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  • PS4 Destiny 2 Exclusives Will Come to Xbox in 2018

    PS4 Destiny 2 2018For those that don't know, the PlayStation 4 will be getting a number of timed exclusive items for Destiny 2.

    It's now been revealed that these exclusive items will only be limited to the PS4 for a year, before being released to both the Xbox One and the PC.

    Destiny 2's game director, Luke Smith, replied to a Tweet on Twitter which asked about the PS4 Destiny 2 exclusivity deal. Luke Smith mentioned that "Destiny 2's PlayStation-exclusive content will arrive on Xbox One and PC in 2018."

    An exact date for the end of the exclusivity deal wasn't given but it makes sense that it will follow exactly one year after the release of the content on the PS4.

    What Destiny 2 Exclusive Content Do PS4 Players Get?

    Those that purchase Destiny 2 on the PlayStation 4 will get a number of exclusive items to use for an entire year before the content is available for Xbox One and PC players.

    The main exclusive item for Destiny 2 PS4 players is the Lake of Shadows Strike - this is an entire Strike mission that'll remain on the PS4 exclusively until 2018. There will also be a Crucible multiplayer map for the PS4 called Retribution.

    PS4 players will also get access to the Borealis Exotic sniper rifle and the Apex ship.

    Destiny 2 is set to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2017. The game was initially set to launch on September 8.

    The PC release of Destiny 2 will be available for PC players through the client, starting on October 24.

  • Street Fighter V Season 2 Patch Details

    street-fighter-v-season-2Street Fighter V Season 2 has now dropped and with it comes a huge number of balance changes and the new character, Akuma.

    Capcom stated, "Akuma will be making his debut to Street Fighter V and is coming tomorrow alongside his Story, Premium Battle and Nostalgia costumes. If you want to make sure you're set for next year, the Season 2 Character Pass is available for purchase here, and will grant you with Akuma, five brand new fighters throughout the year, Premium Battle Costumes for each and an exclusive PS4 theme."

    On top of a range of balance changes, Capcom have added a few new features and Quality of Life updates. Here is a breakdown of features.

    - Direct Input controller support

    We are happy to announce that Street Fighter V on Steam now officially supports Direct Input controllers. You’ll find this in the Other Settings section of Options.

    - Background Music Select

    In Battle Settings, you'll now be able to select your preferred music in Training and Versus Modes as well as Casual and Ranked matches.

    - Fighter Profile Radar Charts

    Additional updates and fixes have been implemented into Fighter Profiles.

    - Updated Rage Quit System

    The current Rage Quit System has resulted in a significant decrease in rage quitting. That said, we always planned to take this one step further and are ready to further address the issue with this update. In addition to losing League Points and being locked out of online matchmaking for a set time, the following additions have been made to the system.

  • Uncharted 4 Gets Multiplayer Patch

    uncharted 4 multiplayer patch

    A new patch for Uncharted 4 has been released which addresses some changes to the multiplayer portion of the game.

    Firstly a number of weapons have been balanced throughout the multiplayer game. The weapons balances include changes to mines, the Jackal, the Mettle M-30, the Aegis 9mm, the Spezzotia 12 Gauge and the MP34a.

    For the mines, players can now only place down two at once. Before the latest update, players were allowed to place down three at once. The Jackal and the Mettle M-30 have had their fire rate increased to give them a bit of an improvement. On the other side of the fence the Aegis 9mm has had it's fire rate and effective damage range decreased. The Spezzotti 12 Gauge on the other hand has had it's headshot damage multiplier increased so it should now be easier to get those headshot kills with it. Finally, the MP34a has had its ammo capacity reduced to 90 from 120.

    In other news, prices for some items have changed. For example, the One-User Booster chest has been reduced from 150 Relics to 100 Relics. The Cintamani stone prices have been adjusted in the in-game store too. The prices have gone from $400, $600, $900 and $1,200 to $400, $700, $1,050 and $1,400 respectively. Also the Full Revive mod is now $200. The Staff of Ayar Manco has also been changed. Prices have increased to - $300, $450, $750, $950, & $1,150 to $400, $500, $600, $900, & $1,100.

  • Knack 2 Might Be In Development

    knack 2 development

    Thanks to the power of the internet, we may have just been spoiled to some information that the Knack developers didn't want to reveal. A 3D animator working at Knack recently posted Knack 2 on their CV. In the CV it stated that Knack 2 has been in development since May last year.

    The CV, which is available on LinkedIn, was first discovered by a member of the NeoGAF forum. The CV originally stated that the 3D animator, named Mindy Liang, was working on "animated 3D character motions and cutscenes" on Knack 2 for the PlayStation 4 since May 2015.

    As you can imagine, the CV has since been edited and any mention of Knack 2 has been removed. Fortunately the internet never forgets.

    What's important to note about this information is that whilst Knack 2 could still be in development, it’s possible that Knack 2 is not going to launch at all. With fairly low scores from players and critics alike, it would be understandable if the developers working on Knack 2 started up the project before dropping it completely.

    Another possibility is that Knack 2 could actually be in development but it may be a while before we hear anything official from the development team. Either way, we'd be happy to hear more news about a Knack sequel. The concept for the IP is great and if the developers revisited it, they could potentially make things work a lot better this time round.

  • Akuma From Street Fighter will be in Tekken 7

    akuma tekken 7

    A brand new trailer has been released for Tekken 7 and it showcases a new addition to the Japanese arcade version of the game. In the trailer, Akuma from Street Fighter is showcased as a character, suggesting that he will soon be added to the Tekken 7 roster. Whilst this trailer is aimed for those who play the Japanese arcade version, it's likely that Akuma will come to Tekken 7 once the game gets a worldwide console release.

    It's very common for fighting games to include guest characters from other games, TV shows or movies so seeing Akuma in Tekken 7 would be awesome. Akuma should have a move set that is very similar to his move set in the Street Fighter franchise so when you're playing him, it really "feels" like you're playing the real Akuma. Interestingly, even though Akuma is coming to Tekken 7, he has not been announced for Street Fighter V.

    Akuma will be added to the next Japanese arcade Tekken 7 update, which has been named Fated Retribution. On top of the inclusion of Akuma, the update will add some graphical improvements and some other currently unannounced content.

    So far Tekken 7 only has a planned release date for PlayStation 4 in Japan. Release dates for other consoles and regions have not yet been revealed by Tekken's publisher and so far there's no solid confirmation that it will even come to other countries at all. We'd expect that Tekken 7 would most likely make it to other regions at some point following the Japanese release.

  • Could Rocket League Be Coming to Xbox One?

    rocket league xbox one

    As it currently stands, Rocket League is only available on PlayStation 4 and PC. It would be easy to assume that Rocket League is a PS4 and PC exclusive kind of deal because of this, but surprisingly the game does not have any exclusivity deals whatsoever. Because the development team of Rocket League is quite small, they just haven't had the time or resources to push out the game to any other platforms just yet.

    Thankfully, the Rocket League developers do have plans to move the game to new consoles, and yes, that does mean that the game could come to Xbox One.

    Nothing has been confirmed just yet, but one of the Rocket League developers did recently mention that they do have plans to release their game to other platforms, in addition to the PlayStation 4 and the PC.

    When asked whether Rocket League would come to Xbox One, a developer of the game chuckled a little and then made the following statement.

    "I can't say. We're looking at all kinds of platforms and there may be some announcements coming up at some point-hopefully before the end of the year-but I can't confirm that."

    What that says is the Rocket League team definitely have plans to get the Xbox One port out there, and they are probably already working on it, but they can't quite say anything about it just yet.

    So there we have it, hopefully by the end of this year we will hear something about an Xbox One release for Rocket League.

  • Mortal Kombat X Gets New Character Tweak Patch

    mortal kombat x

    A brand new patch has been released for Mortal Kombat X and it brings a number of different tweaks to a variety of different characters in the game. The latest patch is already available on the PlayStation 4 but it's not quite ready for either the Xbox One or the PC.

    Most of the changes are quite small, but you may notice small tweaks here and there whilst playing. Nearly all of the changes fall into one of two categories - bug fixes or game balancing.

    Below, we have a list of some of the more important character tweaks made.

    + D'Vorah (Venomous) - Adjusted the Poison Stack algorithm to prevent the top end from getting so high

    + Ermac (Spectral) - Fixed a bug in which he could get stuck in flight controls

    + Goro - Fixed a bug which was preventing Krush from having its landing location chosen

    + Goro - Slightly increased the input window to meterburn PunchWalk on hit

    + Jacqui (Full Auto) - Decreased the block advantage on Up Rocket by 5 and slightly increased the pushback preventing a block trap.

    + Kano (CutThroat) - Adjusted the armor frames of Charge Up to compensate for the faster startup

    + Predator (Hish-Qu-Tien) - Fixed a bug which was making it so Plasma Shot was ignoring some damage scaling

    + Quan Chi (Sorcerer) - Fixed a bug which allowed him to reset the cooldown of runes after a Final Hex has run out

    + Quan Chi (Sorcerer) - Reverted the temporary change of Final Hex block damage increase (back to 3x)

    + Reptile (Deceptive) - Added a short cooldown after Invisibility to prevent players from spending multiple bars of meter if executed very fast

    + Tanya (Pyromancer) - Fixed a bug which was applying the Dark Shroud & Devil's Dust damage to her throws and other misc damage

    + Tanya (Pyromancer) - Reverted the temporary change of the Dark Shroud & Devil's Dust damage (back to 10)

    + Tanya (Pyromancer) - Dark Shroud & Devil's Dust now use the correct lifetime value from hotfix data (7 seconds)

  • Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance's Battle System Gets Explained

    Disgaea 5

    NIS America has sent out a new press release revealing the new battle system that will be coming to Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.

    In Disgaea, there will be three different systems that have been added to the game. Below, we've gone into detail about the Disgaea 5 battle systems.

    Alliance Attacks: Building on the idea of Team Attacks, the main characters of Disgaea 5 have access to a new attack system called Alliance Attacks which allows them to team up with a specific teammate to deal massive damage!

    Revenge Mode: Another new addition to the battle mechanics of the Disgaea series, the Revenge Mode, allows you to power up your characters when their allies take damage or are defeated. Revenge Mode also unlocks powerful new abilities for your characters called Overloads.

    Overloads: Each Overlord has a number of unique special skills with completely over-the-top, and awe-inspiring animations to assault your foes. These new attacks can only be used by a character who has entered Revenge Mode.

    Disgaea 5 will be the sixth title in the Disgaea franchise and it looks like NIS has improved upon a lot of areas from the previous game. In Disgaea 5, players will take control of Killia and his army of rebels as he attempts to stop the new Overlord named Void Dark.

    For those interested, Disgaea 5 will be available both in a physical and digital format in North America on October 6 and Europe on October 9. Disgaea will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

  • Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls Planned for PS4

    heavy rain beyond two souls ps4

    It's been suggested a thousand times but it seems like Sony are finally ready to bite the bullet and admit that both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls will be coming to the PlayStation 4.

    Both titles have been developed by Quantic Dreams and they offer a more story-driven approach to gameplay than most other games would deliver. Whilst Beyond: Two Souls did receive some mixed reviews, there was no doubt that both Beyond and Heavy Rain were quite interesting ideas that refined the boundaries of what a video game is.

    Whilst it would be expected to see a "remastered bundle" for both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, both games will be available separately as digital downloads, whilst a bundle version, including both titles, will be available both in a physical and digital format.

    So far neither a price tag nor a release date has been announced but it's likely both will be released at the same time. It wouldn't be too unrealistic to believe that Heavy Rain will be released at a cheaper price point than Beyond: Two Souls considering that it is a much older title, but we won't know for sure until either Quantic Dream or Sony reveal more information.

    Both a description for Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls by Sony has been provided below.

    "For many players Heavy Rain was a defining moment in their gaming history, and for us it was definitely a milestone of the PS3 generation. The BAFTA and AIAS winning game helped establish what we like to call 'interactive drama' back in 2010, and loads of you have told us over the years how much the game's story of a father who would do anything for his son moved you."

    "Jodie's story is a tumultuous one, and one we know touched many of you at the time. On PS4 you will have the opportunity to experience that story played in chronological order, watching Jodie grow from a curious young girl to a powerful woman. We're hoping you'll get a kick out of this much-requested mode."

  • Guerrilla Games Has Announced Horizon

    guerrilla games horizon

    After months of keeping quiet, Guerrilla Games has opened up at E3 about their latest new game, named Horizon. To announce the game, Guerrilla Games has released a trailer to go alongside the announcement.

    In the trailer, a woman is seen walking through a cave, filled with cave paintings as a narrator tells the story of humanity and it's growth before it's eventual decline. Horizon will be set 1000 years ahead of the present day and will focus on a world where human civilization has collapsed and the world has been overrun by giant robotic creatures.

    A while ago, Guerrilla Games talked about their ambitions to create a game with giant killer robot dinosaurs and Horizon is clearly the game they were mentioning. The idea of giant killer robot dinosaurs sounds a little over the top, but Horizon actually seems like it could have a lot of potential, both in the gameplay and the story front.

    Horizon will be Guerrilla Game's first attempt at a role playing game - in their past the only experience they've had has been with shooters, specifically the Killzone franchise. It'll certainly be interesting to see how well they can create a game in a completely different genre.

    In Horizon, players will be able to use a variety of different methods to kill enemies, but the main concept is that players will be equipped with caveman style weaponry, or in other terms, very basic, uncivilized equipment, and they will be going up against futuristic style robots. Horizon has certainly peaked my interest - I can't wait to hear more about it.

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