• PUBG Playerbase Overtook F2P Title Dota 2

    pubg playerbase beats dota 2If you haven't played Playerunknown's Battlegrounds yet, chances are you've at least heard of it. The game has quickly become the most played Steam title on PC. Recently, Battlegrounds managed to overtake Dota 2, the reigning Steam champ.

    Battlegrounds hit a peak of 877,000 players earlier this month. With these stats, it narrowly outperformed Dota 2 for both peak player and concurrent player numbers.

    Since the inception of Dota 2 on Steam, not a single game has managed to consistently stay as high in the charts as Battlegrounds has. Over the last few years, very few gameplay titles have managed to get past Dota 2, either. This is partially due to the fact that Dota 2 is a free-to-play MOBA title, just like League of Legends. It's also due to the fact that Steam's company, Valve, has developed the game.

    The closest game to compete with Dota 2 is Valve's other game Counter Strike: Global Offensive. A game currently retailing for around $10.

    The recent stats are even more impressive when you realize that Playerunknown's Battlegrounds currently retails for around $30, three times as much as Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

    Currently, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is exclusive to the PC platform. A third party developer is working on bringing Battlegrounds to Xbox One, and we should see it make it to Xbox's Early Access program soon.

    We don't yet have a release date for the Xbox One version, and there's no news of PUBG ever coming to PlayStation 4.

  • Battlegrounds First Person Only Mode Coming

    battlegrounds first person only modeIf you've played Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, (Or seen other people play it), you'll know that the game features an option for both third person and first person.

    Despite the option between the two, players will often spend the majority of their game in the third person. To keep things dynamic, the development team behind Battlegrounds has confirmed that they'll be a bringing a first person only mode to the game.

    To begin with, the first person only mode will be limited to solo and duo games in the North America and Europe servers. If the game mode is received well, the development team will open up more servers for all regions and for squad mode.

    It should hopefully mean that by the time Playerunknown's Battlegrounds comes to the Xbox One, the first person only mode will be available for all regions and for all group sizes for those that are interested in it.

    Currently, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is only on the PC. It has quickly become the third most played game on Steam, only behind Valve's own titles, Dota 2, and Counterstrike Global Offensive.

    The Xbox One version of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is predicted to launch before the end of 2017 if things go swimmingly with development. An exact release date for the Xbox One version hasn't been set, but we should be given one soon.

    What are your thoughts behind all of the hype surrounding Playerunknown's Battlegrounds? Is it a game worthy of the hype, or is it a little undeserving of the recent success it's been given?

  • Binding of Isaac Now Available on Nintendo Switch

    binding of isaac nintendo switchThe Binding of Isaac was originally planned as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch, but after the company behind the title announced there would be delays, nobody quite knew when the game would make it to the new platform.

    Fortunately, developer Nicalis has confirmed that the Binding of Isaac has now almost been completed and the game will make its way to the Nintendo Switch on March 17. The version of Binding of Isaac that'll make it to the Nintendo Switch is the Afterbirth+ version.

    Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ on the Nintendo Switch will cost $40 and players will be able to pick it up in store as a physical copy, or from the Nintendo Switch interface as a digital title. Afterbirth originally launched on the PC in January 2017 as an expansion to the original game. The full Afterbirth+ version will offer the same content as the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Complete Bundle, which is available on Steam for $35.

    Afterbirth+ is also in development for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One - at this point we wouldn't be surprised if the other consoles would also be selling it for around $40 as well.

    Despite the game originally being released in 2011, every new addition to The Binding of Isaac has kept it fresh and exciting since. If you haven't played The Binding of Isaac yet, the Nintendo Switch version would be a great place to introduce yourself to the game.

  • Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta Live

    ghost recon wildlands betaThe Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta has started - players can already sign into Uplay, Steam, Xbox Live or PSN to install the open beta.

    The beta should now be live for all users in regions across the world. Currently, the beta is live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Currently, the beta download size is sitting at roughly 24GB for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, if you installed the previous PC beta you'll only need to download 19GB worth of data.

    Either way, you may want to start downloading now - this will be your last chance to give Ghost Recon Wildlands a try for free before the game is officially released. The open beta will remain open until Monday the 27th, so you've still got lots of time to get the game download and get playing.

    This time round, the open beta for Wildlands will have a total of two regions for exploring, as opposed to the full game's 21 different regions. The first region is Itacua, which was first seen in the previous beta period. The second region is called Montuyoc and it hasn't yet been seen by the public.

    To encourage players to try out the open beta, Ubisoft is also offering any players that play the beta now with an additional mission in the full game. Players will need to play the beta during this week and also purchase Ghost Recon: Wildlands before March 31 to get access to the mission, however.

  • Dishonored 2 Will Get New Difficulty Modes

    dishonored 2 difficulty modesA new update is being planned for Dishonored 2 that will add new difficulty modes to the game.

    The new update will include a number of other features and will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One on January 23. PC players will be able to download a beta update on Steam on January 18 to test it early.

    The level of control a player will have over how difficult Dishonored 2 can be may be the most impressive we've seen in a game so far. Instead of having locked difficult levels, the new update for Dishonored 2 will give players access to 20 different sliders, all of which can be used to adjust the difficulty of different game mechanics.

    For example, one slider can change how many enemies are likely to attack you at once, while another can change how quickly it'll take for a sleep dart to take effect. One slider will be named Iron Mode, use this slider and you can turn off manual saving, load functionality and even add permadeath.

    Finally, the other major feature of the upcoming Dishonored game update will allow users to select and restart previous missions at their discretion.

    The update will include a range of other features and fixes, all of which haven't yet been announced by Bethesda, but are said to be based on player feedback. This upcoming update for Dishonored 2 is the second large free patch for the game since its release date.

  • Killing Floor 2 Gets Full Release Launch Trailer

    killing-floor-2-releaseKilling Floor 2 has finally left early access on PC and that means it's coming to Steam and the PS4 as a full release title.

    If you're unfamiliar with the franchise, Killing Floor is a zombie shoot 'em up title that's gory, violent and filled with fast-paced action. The most fun you'll get out of Killing Floor 2 is within the round based survival mode - you'll need to survive for as long as possible, using whatever weapons you can get your hands on. Think of Black Ops Zombies but with much, much more blood.

    Killing Floor 2 is also a great co-op game to play with friends and it'll certainly make a night-in more interesting than ever before.

    The trailer showcases assault rifles, flamethrowers, shotguns and all sorts of other weapons in the player's hands as he and his team of friends group up to take down an onslaught of zombies, and other undead creatures.

    Killing Floor 2 has received a very positive rating from players and critics so far, with a 77/100 metascore critic rating, and an 8.7/10 user score rating at the time of writing. Many of the reviews have pointed out how addictive and engaging the game can be, despite the limited selection between two different game modes.

    No matter how many times you play Killing Floor 2, you'll always find yourself wanting to try new ways to survive for longer. Playing it takes us back to the early days of Call of Duty Zombies. That original excitement has certainly been resurrected with the release of Killing Floor 2.

  • Ark: Survival Evolved Patch Incoming for Xbox One

    ark survival evolved xbox one patch

    A much needed patch for Ark: Survival Evolved is headed to the Xbox One and it will bring some important tweaks and fixes to the game. So far the entire patch notes for the new Xbox One update have not been revealed but the official Ark twitter posted a small teaser of the patch notes.

    In the teaser, the following information was shared.

    + Includes all PC content up thru to PC version .233
    + Split screen multiplayer supported for online and local play
    + Frame rate improvements
    + Maximum number of players in non-dedicated servers increased to 8
    + Fixed a memory leak that would eventually cause the client to crash after some time
    + Fixed multi-colored Dimorphodon

    Including split screen to Ark was a surprise, especially considering singleplayer frame rate is already struggling to perform well. However, the new update does improve the overall frame rate so maybe the new Xbox One patch will allow players to play Ark: Survival Evolved on the Xbox One without lag, even when playing split screen mode.

    Adding all of the PC content up to the .233 version is also exciting. This means Xbox One players will get access to new gameplay content, including new dinosaurs and wildlife, such as the Dimetrodon and the Gallimimus. Riot Armor has also been added, alongside lots of other content.

    The anticipated release date for the new Xbox One patch is set for February 10. Whilst this date may change, the release is likely to be on or around this date.

  • Destiny Sequel May Not Be Bungie's Priority

    destiny 2016 sequel

    Before Destiny was released, Bungie mentioned that they plan to have a 2 year release cycle for Destiny - this would mean that new Destiny games would hit the market every two years for at least 10 years to come. As the plans at Bungie have evolved, their monetization plans have changed too. Now, over a year after the launch of the original Destiny, Bungie's plans on a sequel have been voiced to the public.

    Instead of working on a new sequel to push out in 2016, Destiny will now be launching new content updates throughout the entirety of the year - this could include smaller content updates like the upcoming Valentine's content in February, to much larger expansions that could be as large as The Taken King. It seems as if Bungie aren't even entirely sure of their own plans themselves but as the year progresses, there will definitely be a lot in store for the Destiny community.

    Players should expect to see a mixture of free content, DLC content and microtransaction cosmetic items throughout 2016.

    Community manager David Dague left a few words about Destiny's 2016 roadmap. "Very soon, we'll have more to share about a second, larger game update that will arrive sometime after February."

    "There are more stories about 2016 that remain to be told, and you'll learn more as soon as I get my own anxious hands on the full and final details. Same goes for the rest of the February update. Until it's ready to be scrutinized under the spotlight, it's all a work in progress. I'm eager to show you what the team is working on. They're eager to do that as well. As soon as we get the greenlight, we'll roll it out. In the meantime, Crimson Days is fast approaching."

  • Goat Simulator is Now On Xbox One

    goat simulator xbox oneHave you got some change to spare? If you do, you might want to throw it at Coffee Stain Studio's genius creation/abomination Goat Simulator. The hilarious bug filled game has now made it's way to the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

    Whilst Coffee Stain Studios weren't in charge of the port, more than capable Double Eleven has managed to bring it to the Xbox platform without changing anything that broke away from that special Goat Simulation experience the PC version offered.

    As you can imagine, Goat Simulator can only be picked up from the Xbox Store as a digital download. The game currently costs $9.99 for Xbox One and the Xbox 360. The objective of Goat Simulator is to take control of a goat and use his strangely sticky tongue to attach to objects and destroy the world around him.

    The game is perhaps the most random non-game like monstrosity you'll ever lay your eyes on, and plenty of physics bugs have been left in the game to make it even more of a laugh to play through.

    If you aren't so sure you'll be interested in Goat Simulator don't worry about picking it up just yet, the game has already seen plenty of sales on other platforms so I wouldn't be surprised if Double Eleven's port will be featured in some kind of sale in the future. Goat Simulator is better considered as a fun arcade that can be picked up for a fun afternoon indoors.

  • Outlast 2 Confirmed

    Outlast 2If you're a fan of the recent surge of new horror games that have been released over the last couple of years then you will be excited to hear what we have to say today. It has been confirmed by Red Barrels that they have started development on Outlast 2.

    The first Outlast game managed to be very successful - first starting as a small indie game available through Steam's greenlight system, it came on to becoming a full Steam game and then released for consoles later in the year.

    The next Outlast game will be made for consoles and PC on day one, and it will come with a whole set of new scares. Whilst Outlast 2 will be set in the same universe as the first game, Outlast 2 will be based around a new survival horror story.

    Red Barrels have not given much more information about Outlast 2, besides from the fact that they are working on a sequel to the first game, because they feel like they, "had at least another horror game in us."

    "The game will be a survival horror experience and it will take place in the same universe as Outlast, but it will have different characters and a different setting. We might go back to Mount Massive Asylum one day, but for now we have new ideas and themes we'd like to explore and we think we're cooking up something special."

    Are you excited to hear about the new Outlast game?

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