• Superhot Coming to PS4 and PSVR

    Superhot PSVRIt's now been confirmed that Superhot for the PS4 and for PSVR are coming this month. The game will launch on July 21 in North America, and shortly before in other regions.

    Superhot is a first person shooter video game that has a unique time-based game mechanic. In Superhot, time in the game only progresses when the player moves. This gives the player the ability to assess their moves carefully before continuing.

    The game has already seen a lot of success on the Xbox One and PC, and a VR version was receiving a lot of praise from owners of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

    With the new Superhot and Superhot VR for PlayStation 4, the controls have been repurposed to support the Sony DualShock 4 and PlayStation Move controllers. The gameplay itself hasn't been changed.

    There are two versions of Superhot coming to the PlayStation 4. Players can either pick up the standard version, the VR version that has PSVR support, or a bundle that includes both versions.

    You can pick up either of the two versions of Superhot on the PS4 for USD $25, or alternatively, you can pick up the bundle for USD $40.

    With the huge amount of praise that Superhot and Superhot VR received from Xbox One and PC players, are you going to pick up Superhot? Will you play the standard version, or are you hoping to take the more immersive route with the VR version?

  • Crash N.Sane Gets Insane First Sales Week

    crash n.sane first sales weekThe Crash N.Sane trilogy has received some pretty spectacular first week sales, and it presents some potential for a brand new future of Crash Bandicoot games.

    As well as breaking some first week sales records this year, the Crash N.Sane trilogy has quickly jumped to the top of the sales charts and it's looking to be the hottest drop this year, despite the PS4 exclusivity.

    In the UK, more people bought Crash Bandicoot in the first week than people purchase Horizon Zero Dawn, making it the biggest selling first week title in the UK so far this year.

    In other news, it's been reported that the Crash N.Sane trilogy may be making its way to the Xbox One. While the Crash Bandicoot remaster was first launched as a PS4 exclusive title, the huge reception the game has received has pushed Naughty Dog to consider publishing it on the Xbox One.

    Recently, XboxAchievements reported that the Crash N.Sane trilogy will be getting an Xbox One release on December 8 this year.

    Hopefully, this recent success will just be the start of a very successful future for the Crash Bandicoot franchise. There's no doubt that a lot of people out there absolutely love Sony's furry orange bandicoot.

    What are your thoughts on the new Crash N.Sane trilogy? The game is a port of the first three Crash Bandicoot games that originally launched on the PlayStation One and PS2. New versions of Crash Bandicoot were built in recent years, but nothing could outperform the success of the original trilogy.

  • PS4 Controllers Currently Available

    PS4 Controllers LimitedThere are a number of different PS4 controllers currently available, including controllers with aesthetic changes and gamepads with physical improvements.

    In this article we have listed some of the most wanted PS4 controllers available on the market.

    20th Anniversary Edition

    Both rare and a homage to days past, the 20th anniversary edition features the iconic gray colors seen on the original PlayStation One controllers twenty years ago. Getting hold of a 20th anniversary edition DualShock 4 controller is hard today, and that only makes it even more valuable.

    Gray Blue

    The Gray Blue DualShock 4 controller was launched alongside the Limited Edition Uncharted 4 PlayStation 4 bundle - it's not as limited as the 20th anniversary edition, but it's a nice change from the standard colors.

    Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Edition

    This is one of the more sought after PS4 controllers currently available, mostly due to it's unique orange and metallic gray color scheme.

    DualShock 4 Standard Color Range

    As well as the limited edition pads above, Sony has released a number of unlimited DualShock 4 variants, all with different colors. The standard colors include Maga Red, Glacier White, Urban Camouflage and Blue.

    Razer Raiju PS4 Pro

    Razer and Sony have teamed up to offer a PS4 Elite controller - this gamepad has a similar price tag to the Xbox One Elite, and it comes with a fairly similar offering. The Razer Raiju is bulkier than your standard DualShock 4.

    PS4 Custom Controllers

    The Raiju doesn't have as many customization options as the Xbox One Elite, so if you're looking out for something with more of a competitive advantage for casual play, esports, or anything in between, you may prefer something that takes things to another level.

    However, neither Razer, Microsoft, Sony or any other major player in the hardware space can give you the customization options we have to offer.

    PS4 Pro Controller: The PS4 Elite Controller You Have Been Looking For

    We aren't going to pretend that we aren't tooting our own horn, but we've been in this business for close to 10 years and the features we offer in addition to the quality of our controllers are completely unmatched.

    Customers email us every day telling us how great our PS4 Pro Controller is and how it's exactly what they've been looking for. While we do offer Pro Controllers for Xbox One and we do offer an Xbox One Elite Send In Service for our Microsoft fan customers, we believe it's truly important that our Sony customers get an equally awesome controller. That's where our Pro Controllers come in.

    Our PS4 Pro Controllers include:
    + Magnetic Pro Thumbsticks (they function exactly like Microsoft's Elite Thumbsticks.)
    + Pro Buttons placed perfectly along the back of the controller. Easy to Press
    + Pro Button Remapping is done with no tools, no apps, no accessories
    + Sensitive Buttons
    + Hairpin Triggers
    + Black Matte Grip

    If you're looking to take your gaming to the next level, our PS4 Pro Controllers are the way to go.

  • New Plans for Driveclub Released

    new driveclub plans

    New plans have been announced for Driveclub, including plans for a new update for release in December

    Currently, Driveclub Bikes is the latest content for Driveclub - this is a standalone DLC pack that contains bikes in the world of DriveClub. Unlike other DLC, DriveClub Bikes can be picked up and played without players owning the base DriveClub game.

    Now for the new upcoming content. Firstly, the new update coming to Driveclub in December will add some new content to the game. It's likely that the December update will include a number of new features but as it currently stands we only know that the December patch will include tyre deformation for all cars. This should mean that cars in endurance races will become harder to control as the race goes on. This should definitely make pit stops a possible game mechanic.

    Interestingly, the next update after the one in December is going to bring most fans more excitement and that is because 2016 will include updates that add new tracks to DriveClub. A date for the 2016 tracks has not been given yet and we don't know exactly how many new tracks will be added.

    Hopefully we will hear more about the new DriveClub tracks shortly. In the meantime, fans of the series can pick up DriveClub Bikes for $15 if they already own the base game. If players do not have the base version of DriveClub they will need to shell out an extra $5 for DriveClub Bikes, on top of the base $15.

  • Driveclub Now Has Private Lobbies

    driveclub private lobbies

    Driveclub has been available for a good few months now but despite this there have been a couple of long requested features that have not been in the game for all of that time. One of the most requested features for Driveclub was a private lobby system - with private lobbies, players are able to set up their own races between friends and invited players, instead of being forced to use the game's matchmaking system.

    We have good news for you today - Evolution Studios has released a new update for Driveclub and it includes the long wanted private lobby system. Not only do private lobbies give you a better spot to play with or against your friends, but there are plenty of options to make races more customizable. On Evolution Studios' Facebook page, a post was written, explaining that the new private lobbies will allow players to pick between "a wide variety of customizable options and modifiers for things like grid position, penalties, vehicle collisions, drafting, gear changes, camera perspective, and more."

    The new update includes some other features on top of the private lobby system. Firstly, Evolution Studios has upped the club level cap to 55 from 50. The ELITE Driver levels have also gone to 80 from 76. Finally, a braking assist has been added to help novice drivers learn the braking for tracks easier.

    These are the only main changes to the latest Driveclub update, but along with it Evolution Studios did mention that new content and new vehicles will be added in the future.

  • PlayStation Reveals Open PSN eSports LEAGUE Platform

    psn esports league

    Recently, the eSports industry has grown at a huge rate. We're seeing new companies get involved in eSports from all over the world. This week, Sony announced a brand new eSports platform for PlayStation Plus users that will offer everyday players the chance to earn real money by playing the games they love.

    The new eSports platform for PlayStation Plus users is called LEAGUE, and it will be hosted on a seasonal basis. Each season, different rewards will be available for players across some of the main PlayStation 4 games.

    As it currently stands, there are championships underway for Battlefield Hardline, Ultra Street Fighter IV and FIFA 16. As things are only just getting underway, the reward system is little confusing, but it looks as if there will be a small monthly prize pool for each game - each first place prize will consist of around 150 euros. Other rewards all add up to the cumulative rewards pool of 20,000 euros.

    To begin with it looks like all championships will be free to enter, but in the future, some  championships could have entry fees. The entry fees could be used to help Sony support their new eSports platform and also to help them increase the prize pool of championships with entry fees.

    It's great to see that Sony are opening up an opportunity for gamers to earn money from playing their favorite games. Hopefully this new eSports platform will open up a lot of potential for the future.

  • Limited Edition Gold PlayStation 4 Bundle Announced

    taco bell ps4

    Sony has recently announced a brand new limited edition PlayStation 4 bundle that will feature a gold colored console and DualShock 4 controller. The new bundle will only be available for a limited period and it has been announced in partnership with Taco Bell.

    Yes, that's right. Over at the PlayStation blog, Sony has revealed that a brand new partnership with Taco Bell has resulted in the birth of the new gold PlayStation 4. From what I've heard from others, it seems like there have been mixed views on the appearance of the new gold PS4 but I personally like it.

    Unfortunately, the new gold PlayStation 4 cannot be purchased. Instead, players must go down to Taco Bell and purchase any Big Box. By doing so, Taco Bell customers will be given a code that can be used for a chance to win a PlayStation 4.

    There will only be 6,000 gold PlayStation 4's in existence and one bundle will be given out to a winner every 10 minutes between September 24th and November 4th. Considering that 6,000 PlayStation 4 bundles is quite a small amount, it would be unlikely to win yourself a gold bundle, but the chance is always there.

    Included in the bundle is a Gold PlayStation 4 console, a gold DualShock 4 controller, a copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and a voucher for one year of PlayStation Plus.

    I'm quite interested to see how much the gold PlayStation 4 bundles will inevitably go for on auction sites like eBay.

  • Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls Planned for PS4

    heavy rain beyond two souls ps4

    It's been suggested a thousand times but it seems like Sony are finally ready to bite the bullet and admit that both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls will be coming to the PlayStation 4.

    Both titles have been developed by Quantic Dreams and they offer a more story-driven approach to gameplay than most other games would deliver. Whilst Beyond: Two Souls did receive some mixed reviews, there was no doubt that both Beyond and Heavy Rain were quite interesting ideas that refined the boundaries of what a video game is.

    Whilst it would be expected to see a "remastered bundle" for both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, both games will be available separately as digital downloads, whilst a bundle version, including both titles, will be available both in a physical and digital format.

    So far neither a price tag nor a release date has been announced but it's likely both will be released at the same time. It wouldn't be too unrealistic to believe that Heavy Rain will be released at a cheaper price point than Beyond: Two Souls considering that it is a much older title, but we won't know for sure until either Quantic Dream or Sony reveal more information.

    Both a description for Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls by Sony has been provided below.

    "For many players Heavy Rain was a defining moment in their gaming history, and for us it was definitely a milestone of the PS3 generation. The BAFTA and AIAS winning game helped establish what we like to call 'interactive drama' back in 2010, and loads of you have told us over the years how much the game's story of a father who would do anything for his son moved you."

    "Jodie's story is a tumultuous one, and one we know touched many of you at the time. On PS4 you will have the opportunity to experience that story played in chronological order, watching Jodie grow from a curious young girl to a powerful woman. We're hoping you'll get a kick out of this much-requested mode."

  • Bloodborne Expansion is Definitely Coming

    bloodborne expansion dlcIt's been confirmed that an expansion for Bloodborne will definitely be coming in the future and From Software are already going over ideas for new content. Unlike many other games these days, Bloodborne did not come with a season pass from day one so players have been curious about the developer's DLC plans.

    Whilst there weren't any definite plans for future content in the past, Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed on Twitter that an upcoming expansion will be coming for Bloodborne. Unfortunately not many details have been shared so far, but Yoshida has mentioned that more information will be shared later this year.

    Considering that Shuhei Yoshida is Sony Computer Entertainment's World Wide Studio's president it's pretty clear that this information can be trusted and a Bloodborne expansion is definitely coming.

    It's definitely a smart move by both Sony and From Software to plan more content for Bloodborne. Even though Bloodborne is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, it has managed to pull in enough sales to rival many other new gen only titles. Bloodborne also managed to exceed Sony's original expectations for the game, which is saying a lot because Sony were originally quite ambitious about Bloodborne.

    For the time being though we'll have to make do with the current game and any minor patches that may be released periodically over time. Hopefully somebody from Sony or From Software will reveal more information about their plans for future Bloodborne content rather soon. I'm sure if you enjoy the game as much I have you'll be excited to hear any news about Bloodborne.

  • Upcoming Battlefield Hardline DLC Detailed

    battlefield hardline dlcThe first Battlefield Hardline DLC has now been announced by Visceral Games and some of the content we can expect to find in the expansion has been detailed.

    The first Battlefield Hardline DLC has been called Criminal Activity. As expected, Criminal Activity will come with four new maps. The expansion may include other content as well but at this point in time it has not be announced by Visceral Games or EA.

    Two of the new Battlefield Hardline maps will be set at night, whilst the other two will be set at day. All four maps will be set in Florida and California so we can expect to be fighting in an urban environment. Personally I think urban maps are the best settings for Hardline, so it's great to see we’ll be getting some more city action soon.

    Unfortunately no solid release date for Criminal Activity has yet been revealed. We do know that the next DLC pack for Battlefield Hardline, which is scheduled for release after Criminal Activity will be launching in the summer of 2015. This means that we should see Criminal Activity anywhere from now till the start of summer.

    No pricing has been given for the Criminal Activity DLC as of yet but it will come as part of the season pass, so if you're a Battlefield Premium user you'll be able to pick up Criminal Activity for free. Premium members will also gain access to the DLC expansion two weeks before standard players.

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