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  • Silent Hills has Been Cancelled

    It was almost expected at this point but unfortunately Konami has cancelled the development for Silent Hills and much to our dismay the game will no longer be released.

    The development studios behind Silent Hills have always dealt with internal problems it seems, and as a result the latest Silent Hills game will never see the light of day. In a brief statement, Konami said, "Konami is committed to new Silent Hill titles, however the embryonic 'Silent Hills' project developed with Guillermo del Toro and featuring the likeness of Norman Reedus will not be continued,"

    What's interesting about this is that Konami still aren't putting down the Silent Hills IP for good. This may mean that we could see a Silent Hills game from Konami in the future. The likelihood of that happening is quite slim at this point though. The studio doesn't exactly look in great shape at this point, especially after cutting out Hideo Kojima from the equation.

    Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead was also set to star in Silent Hills as the main protagonist but since the game has now been cancelled his contract period with him has expired.

    Reedus posted on Twitter mentioning the cancellation of Silent Hills as well.

    "Super bummed about this was really looking forward to it. Hopefully it'll come back around. Sorry everyone."

    Thankfully we are still going to be getting Metal Gear Solid V but if it were still a year or two away from development there's a good chance that it could have been cancelled as well.

  • New Silent Hill by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro In the Works

    new silent hillsHere's something to get excited about: it has been revealed that Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro are teaming up to create a brand new Silent Hill game. With Del Toro's great storytelling, and Kojima's amazing ability to translate a story into a playable experience, I personally think we can expect to see something absolutely wonderful from the pair.

    Despite the new revelations about the Silent Hill game, Kojima has been teasing the game on twitter and other streams for a few months. He also mentioned that he'd love to create a game including 3D captures of both Ryan Gosling and Norman Reedus.

    Low and behold, Norman Reedus will be making an appearance in the new Silent Hill game, and although an appearance by Ryan Gosling is pretty unlikely, it's still quite exciting to see the star from The Walking Dead stepping into the world of video games.

    If you're interested to learn more, you can download an interactive trailer for Silent Hills, the new Silent Hill game, from the PlayStation store.

    Details on release date and supported platforms are currently unclear, although it's pretty obvious at this point that the PlayStation 4 will be a platform that Silent Hills will be available on. We'll make sure to keep you updated as more information about the new Silent Hills game is revealed. Hopefully we can expect to hear something a bit more substantial about the game shortly.

  • Shriek in Terror with the Silent Hill HD Collection

    Silent Hill HD Collection Puts Silent Hill 2 & 3 in Eerie High Definition

    Time to return to Silent Hill on March 6th, as Silent Hill Re-Mastered Collection combines both Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 to the XBox 360 and the Playstation 3 for the first time ever. These classics will be remastered in high definition graphics. So you can experience the fairly terrifying journey through the fog covered city of Silent Hill. You can find more information about the re-release of these two games at this Gamespot page about them.

    Now I'm usually on the fence when it comes to re-releases of games I have already played, but I do love most of the Silent Hill games. The second and third games are my favorite because of the numerous amounts of secrets that can be found in both titles. It will be fun to dive back into Silent Hill when this collection gets released especially for those gamers that never experienced them the first time around.


  • Science Determines Xbox 360's Scariest Game

    Research and Science is used to Determine the Xbox 360's Scariest Game (sadly,
    Viva Piñata didn't make the cut)

    There are tons of video games that claim to be the scariest. Amnesia, Dead Space 2, Silent Hill: Homecoming are to name a few of them. Developers can always claim they made the scariest game of all time, but lets have science have a word on what is the scariest game on the Xbox 360.

    User experience studioVertical Slice went and did research on what was to be determined the scariest game ever by using a various assortment of games, a 500-person psychological database, six live test subjects, and some special equipment that can measure a test subject's skin temperature, sweat levels, and heart rate.

    The research team used games that were really scary and left out those that were only slightly scary. So games like Left 4 Dead, Alone in the Dark, and Mass Effect 2 were left out of the research while the research team focused on games that were really pants-wetting scary like Dead Space 2, Resident Evil 5, and Alan Wake.

    From their research, they found that casual and hardcore players are differently affected by the horror factor in scary games, with the hardcore players being less susceptible to scares. Likely it is due to that they've probably seen it all in various other video games.

    In their conclusion, they found that both groups found Dead Space 2 to be the scariest one of all. With monsters inclosets, character deaths that would make the writers of Final Destination blush, and darkness at every turn, it seems like a logical result.

  • Dirt 3 Vs Fear 3

    Got that racing fever? Cant wait a few months for Forza 4 to come out? Go shred in Dirt 3, which was released today! Choose from 50 cars and over 100 courses, this is a game that all racing game lovers should pick up. With an emphasis on sick tricks and nasty conditions that you must traverse in stunning HD quality, Dirt 3 delivers on all cylinders. The biggest 2 biggest factors that really push this game into the upper echelon of best racing games ever created however, are the sound and the interaction with the environment. The reason I list sound first is because judging from the reports I have read, and since I am not a car expert myself, all indicators point to the notion that the sounds emitted from these virtual engines is startlingly realistic. The sounds of different terrain, the crunches of packed down snow, and swoosh of gravel and mud as you slide is just a few of the endless sounds I am referring too.

    If you think you can wait an extra month to spend that hard earned cash there is the much-anticipated shooting game Fear 3. I had played Fear 2 for a few months on PC before getting hooked on Call of Duty (my lame computer couldnt it). During that time period I was so accustomed to having some monstrosity jump out of corners at me that I felt like my whole life was on edge. I would be browsing delectable soups at the grocery store, when my girlfriend would jump out from behind a an aisle looking like that creepy girl from The Ring, and I would scream like a pansy. Im kidding my girlfriend didnt look like that creeper, and I certainly dont shop for soup, only manly meats. When I was a wee little boot, I thought Silent Hill and Resident Evil were scary. Fear 3 combines the awesome fun of a first person shooter, and throws raw, thrilling fear right in your face. Whether its being chased by monsters in dark corridors or being startled by that girl from The Ring, Fear 3 is going to be spectacular and should be on everyones radar as a must have game. It hits stores June 21.

    -Evil Nick

  • Silent Hill 3 to the big screen. Soon Pyramid Head on the Walk of Fame

    Games & News: Silent Hill movie sequel to come soon


    Silent Hill, is coming back to movie theaters, this time it's based on Silent Hill 3 and in 3D. Fangoria reports that the next Silent Hill movie, Silent Hill Revelation, will tell the tale of the third game's main character Heather Mason and the search for her father.

    The official synopsis reads is that Heather Mason and her father have been on the run and one step ahead of forces she can't understand. On the eve of her 18th birthday, she is plagued by her nightmares and her disappearing father. In addition, she discovers she's not who she is."

    This movie will be somewhat based on the game but the original screenwriter of the first movie (Roger Avary) will not return for the sequel, but Michael J. Bassett will take over writing duties.

    As for this blogger, I sort of liked the first movie....except certain parts that will still leave me awake to this day. Seriously, everytime I go near a church on a hill, I'm worried Pyramid Head will throw a pile of skin at the door or I'll be lowered into a pit of burning wood by zealots. I do wonder what this movie will do to me this time around.

    ~Written by Geroncio Copiozo, real estate owner of Silent Hill

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