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  • Destroy something in inFamous: Second Son and it will Stay Forever

    Thanks to the improved hardware in the PlayStation 4, we'll be able to witness a whole lot more in our gameplay than the PlayStation 3 previously allowed us to.

    One good example of this is in infamous: Second Son, a game that Sucker Punch has recently revealed will be capable of keeping track of the things you destroy in-game, meaning that when you come back, that damage will still be there.

    This new capability is possible largely to the GDDR5 8GB RAM found in the PlayStation 4, which is miles apart from the PS3's tiny 512MB DDR3 RAM.

    Sucker Punch has said "it was very difficult in a PlayStation 3 timeframe, where you don't have enough RAM to store information about every object in the whole universe. The areas would just be refreshed when you leave and come back. But now we have a lot more to work with."

    Personally I think this is great progress for gaming and I can't wait for InFamous: SS.

  • Sony Buys Successful Developer Sucker Punch

    Sony has recently bought the game developer Sucker Punch, who is behind the hit game inFamous. Sucker Punch, an independent studio has been consistently involved with game projects for Sony over the past ten years. Their recent acquisition by Sony reflects the positive relationship the two companies have built over the years.

    Former employees of Microsoft founded Sucker Punch in 1997 as an independent game developer. They achieved early success with Sly Cooper, and the subsequent franchise that ensued for the Playstation 2 and Playstation 3. After passing the control of Sly Copper to Sanzaru Games, they dedicated their time to inFamous, which has had huge success with the Playstation audience.

    The purchase of Sly Cooper represents Sonys overall attitude towards independent developers, in that they recognize the huge potential of such companies. Sony had a longstanding healthy relationship with Sucker Punch, and the content of future games will be impressively better off as a result of the deal.

    Scott Rhode, a senior vice president at Sony America, said this about the deal, The bottom line is, when you've got a group that's been as successful as Sucker Punch, we want to ensure that we keep them in the fold. It's that simple. It's hard to find high quality developers like these guys.

    It is great news for gamers, seeing that Sucker Punch was already dedicated to Playstation content. Now their work will be exclusively linked to Playstation consoles, and business will continue as usual. Be on the look out for new games being developed by Sucker Punch and Sony in the future, and you will continue to see a stream of quality work from these amazing developers.

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