controller. The new bundle will only be available for a limited period and it has been announced in partnership with Taco Bell.

    Yes, that's right. Over at the PlayStation blog, Sony has revealed that a brand new partnership with Taco Bell has resulted in the birth of the new gold PlayStation 4. From what I've heard from others, it seems like there have been mixed views on the appearance of the new gold PS4 but I personally like it.

    Unfortunately, the new gold PlayStation 4 cannot be purchased. Instead, players must go down to Taco Bell and purchase any Big Box. By doing so, Taco Bell customers will be given a code that can be used for a chance to win a PlayStation 4.

    There will only be 6,000 gold PlayStation 4's in existence and one bundle will be given out to a winner every 10 minutes between September 24th and November 4th. Considering that 6,000 PlayStation 4 bundles is quite a small amount, it would be unlikely to win yourself a gold bundle, but the chance is always there.

    Included in the bundle is a Gold PlayStation 4 console, a gold DualShock 4 controller, a copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and a voucher for one year of PlayStation Plus.

    I'm quite interested to see how much the gold PlayStation 4 bundles will inevitably go for on auction sites like eBay.

  • PlayStation Plus Free Games for February Available Today

    playstation plus februarySony has just revealed their new lineup of free games for February, and players with a PS Plus subscription will now be able to head to the PSN store to download the new free games. As per usual, there are a variety of six games for free this month, two for each platform.

    PS4 - Apotheon

    Apotheon is a Greek mythology inspired platformer game filled with lots of button mashing combat. The game was originally released as an arcade title for the PS4, and it is fairly new.

    PS4 - Transistor

    Transistor is a sci-fi themed action RPG game made by the same developers responsible for Bastion. The city environment in Transistor is pretty epic, and there is a good few dozen hours worth of content to be played in the game.

    PS3 - Yakuza 4

    Yakuza 4 is an action adventure game developed by SEGA. It features various different mini games and modes related to fighting opponents. There is a bit of a backstory to Yakuza 4 that has been handed down through the franchise but there’s no reason you can’t pick Yakuza 4 up before playing the other ones.

    PS3 - Thief

    Thief is the latest reboot of the classic stealth based franchise. It may have a short campaign, but it’s still a lot of fun and definitely worth playing for free.

    PS Vita - Rogue Legacy

    Rogue Legacy is an action arcade game with procedurally generated 2D platformer style levels. There are ten different classes to play as, and plenty of reasons to come back to Rogue Legacy again and again.

    PS Vita - Kick and Fennick

    Kick and Fennick is an odd game that follows the adventure of a boy and his best friend, Fennick the robot. Fennick's battery breaks, and you'll spend the majority of the game as Kick, attempting to find a fix for Fennick's battery problem.

  • PS Plus Games for November Detailed

    PS Plus Games NovemberIt looks as if Sony really have their game on - as well as agreeing to only provide AAA or high quality indie titles for the free PS Plus lineup going forward, they have now revealed their free games for November, and so far there's a lot up for grabs.

    The first game announced for the PS Plus games for November was The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Whilst the original Binding of Isaac has been out for a long time, the Rebirth version has only just dropped, so being able to pick up for free, practically on launch day, is a pretty big deal.

    For those unaware, The Binding of Isaac is a loot-filled rogue-like RPG arcade game - it can be picked up for free on both PS4 and PS Vita this month.

    The next free title this month is Escape Plan, a fun arcade game that whilst looking amazing on the big screen, was lacking a little gameplay wise.

    Finally, SteamWorld Dig has been put up for free for both PS Vita and PS4. along with The Hungry Horde, a brand new PS Vita arcade indie title. Two indie arcade games have been put up for free on the PS3. This includes popular strategy title Frozen Synapse Prime and arcade shooter Luftrausers!

    Sony also have a bunch of great games planned for the next couple of months, including Injustice and inFAMOUS: Last Light

    What free PS Plus games have taken your interest this month?

  • October PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup Finally Revealed

    ps plus gamesAfter a two week delay, Sony have finally revealed the next lineup for the monthly free PlayStation Plus games, and for October, PS Plus subscribers are in for a big treat.

    Firstly, DRIVECLUB has now been released, and players can pick up a free copy of the game with a limited amount of features - whilst DRIVECLUB has debuted this month, it will remain free for PS Plus subscribers forever.

    The PlayStation Plus version of DRIVECLUB is fairly limited. For example, PS Plus subscribers who do not pay for the game will only get access to 10 different cars and 11 different tracks to race on. In essence, the PS Plus version of DRIVECLUB is more like an extended demo.

    As for the actual October PlayStation Plus games, The PlayStation 4 has Dust: An Elysian Trail and Spelunky available for free this month.

    On PlayStation 3, Batman Arkham Asylum has been put up for free, and players can also grab Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystaria. Finally, for the PS Vita, both Pix the Cat, a new intense arcade game, and Rainbow Moon, a JRPG style game, have been put up for free.

    I'd say October looks like a good month for PS Plus subscribers, and if I don't get a chance to try any of the games released this month, I'll definitely be giving DRIVECLUB a go at some point. Besides DRIVECLUB, Batman Arkham Asylum may be the best offering this month, but all of the other titles are worth trying too.

  • PS Plus May Lineup Revealed

    ps plus may lineupThe EU free game lineup for PlayStation Plus subscribers has been revealed, and the available games will be put live from April 30th till the end of May. It seems Sony are constantly trying to offer more and more for their subscribers, and this month things are looking pretty special.

    First up for the PlayStation 4 this month is Stick it to The Man, a strange and wacky title that probably wouldn't be something you'd consider buying, but surprisingly has a few hours worth of fun content in.

    On the PlayStation 3, Payday 2 will be made available for free this month. In Payday 2, players can team up with their friends to complete bank robberies, jewelry store heists, and much more. The game is fairly new and is definitely worth checking out. After collecting stolen goods, you can transfer the cash to your in-game account and purchase new weapons, gear and unlock special abilities.

    Puppeteer has also been made available for free in May - this title follows the story of a young boy who has been transformed into a puppet, loses his head, and goes on a journey to find it again. The game offers a variety of different platformer-style missions.

    Finally, the PS Vita has been packed with two interesting titles. The first, and probably most interesting free game this month is Muramasa, a fun side-scrolling action RPG title. The second PS Vita title is a fun and quirky golf game called Everybody's Golf.

    The US lineup has not been revealed yet, but it is likely that it will share a similar set of games to that of the EU lineup.

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