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Top 5 Most Popular e-Sports Games 2022

Top 5 Most Popular e-Sports Games 2022

Introduction The e-sports industry is worth nearly $ 1.8 billion with China as the leading country in the industry. The gaming industry is expanding at an exceptionally impressive rate. Things like the Unreal Engine 5 are introducing the latest mechanisms and features in the games and may take e-sports to the next level Most Popular E-sports Games for 2022 Following...

GlaDOS's Voice Actor Will Be in DOTA 2

Ellen McLain Will Be Voicing Characters in DOTA 2 Ellen McLain, who is known for voicing the Administrator in Team Fortress 2 and GlaDOS in the Portal series, will be returning to voice a couple of characters in DOTA 2 (according to an article on Joystiq). DOTA 2 (aka Defense of the Ancients, aka the reason why my homework was...
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