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  • Quantum Break Coming April 5

    quantum break april 5

    We've got some good news for anybody interested in the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break. Firstly, Quantum Break has been set for an April 5 release and secondly, the game will no longer be an exclusive Xbox One title.

    That's right, Quantum Break will no longer be just available for the Xbox One. Whilst the game will not be coming to PlayStation 4, it will be launching on Windows 10. To make things even better, any Xbox One owners that have already pre-order Quantum Break will receive a free copy for the Windows 10 version when it launches on April 5 as well.

    If you're interested in the Quantum Break PC version, it will launch through the Windows 10 store and a digital key will be provided for you so that you can download. This means that Quantum Break will not be available through Steam or similar online platforms.

    To sweeten the deal, all Xbox One pre-orders for Quantum Break will also have some additional benefits. Firstly, Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake will now be available as a free download for every Xbox One player that pre-orders Quantum Break. Secondly, the two add-on packs, The Signal and The Writer, will be thrown into the bundle as well. Whilst Alan Wake is only available on Xbox 360, backwards compatibility support will be available before Quantum Break is released on April 5.

    This isn't the only news for Quantum Break. Alongside the PC and pre-order announcements, a brand new Xbox One bundle featuring a 500GB Cirrus White Xbox One console, a paired Xbox One controller, a copy of Quantum Break and a digital download for Alan Wake has also been announced.

  • Quantum Break Gets New 10 Minute Gameplay video

    quantum break gameplay videoThis week, Microsoft Japan released a brand new video that shows off roughly 10 minutes of in-game footage of the new Xbox One exclusive title, Quantum Break. Remedy Entertainment, the developers behind the project, have been working hard on Quantum Break for a considerable amount of time now, and over time a lot of interest for the game has been gained.

    Quantum Break will be a third person action game that will have a TV series released alongside it. Players will be able to play the game through, and their actions will determine the script of the TV show.

    It's an interesting concept that other developers have tried and failed in the past, but Remedy Entertainment seem to be pretty confident with their game. Quantum Break, which will include cover based combat and a variety of time manipulation powers is probably best showcased in the new 10 minute gameplay video.

    The video focuses on the game's dark environment and the way players will be able to interact with enemy AI.

    Considering that the game is a single player only experience, it will be interesting to see how the Quantum Break TV series will play out alongside it. We're assuming that there will be certain options to choose throughout the game, and the TV script will be dependant on the choices that were picked the most by players.

    Quantum Break has been reported to be releasing within the second quarter of 2015 if Remedy Entertainment do not delay the release of the game before then.

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